7.24.16 // The fear of imperfection is so real… Sometimes I have to sit myself down and decide to just add to my bullet journal in the moment, not second guess it. And sometimes that means sitting down and designing something cute for my bullet journal in Illustrator 😋

The reason Democrats didn’t push for full Medicare for everyone - single payer - was they believed Republicans would fight tooth & nail to repeal such a progressive form of healthcare. So they went with a more moderate, centrist approach: the Affordable Care Act.

And now Republicans are about to repeal it anyway, out of spite and hatred.

The lesson here is that you should always fight like hell for what’s right. Go for broke. Republicans are going to resist positive change no matter what. Democrats cannot appease conservatives with centrism or moderation, so they may as well be bold and progressive in their political pursuits.

You keep telling me about moderation. That a little is enough. But sometimes for some of us, a little is not enough. Because, when it comes to something like wild walks or vulnerability or truth or heart - racing conversation or ecstatic contemplation or mind bending intimacy or all that catapults us into the flow, form and timelessness of our own aliveness, I am telling you that we deserve more than moderation.
—  Victoria Erickson

I’m grateful I’m smart with drugs for the most part.
In the sense of over doing it anyways.
Yesterday Nathan said I should have taken another adderall today, but I want a sober break.
I can’t do any form of drug or anything back to back. It’s so good to have a break and feel normal.
Even if it’s not the euphoric feeling you get from the drug.
I ain’t tying to get addicted! It’s just nice once in a blue moon!!
Moderation man… moderation

Dieting Uncertainty

I spoke with my therapist about the plan she created and she has come to the conclusion that I’m having problems with dieting, because I shouldn’t be dieting in the first place. She wants me to put all weight loss plans and counting, whether that be Weight Watchers points, calories, or macros, on the back burner for a month. During this time she wants me to simply eat well and exercise. She wants me to stop focusing on weight loss and start focusing on health – weight loss is just an added benefit of being healthy, not the main goal.

I’ve never done anything like this, so I’m feeling uncertain. I completely see where she’s coming from, but I’m still nervous about it, although I know I can always get back on Weight Watchers if this doesn’t work out for me. 

Any tips from non-dieters/intuitive eaters would be much appreciated! 

When WHO says meat causes cancer, and the media say it’s fine to eat meat in moderation

The general public is like…

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and I’m just like…

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