7.24.16 // The fear of imperfection is so real… Sometimes I have to sit myself down and decide to just add to my bullet journal in the moment, not second guess it. And sometimes that means sitting down and designing something cute for my bullet journal in Illustrator 😋

“The degree of moderation and humanity attained is exactly reflected in the humanization of the gods: the Greeks of the strongest epoch, who were not afraid of themselves but rejoiced in themselves, brought their gods close to all their own affects.”

—F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §573 (excerpt).

Announcement: New Moderator

Hi there I’m Vorbis and I’m the newest member of the IOQ blog moderation team. 

I’ll be helping out sort through all your submissions and provide you with some quality content, so there should be more activity from the blog from now on. As always your submissions are greatly appreciated as they’re the heart and soul of the blog so keep em coming!

-Mod Vorbis

1) Donald Trump plans to visit UK
2) Some people in the UK use their right to free speech to express how they’re not happy at the prospect of Donald Trump visiting
3) Donald Trump cancels visit


You keep telling me about moderation. That a little is enough. But sometimes for some of us, a little is not enough. Because, when it comes to something like wild walks or vulnerability or truth or heart - racing conversation or ecstatic contemplation or mind bending intimacy or all that catapults us into the flow, form and timelessness of our own aliveness, I am telling you that we deserve more than moderation.
—  Victoria Erickson

marril96  asked:

Two questions: 1. Will just original art be allowed, or are we allowed to make photoedits, photomanips, aesthetics, moodboards, etc.? 2. Will creators be able to protect themselves against reposters? Say someone starts posting my artworks that I published on Tumblr, without my permission. Will the original artist be able to make a complaint? Is there already a procedure?

1. For photoedits, photomanips, aesthetics, moodboards, etc I would always recommend getting permission first, crediting the author, and either refuse to accept Chips for it or else work out a deal with the original creator to split any Chips you earn!

2. Absolutely! We have a pretty indepth procedure where we delete the repost, issue a punishment (varies depending on how many reposts were done and how damaging the repost was), and take any Chips attached to that repost (ie the reposter earned Chips on the repost) and give them to the original creator. Even if they’re off-site! We’ll do our best to contact them off-site and attempt to give them the Chips.