body update: if I twist, don’t breathe and flex you can KINDA see some abs under there. 😓 but at least I’m staying on track! Round ✌🏼 of my Holiday Challenge start Monday!!❄️ you can still sign up on my website through Saturday! ALSO my 8 Week New Years Challenge is on my website now also with all the details. DM me if you have any questions. I just wanted to throw it out there. 🎉🎉🎉. Website:


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7.24.16 // The fear of imperfection is so real… Sometimes I have to sit myself down and decide to just add to my bullet journal in the moment, not second guess it. And sometimes that means sitting down and designing something cute for my bullet journal in Illustrator 😋

You keep telling me about moderation. That a little is enough. But sometimes for some of us, a little is not enough. Because, when it comes to something like wild walks or vulnerability or truth or heart - racing conversation or ecstatic contemplation or mind bending intimacy or all that catapults us into the flow, form and timelessness of our own aliveness, I am telling you that we deserve more than moderation.
—  Victoria Erickson