moderate rock

Happy anniversary to me and the mister, with whom I just had the loveliest date that he planned as a surprise!

He drove us out to a spot outside the city, with a river and a bridge. Under the bridge, beside the river, we got moderately comfortable on huge rock boulders and made out, and he pierced me with needles, and we made out more, and watched the sunset, had a good conversation, and had a cigar. Then we got midnight Dennys, I had a strawberry milkshake.

Now we are getting ready for bed and I’m having pink wine he bought for the occasion.


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The electorate

you know, I spent the last eight years living in Australia. in Australia they have compulsory voting. every jackass is legally obligated to vote, or they get a fine. which means their politicians don’t need to waste billions of dollars hooting and hollering to try to get people’s attention so they go out and vote. Prime ministerial elections in Australia last about a month. That’s the whole election cycle. one goddamned month. Sure, sometimes they vote in Tony Abbott. but most of the time they elect only modestly incompetent moderates who won’t rock the boat too much, since that’s all most Australians want.

so I support mandatory voting. I don’t give a good goddamn about your “right to not vote.” you live in a democracy, so you have a democratic duty to vote. it should be like paying taxes. just do it, no matter how unenthusiastic you might feel about it.

so what I hate about the American electorate is that it isn’t 100% of the American population, by law. if it was, we wouldn’t have elected a clowncar racist like Trump.

Closed RP with jade-bloodedpawfoot

Flaire hummed to himself as he casually strolled along looking for a good spot to allow himself to indulge himself with his own guilty pleasure. The past few days he had done nothing but reflect upon himself, and the more he did so, the more his emotions tended to fluctuate around as he would gradually start getting lost in his memories. While most would enjoy the feeling of nostalgia, Flaire did not. He preferred to merely learn from his past and move onward. Out of the corner of his eye he found the perfect kind of spot he had been looking for and smiled. It was a small clearing with a moderately sized rock sitting in the ground.

The troll moved over to the spot and examined it more closely before nodding to himself in a pleased manner. He sat down and reclined himself against the stone and closed his eyes for a moment before opening them once more. He had made his selection. He opened his mouth allowing his voice to softly begin to move and flow into a song he had taken a great liking to.

Take me down to the riverbend/Take me down to the fighting’s end/Wash the poison from off my skin/And show me how to be whole again.” His foot tapped along to the beat of a song that was heard in his head. “Fly me up on a silver wing/Past the black where siren’s sing/Warm me up in a nova’s glow/And drop me down to the dream below. Cause I’m ooooonly a crack/In this caaaastle of glass/Hardly aaaaanything left for you to see/For you to see.