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Bounty Hunter

Gorgon!Jun | 13 Days of SevenWeen

Word Count: 3071

Genre: Fluff

(A/N): This entire scenario is going to be set in ancient Greece.


Another quaint, sunny afternoon was in the process of blooming. You’d agreed to meet with a friend at the nearby marketplace. At the time, it wasn’t very common for young children, especially 8-year-olds like yourself, for go out alone. Though, you were confident in your ability to get to the market in time, despite the fact that you’d have to cross nearly a mile of foothills to reach it.

The hills weren’t very steep, so they were easy to climb, but they were in the middle of a valley. Surrounding the valley, was a vast mountain range. The mountains were somewhat of a local legend, as there were stories of terrifying monsters living in them and kidnapping wanderers.

You’d heard rumors of Medusa living in a cave in the mountain range, but she’d already been defeated and killed, so you didn’t think much of the story.

On your way to the marketplace, you somehow got distracted, and ended up hiking through the mountains instead of the foothills. Seemingly out of nowhere, the ground collapsed from beneath your feet, sending you tumbling into an underground cave. Your legs were injured in the fall, and the opening you fell into was too high for you to reach. It was starting to look like you had no way of getting out.

As you began exploring the damp, dreary inside of the cave, you noticed what seemed to be furniture. Though it was too dark to tell, you got the feeling that someone lived in the cave. Suddenly, a pair of glowing yellow eyes shone from the darkness. You knew that if they were Medusa’s eyes, you couldn’t look into them, or you’d be turned to stone.

You tried to look away from the eyes, but the rest of the creature’s body was merely a vague silhouette. You wanted to know what it was more than you wanted to run from it. And by that point, you couldn’t run either, as your damaged legs gave out from underneath you. Collapsing to the floor, you knew that if the creature wanted to hurt you, it would have an excruciatingly easy time doing so.

Stepping out of the shadows, the creature finally revealed itself to you. It seemed to be a boy, somewhere in the same age range as you. Once his face was in the light, his eyes stopped glowing, but they were still an inhuman bright yellow. He didn’t appear to be angry or frustrated at you, but for a while, he did nothing but stand before you and look at you.

You avoided his gaze the entire time, so you were a bit shaken when he finally spoke, “Who are you?”

“Uh… My name is (Y/N).” You said.

He moved closer, not saying anything else. For a while, he examined you, as if he was confused by you. You were frightened, but didn’t want to aggravate him, so you sat still and let him do as he pleased. Remaining a safe distance away, he reached out to touch your arm. He immediately flinched and pulled away once his coarse fingertip came into contact with your skin.

“Are you what they call… A human?” He asked.

You nodded, earning a similar reaction. He backed away a bit more, but seemed to remain intrigued. He took a moment to examine the hole in the ceiling of the cave. His gaze shifted between the hole and you. Once he noticed the cuts and bruises on your legs, he seemed to put two and two together. Without saying another word, he started towards you at a speed faster than he ever did before.

He gathered his might and lifted you off the floor, carrying you bridal style through the cave.

“W-what are you doing?” You asked, frantically.

He never replied, instead he simply pushed on. He carried you to the entrance of the cave, which was actually fairly close to the edge of the valley and your house. He set you down on a large rock, and held your hand as you tried to stand up.

“Thank you.” You said.

Again, no reply. With a turn and a few long strides, he disappeared back into the cave. And that was the last time you’d ever seen the boy.

End Flashback

After that fateful day, it was safe to say that you’d never been the same. You became determined to find out what exactly had happened to you, and who the boy in the cave was.

Your town had a local monster hunting club. Granted most of its members were overly-religious loons with too much spare time, they would share very valuable information at meetings, and would offer each other cash rewards for finding proof of monsters. You decided to attend one meeting to ask the members of the club if they had ever seen or heard of the boy in the cave. No one had any answers for you, but a club member named Lykos seemed to be fascinated by your story.

One day, you decided to attend another meeting of the club. Coincidentally, that was the day that Lykos announced his launching of a hunt for the boy in the cave.

“The young (Y/N) has informed me of a creature which I can no longer resist finding,” He stated before the club, “This creature has glowing yellow eyes, like those of Medusa, but hair and skin like that of all of us sat in this room. Such a magnificently horrid hybrid of man and beast must be captured, and brought before the gods. And I know, if I can manage to do so in the name of our organization, Zeus himself will forge a path of stars for each and every one of us to parade down to the underworld. My dear colleagues, with your financial and spiritual support, I will hunt this beast and share its head with Zeus!”

