inspired by @chameshida

most of these sketches are based on responses @stirpicus wrote out to questions he was asked by fans.

description in case you wanna know what’s going on

1. some anatomy practice. I will admit I’m really hopin for some badass Lukas in episode 8

2. just a bashful Lukas. I’ll leave it up to you to decide what he’s all buttered up about

3. now I read an answer by Eric about how Lukas loves ocelots and would like to have one in the future. Fast forward to when Lukas actually gets his ocelot. Though his pet’s favorite pasttime is tearing up the house, Lukas loves his wittle Foofy woofy to pieces

4. yeah that doesn’t need a description

5. a little comic strip about another ask and answer. Eric said Lukas wears his goggles just ‘cause he thought they were cool and this popped into my head

6. yet another sketch based on an ask+answer. I got kinda lazy with this one but I wanted to draw it anyway. I always imagined Lukas as a really terrible baker that burns EVERYTHING at first, but as time goes on he gets progressively better and doesn’t burn the house down as much