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licking honey off a thorn (2/2)

AN ~ if part one was honey then this is the thorn bc you can’t tell me Fitz won’t be at least a liiiiiiittle angsty about how that kiss went down. Don’t worry, this isn’t the really angsty version. Although now I want to write an angstier one ft angsty Fitz background hcs. For now enjoy this moderate angst ft bro!Daisy. (And don’t worry, it twists upward at the end)



It’s lunchtime and the lab is almost empty. A few orderlies finish their morning tasks, and of course there’s Fitzsimmons, who enter and leave the lab whenever they choose. Today they hover in silence, poring over pages, noting similar phrases, making good use of the translation matrix Fitz and Daisy designed in pursuit of information on the monolith. When Daisy enters, Simmons leaves – probably on purpose, so that she can talk to Fitz in peace. Fitz watches Simmons leave, with dark eyes and tight shoulders. Once she’s out of view, he sighs, long and heavy, and closes the book in front of him.

“Mmmm,” Daisy muses, gesturing with her hands as if she’s commenting on an actor’s performance. “Not bad, but sexual tension’s usually…sexier than this.”

When he doesn’t seem amused, she drops the humour.

“What’s up?” she asks. “I thought you and Simmons- y’know, kissed. Pretty well, apparently.”

This gets a reaction; just a slight smile, but his whole body seems to lift slightly with it.

“She kissed me,” he confesses, almost in a whisper; scared of it, yet in awe, in love with it at the same time.

Daisy smiles. “How was it?”

“Soft,” he replies, a little dreamily. (Wistfully? she wonders.)

Daisy purses her lips.

“That’s not what I heard. I heard you were in the middle of an argument about how much you love each other and you snogged her like a college kid up against the lab bench.”

The blush creeps up his neck and around his ears.

“So which is it?” she demands. “Can I go get my money back off Hunter or not?”

He doesn’t answer, but the blush disappears. He paces, intertwining his fingers behind his head and sighing up at the roof.

“I shouldn’t have done it. It- it was impulsive and rude and- and- and wrong and I-“

“It’s okay. Fitz. It’s okay.”

“It’s not okay. Why did I do that? I had no right. I didn’t ask her or warn her or…what about Will? Aren’t I just making this more complicated?”

Daisy presses her lips together.

“Maybe,” she admits, trying to start steady. “I don’t know if Simmons knows what’s going on with all this at the moment. I think if she’d figured it out, she’d have told you by now.”

Fitz shakes his head. “She said she loved Will. Explicitly. To my face. Well, she thinks she does, at least…no bloody wonder…”

“Was this before or after she kissed you? The soft one?”

Fitz fixes her with a skeptical pout. Daisy sighs.

“I don’t want to put words in her mouth on that one,” she says. “But I’ll tell you what she did tell me. That kiss? Your one, up against the lab bench? Simmons loved it. She’s been hanging out for you to kiss her for ages. She likes that, she likes – y’know, the hero, swooping in, saving the day. Getting the girl.”

Fitz blinks blankly at her.

“You,” Daisy insists. “You’re the hero in this situation.”

Fitz blushes, and looks down at his feet for a moment like a schoolboy with a crush. Daisy smiles. That’s more like it.

“Look,” she concludes. “Go apologise if it makes you feel that bad, but honestly, whatever parts of Simmons are not one hundred percent thrilled by that kiss are probably more worried about you than anything else. Space Boyfriend or no Space Boyfriend, you’re important to her. Don’t repeat last year. Talk to her.”

Fitz is already nodding, psyching himself up, gesturing thanks to Daisy as he leaves to find Simmons. A grin lights up Daisy’s face, and at the last minute, just before he shuts the lab door between them, she shouts,

“And maybe kiss her again?!”

He pauses to give her a withering glare through the glass, worthy of any sibling rivalry. If he could have thrown something at her, he would have. She makes kissy faces until he rolls his eyes, laughs, and walks away.