As the rest of the club cheered and raved, you simply stood idly. While Lykos’s motivation was noble, the idea of killing the person who’d spared you your life didn’t sit well in your head. You wanted to help the boy in the cave, the same way he had helped you all those years ago.

Abandoning the club meeting, you set off for the cave again. Somehow, you were able to remember exactly where the cave entrance was, and trekked to it.

Standing at the mouth of the cave, you had no idea whether or not the boy was even alive. Before you ventured in any further, you let out a yell to see if anyone was inside.

“Hello?” Your voice rang through the dark cave.

There was no response for a few moments.

“Is anyone here?” You asked, hoping that if you asked enough questions he might answer.

“It’s me, (Y/N).” You said.

Suddenly, a faint glow cut through the damp darkness of the cave. The light began moving towards you, and you instinctively looked away, since you knew that those yellow lights were none other than the eyes of the boy.

He emerged from the shadows of the cave, his body positioned halfway between the sunlight and the dimness. He’d grown much taller since you’d last seen him, and frankly, more handsome as well. He was no longer the boy that carried you out of the cave, he was a man.

“I didn’t think you’d return.” He said, clearly having grown more outgoing too.

“I come bearing a warning,” You started, “A bounty hunter named Lykos has launched a search for you. Once he finds you he’s going to kill you.”

Your words evoked a strong reaction out of him, but not the one you’d anticipated. He simply laughed and shrugged, as if he was used to this kind of thing.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m Jun, son of Medusa. I can turn mere mortals to stone with a single glance. And it’s not like a bounty hunter hasn’t tried to find me before. I know how to take care of myself.” He said.

“Okay,” You replied, slightly annoyed at his arrogant tone, “Well, I just thought I should let you know, since Lykos is actually a very experienced bounty hunter. But, if you don’t have any concern for your own life, that’s fine by me.”

You turned to leave, feeling a bit defeated in your efforts. But before you could take a single step in the other direction, a hand on your shoulder stopped you.

Jun spun you around to face him, but you could only stare at his jawline as he talked to you, “Listen, I know you think you’re being nice or decent or whatever you humans call it, but I’m fine here. If I can protect your life, surely I can protect my own.”

Your eyes began to wander up his face, as it is human nature to look people in the eyes when talking to them, but fortunately, a ruckus to the side called for your attention first. Unfortunately, you quickly realized that the ruckus was caused by Lykos and his followers setting off for the mountain range.

“I told you,” You said to Jun as the both of you began to panic, “Lykos means business. You have to get out of here, now.”

The two of you hurried inside the cave, where you noticed that the hole in the ceiling you fell through as a kid was still open. Jun lit a torch, illuminating the inside of the cave, and for the first time allowing you to see how he lived. There was a moderate amount of furniture, most of which was made out of wood and bones. But scattered throughout, were life-sized statues of people, usually posed in dramatic ways. You had no doubt that they were Jun’s victims. Yet, he chose to spare you.

Before you had more time to think about it though, Jun was hoisting you up to climb through the hole in the ceiling. He moved a wooden stool under the opening, and proceeded to pull himself through. Instinctively, you grabbed one another’s hands to help with his ascent. Emerging on the opposite side of the mountain range, the both of you decided that the best thing to do was try to blend in with the crowd at the marketplace.

Scurrying out of the mountains, you and Jun felt relatively safe, since an entire mountain range and a valley divided you both from Lykos. The first thing you did at the market was buy Jun a long, flowing cape with a hood, so he could hide his eyes under something. The two of you walked around for a good amount of time, Jun occasionally commenting on how strange human society was.

After a while, you began to realize how many girls were staring at Jun. He didn’t particularly notice, since his eyes were mostly covered, but once the both of you stopped for a moment in a secluded corner of the market, it became clear that he had noticed something.

“What’s wrong with you?” He asked suddenly.

You stood a bit close to each other, trying not to be seen by anyone else, yet trying to appear unsuspicious if someone did happen to see.

“What do you mean?” You responded.

“You’ve been acting weird for a while. Are you just nervous?”

“Well, yes, but I’ve also just been noticing how many of the village girls keep looking at you. Don’t you think it’s kind of strange?”

“No, why wouldn’t they look at me? I’m handsome and mysterious. It’s what human girls like.”

“Well, at least you’re humble too.”

After a quick chuckle and a moment of silence, Jun spoke again.

“So, is that it? That was why you were acting weird?”

“I just… I really don’t understand how you can be such a headstrong guy but not pay attention to any women. If you’re so attractive and charming, why don’t you find someone equally so?”

“Most of you humans… You think you want someone mysterious and alluring, but once you figure out why they are that way, you run screaming. I don’t think I’ve ever met a human that has liked all of me.”

