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Since it’s the closest thing I have to an ongoing story, and my AO3 account is wasted space at the moment, I decided to stick the first two bits of my weird little modern!au Solavellan fic up there. I’m going to try to make regular updates, but will post here as well. They’re small, and I do have a rough plan for the rest of the story, so I’m hoping for weekly + extras if I can manage it.

Also, if there are any moments in their relationship you’d like to see in an update (e.g. “date night gone wrong,” “farmer’s market,” or “someone’s ex shows up to stir the pot”), now’s the time for prompts/requests! 

Feedback is also very welcome. <3

(Tagging @fadedforyou because darling, this is all your damn fault, and I feel like you deserve at least half the credit for whatever beast it becomes.)

Baking Together!

Val: *humming*
Solas: You’re not cooking, are you?
Val: Nope.
Solas: Good.
Val: I’m baking you a cake.
Solas: eh?

1 Month Ago

Val: Enjoy!


Solas: How about I help you?
Val: Really?
Solas: Sure.
Val: Then can you grab the squid ink?
Solas: No.

“Quick drawing” art challenge / #14 AU

What if something like 600years later Skyhold became a turistic site? :)

1 hour and a half, reference used for both the bodies.

You can check the rest of the art challenge here :3