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it’s an immensely complicated issue when ur talking about younger lesbians/bi girls vs older lesbians/bi women because like….for the most part the issues are exactly the same, since we’ve made very little progress, but older generations of women tend to be much more reserved, generally speaking, especially around straight people. like there’s been radicals always and obviously there still is but generally speaking older women were forced into silence out of overwhelming fear and so…the sort of lesbians/bi women that rick has in his life, being that he’s a straight cis man, are undoubtedly the kind of women who have probably learned by necessity that they need to be moderate and polite in their demands, if that makes sense. so it’s not…their fault, necessarily, but their views are also often not progressive in the way that they really need to be.

it’s not so much a generational thing i don’t even think but more just…the women in rick’s demographic are women who socialize with straight cis men, you know? these are often the kind of women who suffer from a lot of internalized issues and fear. these are usually the kind of women who think “love is love and we just blend in.” which is…fine, ultimately it’s coming from a place of scarring and hurt and i feel for them, but the point is…..rick needs to go outside his demographic. rick needs to listen to the radical voices, the younger voices. “love is love” is getting us nowhere at the end of the day, the last thing that most lesbians and bi women want are a representation of lesbian lovers that just mimic straight relationships in fiction. it’s a bigger issue than you may have realized, actually.

Reblog this if you are genuinely open to political dialogue with people you disagree with. This doesn’t exclude any single political group by the way. It doesn’t exclude SJWs, anti SJWs, liberals, conservatives, moderates, liberal feminists, radical feminists, anti feminists, men’s rights activists, alt righters, etc.. Basically, reblog if you are willing to have a conversation with people regardless of what your previously conceived opinions of them may be. (It’s important to note that having a conversation doesn’t mean you have to ultimately agree on anything. It just means hearing exactly what that person believes and why they believe it and explaining what you believe and why you believe that. It’s a conversation. It doesn’t have to be a debate). If you don’t want to have a conversation with people, that’s fine. This post is only for the people who do. 


YouTube’s LGBTQ restriction isn’t censorship. It’s laziness.

  • There’s an aphorism called Hanlon’s razor, and it goes like this: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”
  • In the case of this weekend’s YouTube censorship controversy, it wasn’t malice that caused YouTube to block videos with LGBTQ content — it was pure laziness.
  • YouTube’s “Restricted Mode” is a simple setting switch that works “like a parental control,” according to the site.
  • YouTubers began to notice that videos by LGBTQ bloggers suddenly disappeared when Restricted Mode was turned on, leading them to believe that LGBTQ content was being holistically labeled as explicit content not suited for young people.
  • So is YouTube censoring LGBTQ content? Not exactly.
  • YouTube’s Restricted Mode makes some decisions automatically, informed by masses of users clicking the “report” button.
  • If enough people click “report,” the item is marked as explicit. “We use community flagging, age restrictions and other signals to identify and filter out potentially inappropriate content,” reads YouTube’s page on Restricted Mode.
  • This problem isn’t about direct censorship or a group of moderators making intentionally political decisions in secrecy. The problem is outsourcing decision-making to the crowd instead of defining clear standards enforced by individuals. The problem is an algorithm. The problem is laziness. Read more (3/20/17 9:12 PM)

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Rosé Gold: “Sorry for not believing in you“

(A/N): I‘ve always wanted to write a soulmate AU, so this is a big deal for my crippling author career. Enjoy x 

Words: 2,285

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The air is like frozen lace on your skin, delicate and cold. The sky is washed with grey, watery light illuminating thin patches to brilliance. That special cold and pale light, only the winter‘s sun can give, makes everything glow with slippery ice. It‘s the perfect day for staying home.

Sadly, you had to work today. You‘re seated at the bus stop with both arms crossed over your chest, hugging your body, as if that could provide you with some kind of warmth. 

All of sudden you see an elegant woman being dragged by her poodle towards another dog owner just across the street. As expected, they collide into each other. The gentleman has lost his hat due to the collision, causing a royal blue strand on his head to become visible and remarkably stand out from the rest of his blonde hair. 