“You don’t ‘think’ you’ve ever met a human like that?”

“Well, I might have a long time ago. But they’re still in the process of proving their intentions.”

Another cloud of silence appeared between the both of you, as you tried to process what Jun had just said. You knew from personal experience that he really did care for and want to help others, so it came as a shock that he’d become so jaded.

“I have another question,” Jun stated, interrupting your thought process, “What do you think of me?”

You turned to face Jun, thinking the hood of his cape would be covering his eyes. But when you finally caught a glimpse of his face, you realized that he’d taken the hood off, and his eyes were fully exposed. Without thinking, you looked him in the eyes, causing your body to stiffen and freeze.

Jun’s gaze had turned you to stone.

Though you couldn’t move at all, you remained conscious. All you could see was Jun’s expression immediately changing, and then he proceeded to panic.

Normally, he’d have no remorse for the sorry mortal he turned to stone. But, you were different. He wanted with all his might to change you back, but, his mother was slain before she could teach him how to do so. The only thing Jun could think to do in this situation was return to the cave. He knew it would mean a high risk of Lykos finding him, and subsequently killing him afterwards, but he felt that it was worth the risk.

Jun moved your stone figure to an abandoned artisan’s shop, since he figured that the artisan’s pottery hasn’t broken yet, so you should be safe there too. It was excruciating for you to just stand there with no say in what Jun did, but he was determined to save you. So he trekked back to the mountains.

He returned to the familiar cave, where the torch he’d previously lit was still ablaze. Frantically tossing through each of his possessions, he didn’t know what to look for, but he hastily searched for some kind of remnant of his mother. In the distance, he heard approaching footsteps and loud mens’ voices. This could only mean that Lykos was extremely close by.

Suddenly, a gleam of light caught Jun’s eye from under his bed. He started towards the bed, leaning down and picking up whatever the object was. The gleam came from the gold rim of a hand mirror. In all Jun’s years he’d never seen or used a mirror, although he had heard of them, since every now and then his mother would warn him of how dangerous they were. He couldn’t understand why though, as there didn’t seem to be anything dangerous about the mirror or the concept behind it.

Jun had never known what his own eyes looked like, and as he looked at the mirror more, his gaze landed on them. As he studied his own eyes, he noticed that the color somehow changed from a bright yellow to a fiery red. A tingling sensation coursed through his entire body, and after he thought the strange feeling had died down, some kind of strong force ripped through his core. He’d felt as if the wind was knocked out of him, but as he looked back into the mirror, he saw that his eyes were a new color: a dark, coffee brown.

He didn’t know what had just happened to him, but it felt like a sort of transformation had occurred. All of a sudden, as if an earthquake had appeared at the entrance of the cave, ten or so silhouettes stood in the sunlight outside the cave. Jun knew that they could only belong to Lykos and his men.

The torch was lit inside the cave, so they could see everything inside from their positions.

“Are you the wretched, yellow-eyed beast boy that lives in this cave?” Asked one of the men, presumably Lykos.

Before Jun could respond, all of the statues in the cave began to rumble and shake. One-by-one, the entirety of the stone figures turned back into their human selves. They all began talking amongst themselves; a mother and daughter rejoicing, a pair of lovers kissing. In the midst of all the chaos, Jun was able to make his way through the crowd undetected, escaping yet again through the hole in the ceiling.

Though he was relatively safe from harm, Jun sprinted back to the marketplace, more than anything, eager to be with you once more. He made his way to the abandoned shop that he’d stored you in, expecting to see you as soon as he opened the door. When he got inside and noticed you weren’t there, his expression darkened. But, as he felt a sudden tapping on his shoulders, he turned around to see none other than your beautiful human form.

You didn’t even have time to give him a greeting, as Jun immediately pulled you in by the waist and planted a passionate kiss on your lips. His lips kissed yours with such vigor and longing, it was almost as if the last time you’d seen each other wasn’t in the same day.

As you finally pulled apart, the both of you breathed heavily, feeling exhilarated and comforted by one another’s affection.

Noticing the new color of Jun’s eyes, you asked, “What happened, Jun? Are you a mortal now?”

“I suppose so,” He replied, the smile never leaving his face, “But that’s alright, because if I have you, I don’t need any kind of powers. (Y/N), you’re my greatest asset. Will you stay with me?”

All you could do was nod, but luckily, that was all he needed to see. Once more he was kissing you, one of his hands resting on your hip and the other rubbing circles into your back. Feeling content as ever, you couldn’t help but grin into the kiss, and in that moment, you finally understood why bounty hunters would search for Jun.

A connection as strong as the one you shared with him was truly the greatest treasure on earth.

-Written by Admin Cali

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