moder design

one feature i think would be pretty cool (but also kinda stupid and hilarious) in a game would be toggle options for characters’ designs

like, specifically, toggles regarding more skimpy or sexualized designs, and those toggles exist for each specific gender. you could choose between more attractive appearances or more moderate designs

want that sweet tiddy but not any hot dude asses? flip those toggles boyo

think everyone should actually be intelligently dressed? hit those switches yo

you want both hot bodacious dude asses and tiddy? fLIP THEM TOGGLES YO

7.24.16 // The fear of imperfection is so real… Sometimes I have to sit myself down and decide to just add to my bullet journal in the moment, not second guess it. And sometimes that means sitting down and designing something cute for my bullet journal in Illustrator 😋

I'm working on a fantasy viktuuri AU, and I'd like some character designs (and more)!

hello! So I’m sending this out to all artists, and if you don’t draw, I’d love if you could share this with your artist friends!

I don’t really want to reveal any details publicly YET, but if you guys have even a little interest in collaborating, do drop me a message and I can give you an outline, and if you’re not interested, it’s completely fine to back out!

Just know that you’ll have to be doing coloured sketches/drawings, with moderate-complicated clothing designs (think: fantasy-genre anime).

Of course, Id like to see your work too just to see if it’s in a style I’d like, as I kinda have an image already in my mind of what it looks like. If you guys require payment, give me a quote and I’ll see what I can do about it :))

should you guys be VERY interested, perhaps we could even make short comics together? Nothing too detailed or clean, just sketches would be fine! (I actually really like the look of sketchy comics xD)

I understand that it takes MAJOR time and effort, so I don’t expect anyone to do this free of charge! I am, however, on a Budget, so if it’s too much, I’ll have to contact you some other time (I don’t really want to negotiate for a lower commission rate because I don’t think its giving you much respect as an artist to bargain lmao).

Thank you regardless of whether or not you’re interested! Look forward to a very exciting AU ;)




Thinking of a way to say “The Frozen Fever dress bothers me” without sounding rude.

I know I’m not the only one that thinks that, and I’m not a fashion or character design professional (of course), but….

These are some cuts I threw together. the features are meant to mismatch between eachother, so if things don’t match that’s why.

More stuff in the captions, and I’m probably most definitely not done with designs.

FY-TAEHYUN is looking for admin(s)!

FY-Taehyun is looking for new admins (specifically fansite updaters, moderators, and/or graphic designers)! We are looking for 1-2 other people updating the blog. We are looking for dedicated users who do not only keep up with updating, but also keep the blog neat and well-kept. The list below will be what we are looking for in an admin. Please keep in mind that these are just what we looking for and that they are not direct requirements.

  • Must be fluent in English.
  • Must know and have access to Taehyun-based fansites. If not, you must be willing to learn.
  • Should know how to use Twitter, Weibo, Naver, etc.
  • Uses Tumblr daily or very often.
  • Must be willing to communicate with other admins. We understand everyone has lives outside of Tumblr, but if you can’t update during your time, you should let me (and other admins) know.
  • Should have a good sense of teamwork.
  • Should have a Twitter for easier communication.
  • Should know how to tag and keep posts clean.
  • Must know or be willing to know how fy-taehyun posts are set up. This is because I have a certain way of posting when it comes to photos, videos, and text posts.
  • Acknowledges having to start off as a member of the blog. Work put into the blog will decide whether or not you will be made into an admin.
  • Must be dedicated. This is because we are busy admins and we help update other fyeahs which requires a good amount of our time. Dedication is key, so if we see that you are dedicated to fy-taehyun and put some/a good amount of your time and effort into the blog, We will change your position to admin.

If you think you apply to most of the bullets listed above and are interested in being an admin for FY-Taehyun, please fill out the application below and enter it into the submission box, titling your application “FY-Taehyun Admin Application.“


FY-Taehyun Admin Application

The Basics

  • Name:  
  • Age:
  • Main blog URL:
  • Country:
  • Timezone:
  • Twitter:


  • Do you have access to Taehyun fansites?
  • Do you have access to Twitter, Naver, Weibo, etc?
  • Do you know basic html? If no, will you be willing to learn?
  • Do you usually keep posts organized and tidy (e.g. tags, dates)?
  • Do you have Photoshop? If yes, do you make graphics (provide links to graphics if applicable)?


  • Can you read/write in Korean?If yes, how well?
  • Can you read/write in Chinese? If yes, how well?
  • Can you read/write in Japanese? If yes, how well?


  • Have you ever been an admin of an fyeah before? If yes, which blog(s)?
  • Are you currently an admin for an fyeah? If yes, which blog(s)?


  • How often do you go on Tumblr?
  • When you are on Tumblr, how much time do you usually spend on it?
  • How much time do you think you will be willing to give to fy-taehyun?
  • What times are you available to update fy-taehyun?
  • Why do you want to be an admin for fy-taehyun?
  • Are there any things that you are most confident in that can be useful to fy-taehyun?
  • Any other information you think is important for me to know:

crytpozoology  asked:

im studying information technologies and system engineering. man this is hard (especially the second part) but its also what i want to do and hopefully i will become a moderately successful web designer lol

!!!!!!! the tech subjects are so interesting and innovative dude you’re doing something that’s basically as modern as it gets that’s AWESOME!! i hope you become a SUPER successful web designer 💖💖

// what are u studying/what do u wanna study!!



To celebrate 10+ years of our beloved series, why not celebrate with a bang? Well… a mini bang.

What’s a mini bang?

A mini bang is a variation of a fandom big bang, in which artists and writers collaborate. Big bangs usually require writers to write longer works (i.e. 15k+). Mini bangs require a lower word count (i.e. 3k+), hence the “mini.”

SIGN-UPS BEGIN AUGUST 18TH (aka our son’s birthday)

For additional information, you can go HERE. And of course, the ask box is always open!!

If you are interested in helping to moderate / design graphics for this event, please don’t hesitate to send a message here or here! I need all the help I can get!

Watch live at 6 pm EST: MoMA curator Paola Antonelli moderates a conversation on design and the common good. 

[Massimo Banzi (Italian, born 1968), David Cuartielles (Spanish, born 1974), Tom Igoe (American, born 1967), Gianluca Martino (Italian, born 1973), David Mellis (American, born 1980), Giorgio Olivero (Italian, born 1975) . Arduino “Diecimila” Microcontroller. 2004‑2005. Electronic components. 2.7 x 2.1″ (5.3 x 6.9 cm). The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Gift of the designers]