Jason Seife Paints Persian Inspired Rugs By Hand

Miami-based artist Jason Seife handcrafts Persian rugs by painting intricate and ancient designs that have been passed through one of the greatest civilizations on the planet. Seife’s designs integrate the geometric and floral motifs that are persistent with the Persian culture and its Islamic influences while simultaneously taking liberty with his own choice of color.

Somebody 👩👨 once told💬 me😎 the world🌍 is gonna roll👈👇👉👆 me😎 I😎 ain't🙅 the sharpest🔪 tool🔨 in the shed🚪 She🚺 was looking👀 kind of dumb😛 with her👯 finger☝ and her👯 thumb👍 In the shape🔺 of an L🇱 on her👯 forehead🕓😛 Well👍, the years📆📆 start coming🍆💦 and they don't🙅 stop🚫 coming🍆💦 Fed🍔 to the rules📜 and I😎 hit the ground running🏃🏃 Didn't🙅 make sense😏 not to live😂🔫 for fun⚽🎠🏀 Your👆 brain😛 gets smart👷 but your head gets dumb😮 So much to do👌👌, so much to see👀👀 So what’s wrong🚫🚫🚫 with taking✊ the back streets?👣👣 You’ll never🙅 know📝 if you😛 don't🚫 go👣 You’ll never🚫🚫 shine💥 if you don't🙅 glow✨ Hey☝ now👆 you’re an All Star👟 get your game🎮 on🔌, go play🎲 Hey now, you’re a Rock Star🎤🎧🎸, get the show💻 on, get paid💵💵💵 And all that glitters✨ is gold💥 Only shooting stars🌠🌠 break the mold🏣