Instantly acknowledging the phenomenon, the lady lets a loud gasp escape her lips and urgently draws the guy‘s attention to her streak of hair, which coincidentally has the exact same pigment as his. The next thing that happens is acted out just like in the movies. The lovers jump into each other‘s arms and share a passionate kiss as they pull away. At the same time, the royal blue pieces of hair from each one of them loose their colour and blend into the rest. 

Eventually, the scenery turns out to be the complete opposite of a simple coincidence. Oh, the things you‘d do to finally experience the same spectacle. You are tired of mustering up an empathic smile every time someone summons their memorable and whimsical story of meeting their partner. When will it finally be your turn to find your soulmate?

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SVtFoE: Heinous

Today’s episode of Star vs. the Forces of Evil could pretty much be subtitled “modern moderate politics in a nutshell”. The useless authority figures, the prioritizing of social order over social justice, the “bad guy” arguing that they’ve been “wronged”… 

Really, the only thing missing was Mr. and/or Mrs. Diaz saying “Both sides have a point! Marco, it was wrong of you to incite a riot against an oppressive establishment, and Miss Heinous, it was wrong of you to abuse thousands of innocent young women, break their spirits, and stamp out their sense of individuality!”

This whole #CelebrateDiversity thing was a step-down from past ESC’s. Yes, they made it their motto, but it didn’t really show up anywhere or was really highlighted through the contest except when Hungary was up.

This could’ve been the perfect opportunity to show just how DIVERSE Europe is when it comes to its cultures and its people , and yet the motto totally fell flat and felt like a fancy label that wasn’t actually relevant 

The reason Democrats didn’t push for full Medicare for everyone - single payer - was they believed Republicans would fight tooth & nail to repeal such a progressive form of healthcare. So they went with a more moderate, centrist approach: the Affordable Care Act.

And now Republicans are about to repeal it anyway, out of spite and hatred.

The lesson here is that you should always fight like hell for what’s right. Go for broke. Republicans are going to resist positive change no matter what. Democrats cannot appease conservatives with centrism or moderation, so they may as well be bold and progressive in their political pursuits.


James Baldwin on “Incremental Progress”

are there really liberals/democrats still holding out hope that “establishment”/”moderate” republicans will see the light and want to impeach trump….. like, ever??? why on earth would they do that? what motivation do they have to do that? even if they think he’s an extremist (which he is), he’s a republican in the white house. they’ll tsk tsk in front of the cameras, sure, but as long as he doesnt stand in the way of their interests or actively work against them (which he won’t because trump’s flavor of fascism is the natural progression of “moderate” republicans’ politics anyway) they’re not going to do ANYTHING to resist him at all

I love my sons

I love my gay sons
I love my straight sons
I love my bi and pan sons
I love my ace and aro sons
I love my sons who are questioning their sexualities
I love my trans sons
I love my cis sons
I love my religious sons
I love my atheist/agnostic sons
I love my younger sons
I love my older sons
I love my liberal sons
I love my conservative sons
I love my politically moderate sons
I love my sons who are struggling with mental illness
I love my sons who have survived a traumatic event
I love my sons who have lost a loved one
I love my sons who are physically disabled
I love my sons who do art
I love my sons who write
I love my musical sons
I love my sons who do sports
I love my sons who like science and math
I love my sons who like history
I love my sons who aren’t sure what they’re interested in yet
I love my sons that interact with me a lot
I love my sons that don’t interact with me much at all and are just chilling

I love my sons

What happens when you live in the echo-chamber

So I’ve been thinking (not being sanctimonious here) on the difference between me and my liberal friends. Because if my liberal friends knew of my blog here they’d probably drop me as their friend faster than if they were holding a scalding pan, despite me identifying as a liberal myself albeit quite a centrist liberal. Yet, unless very extreme, I would never drop someone because of their beliefs. For me to drop someone, it isn’t based on beliefs, it is based on actions, the moment you take bad actions against me, THAT’S when I drop you, not when you just simply have different beliefs than me.

