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So will critique blogs be banned ? For example, someone has a blog you can send your OC from something like Steven universe. You submit your OC to be critiqued but the review ends up with your OC being a 1/5 or something so you decide to report the blog as harassment due to the negative review of it even if the review was done respectfully without any insults.

Nope! If someone reports a critique after submitting it and accepting your terms, it’s unlikely to result in any issues for the critique blog. I’ll give two examples:

Example A: You critique a user’s OC based on the color scheme being too muddied and on it having a non-distinct silhouette, giving it a 1/5 and offering some suggestions on how to improve the design. The user reports you for harassment. We review the case and give them a warning not to send in false reports, as well as a suggestion to steer clear of critique blogs if they aren’t comfortable with hearing criticism.

Example B: You critique a user’s OC by saying that it “sucks” and that the user should “stop drawing, seriously, this shit is offensively ugly”. The user reports you for harassment. We review the case and give you a warning, as well as some advice on how to be a bit kinder to someone who reached out for a critique and not insults.

Of course, there’s a lot of other ways it could happen! But criticism is not harassment if it’s done right.

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If someone has shown they've made fun of minorities in the past (like making fun of autistic people) and it was fairly recent and they ended up as a mod. If this was discovered after they were given the title mod, would they be demodded? Or does it have to be something they've done during their moderator status? I've seen a few people say they've applied for mod on writscrib and I'm afraid they'll be biased based on prior actions.

It’s based on how they behave as a mod, and not on past behavior. I want people to have a chance, and if I insist that any wrongs in the past mean that they can never be considered, what does that say? People need room to grow and improve, and it only discourages that sort of positive change when we don’t give them the chance to!


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so we all know that super obvious harassment isnt allowed, but what about more grey area stuff? (e.g, to use the exclusionist example: 'cishet aces arent lgbt' or other statements that dont technically attack anyone)

It would really depend! If someone is saying “I don’t think that cishet aces are lgbt” and it’s a discussion between users, it might be fine. If it’s being directed towards a user by saying “you’re a cishet ace, you’re not lgbt bye” or trying to say that cishet aces are somehow “worse”, report it!

We can’t really make a judgment call on a statement without the context around it, especially if it involves polarizing discourse. However, I imagine that there would be few cases where that statement would pass by our TOS unscathed!

The reason Democrats didn’t push for full Medicare for everyone - single payer - was they believed Republicans would fight tooth & nail to repeal such a progressive form of healthcare. So they went with a more moderate, centrist approach: the Affordable Care Act.

And now Republicans are about to repeal it anyway, out of spite and hatred.

The lesson here is that you should always fight like hell for what’s right. Go for broke. Republicans are going to resist positive change no matter what. Democrats cannot appease conservatives with centrism or moderation, so they may as well be bold and progressive in their political pursuits.

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You did say that you were going to be politically indifferent, so does that mean you will allow alt-right/far right blogs and views expressed on your site so long as they aren't inviting violence, using slurs, etc.? Such as discussions on race realism or the political doctrine of fascism?

If they can somehow manage to discuss “race realism” without it devolving into any race being superior to any other or any discussion of “displacement” or any of the other racial dogwhistles, they would be fine! Discussion of fascism is fine as well, so long as it can manage to avoid any racial or ethnic over/undertones! We’ll try to remain politically indifferent, but I don’t think that we’ll be a perfect fit for anyone from the alt-right. They might find Minds to be a more suitable site for them!

We’re not going to be asking for any political views from our applicants, as that wouldn’t really end up balancing it! Instead, it would mean that users would be more likely to dispute results or be upset if they got one of the “liberal” or “conservative” mods. Our moderators should be apolitical!

You keep telling me about moderation. That a little is enough. But sometimes for some of us, a little is not enough. Because, when it comes to something like wild walks or vulnerability or truth or heart - racing conversation or ecstatic contemplation or mind bending intimacy or all that catapults us into the flow, form and timelessness of our own aliveness, I am telling you that we deserve more than moderation.
—  Victoria Erickson