I met ibraake in Chicago the final night of Lollapalooza, We stayed in contact, and then met up again the last time I was in NYC (which was Dec’ 2012.. I need to get back).. We met up and talked out sh*t about everything from Hip Hop, art, life, gentrification and more sh*t… Ibra has a site ( modelsandrappers) which coincidentally are two of my favorite things as well.. His instagram page will also show you a glimpse of the dope imagery he captures. He

This is from a shoot we did back in 2012 on the Brooklyn Bridge early in the morning (it’s rare to see it this empty).. Fast forward November 2013 in Chandigarh Punjab, I have my first show in the city and right outside the club, the promoters had taken this image off of Google and printed it on two life size canvases for display outside the club. I had a sh*tty blackberry and took a picture hoping to show it to Ibra, but that phone didn’t survive the trip. None the less, the folks in Punjab enjoy his work, and bootleg is their form flattery.

Ibra also supported the #UnLearn project, which meant a lot.. only artists who took the plunge can relate to other artists standing on the edge of that cliff. 

Much Love

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