And the difference between my liberal friends and I is simple, I have never surrounded myself with an echo-chamber. Despite having much annoyance at many ideas and moral views different than mine, I have never once completely shut out people based on difference of opinion. This is why I run this blog, I like to engage in multiple points of view of world issues and various politics but I fear co-mingling this blog with my liberal friends. Why? Because when you convene and only speak with others who share your points of view and ideologies, and only ever get your information from news and media which aligns with your political stances; you in fact, become intolerant and unaccepting. 

A lot of liberals (used to be how I was too), have this idea that “intolerance” and “unaccepting” are words that can only apply to people who resist progressive ideas (i.e. the liberal perception of conservatives), but that’s not true at all. Intolerance and unacceptance have no stake in what the idea is, just that you approach it with a closed-mind, that’s all the scenario those words require to become applicable. So when your news media and your ideologically same friends all parrot the same stories and the same misguided aspects of those stories which then you internalise and don’t critically think about or have outside views to balance, then you become more and more sensational and radical, more and more intolerant and unaccepting of anything which challenges your world-view.

That’s why as a centrist liberal who makes sure to listen to both sides, I am much more well-adjusted in light of the inauguration, much more calm, and much more optimistic and willing to see what Trump’s presidency has to offer in improvement for my nation. I’m much more willing to compromise and realise how people can work together despite the divide in the political aisle, than my friends are. And I’m also not breaking out into hysterics and paranoia and thinking the world is completely ending.

That’s why my friends are all sitting on tumblr and posting things like…

“I hope you rest easy tonight, because the millions of individuals that could have their rights, lives, and chance to be here could be gone as quick as the flick of the wrist. I am not safe, my family is not safe…”

You’re a gay white male, you are quite safe I assure you, as is your family, as are all your LGBT friends (including me), and your legal immigrant friends.

“Millions–millions–of people around the globe marched and rallied today (January 20-21, 2017) because women’s rights are human rights.”

Whoever said they weren’t??? Whoever was challenging that notion? No one.

And this echo-chambered existence is why all my liberal friends… 
1. are believing that the White House page change no longer having an LGBT page is the end of their rights
2. are believing that Trump calling out fake news is somehow bullying to CNN because that is one of my liberal friends’ news sources
3. having anxiety attacks and breaking down
4. calling themselves the resistance, not just calling themselves anti-Trump but calling themselves the straight up “resistance” like holy fucking shit, chill, we don’t have a Darth Vader/Emperor Palpatine situation, put down the blaster.

And this is all because they just can’t deal with this massive bubble of theirs having been popped. Since at least the Obama presidency began (referencing a time point, not setting blame here), my friends have lived in these echo-chambers and because they have no balance of viewpoints, they’ve grown intolerant and unaccepting of anything not liberal, that’s why Trump being president is the end of the world to them, they have no other way to see it. 

And what bothers me most is not that my friends have allowed themselves to become so gullible and narrow-minded in their views and sources, no it’s the fact we have let the media become this polarised, because it is doing damage. Big time! The news media is supposed to just report facts, not be biased, yet it has been for a long time now. This may very well be the biggest chaos ever seen in light of a presidential election, and we have the media to blame for it, we really do. The media and in turn those they’ve indoctrinated and spread so much fear into and used as tools to spread fear with, are the problem right now and we need to address it and find a way to reverse the psychological damage in these people who have succumbed to it. Being this hysterical and paranoid and fear-ridden is not normal, by far! 

So this is what happens when you live in an echo-chamber, you may live peacefully as long as things go your way and how you think they should, but you enter this complacency in believing the world is in your control and when you discover it isn’t, your mind and your fellow ideologues’ minds just descend into utter chaos. What happens when you live in an echo-chamber is you lose touch with reality. Never do that, always seek balance and truth, always.

Be careful y'all

What with the whole email thing I switched my email acct to a Yahoo one to prevent me from losing access to my account. But when I tried to reblog a few political posts afterwards I only got error messages saying I couldn’t reblog or that I had restricted access (specifically posts criticizing the right and moderate right and political parties). I can “like” them but can’t reblog.

But I can reblog fanart just fine.

Idk what this new thing is but I am thinking it may be time to find something new… Seems like Tumblr is done for. I get the feeling we are not going to be able to speak freely very shortly.