modern art at its finest

anonymous asked:

I know ppl all got their things that they want the boys to do after 1d is over but I DESPERATELY for my own sanity and to know that all is right with the world need louis to become a model. His beauty not blowing ppl away and being used to showcase art just doesn't sit well with me!!! Like... He is a beautiful canvas to work on but also he's already his own art piece and I'll just sleep better at night 🙏🏼 this is who I've become

OKAY are you me??? because i feel this in my soul. listen here. louis is a walking masterpiece. Modern Art at its finest. it’s purest. put him in the MOMA where he belongs. 

adidas doesn’t know what they’re missing. i’ve seen their ad campaigns. pointless, do nothing. you know what would make me want to spend my hard-earned cash on adidas, though? this guy right here. this…this would sell. 

like!!!! these are CANDIDS we’re talking about ffs!!!!! what kind of madness?? as mytinylou once said, “louis puts the SMOL in smolder.” he doesn’t even have to try. he just is.

but we’re not just talking print ads. put this tall average height drink of water on the RUNWAY. kate moss is only 5′7″. louis’ totally got this. he can work it. 

he does commercials, too. those ~sexy perfume and cologne ads? louisyour guy. but you’ll have to check with his agent, word on the street is he’s booked solid for the next eleven years.  

showcase this effortless ethereal beauty to the world. it’s only right. 🙌🙏