male partners

if you’re someone who is attracted to males…

mars-sun aspects = your male partners are in a lead position, partners who closely identify with being ‘masculine’, could have a competitive partner. 

example(s): jennifer aniston, sun square mars, married to a director and was also involved with the notable brad pitt. tina turner, sun square mars, married ike turner, a bandleader & producer. fran drescher, sun conjunct mars, married both a director/producer and is currently with an inventor/entrepreneur

sun/mars-moon aspects = your partner will be in touch with his emotions or embraces his sensitive side, a man who is familial and nurturing. 

example(s): evan rachel wood, moon opposite mars, was married to a male ballet dancer. heidi klum, moon square mars, was married to seal and has remarked, “when I first met seal he had a kindness and compassion that was so sincere I knew he’d be a good father”.

sun/mars-mercury aspects = men who are detail-oriented, a writer, men who embrace the sensorial nature of mercury. 

example(s): meryl streep, mercury conjunct mars, long-time marriage to a sculptor. cate blanchett, mercury opposite mars, married to an australian playwright. 

sun/mars-venus aspects = partners are charming, attractive men, partners are hopeless romantics, men that are ‘players’, affectionate lovers.

example(s): tyra banks, venus square mars, has dated aplenty male models. sally field, venus conjunct mars, dated self-admitted womanizer burt reynolds. demi lovato, venus square mars, dates wilmer valderrama, constantly boasts about his previous & excessive romantic endeavors. 

sun/mars-jupiter aspects = partners from across the globe, partners interested in politics, philosophy, philanthropy. men who are ‘believers’, excessively expectant or simply excessive. 

example(s): halle berry, mars conjunct jupiter, has dated several men of varying ethnic background. gwyneth paltrow, mars square jupiter, was married to england native chris martin, “declaring himself an “all-theist”, a word of his invention meaning that he believes in “everything”.

sun/mars-saturn aspects = partners who are paternal or reminiscent of their fathers, older men, men who are aloof, dedicated to their career. 

example(s): natasha richardson, mars opposite saturn, was married to liam neeson, 11 years his junior. linda lovelace, mars quincunx saturn, infamously married to chuck traynor, 12 years his junior and horribly oppressive. rachel mcadams, mars square saturn, dated ryan gosling, one of the most reserved but firm celebs in hollywood who has remarked, “i’d like to be making babies, but I’m not, so I’m making movies”.

sun/mars-uranus aspects = partners engage in spontaneity often, appreciate a partner who is freedom-loving, unpredictable men, men who are a bit odd/quirky or have a superiority-complex stemming from their ‘loner’ ways. 

example(s): meg ryan, mars square uranus, was married to dennis quaid, claims he was inconsistent & unreliable. kim basinger, was married to alec baldwin, known for his public & erratic outbursts. sarah jessica parker, mars conjunct uranus, married to matthew broderick, close friends have commented saying, “(they) call them `the wacky young Lunts'” and that they are “very irreverent”.  

sun/mars-neptune aspects = male suitors may have an addictive-escapist personality (alcohol, drugs, partying, music, etc), men are spiritual or were raised as such, men that are a fantasy or creators of fantasy. 

example(s): jean harlow, mars opposite neptune, married harold rosson, famous cinematographer for ‘the wizard of oz.’ ashlee simpson, mars conjunct neptune, was married to pete wentz, has bipolar disorder and has spoken out on his drug abuse. 

sun/mars-pluto aspects = men who embraces pluto’s private/mysterious nature, potentially destructive fellas, men who are force to be reckoned with, exempt from superficiality 

example(s): scarlett johansson, mars square pluto, married to a journalist, has been said, “mr dauriac, like his fiancee, takes privacy very seriously”. nancy reagan, mars conjunct pluto, known worldwide for her marriage to ronald reagan, “observers described the reagans’ relationship as close, authentic and intimate”.

***you will notice that all the examples are people with ‘harsh’ aspects (conjunctions, squares, oppositions, quincunx) and that’s because squares, oppositions, and inconjunctions give us the feeling of wanting what we can’t have which only makes us want it more. conjunctions work hand in hand with the planet indicator, in this case bc male partners so it’s sun & mars aspects, your ideal man exemplifies the planet that conjuncts either of those.

if you have a lot of aspects to your sun & mars, look to the harsher & tightest aspects (the lowest orb) 

had to edit these posts because for some i put ‘attracted to’ instead of inferring that your partner WILL be like this because you will bring out these traits in them 

also, this is not synastry. this deals with your own chart.

Freedom Arms Model 83 Field Grade

Large single-action revolver chambered in different calibers depending what you order from Freedom Arms. This example uses the .454 Casull round, however the revolver itself is a custom job. The owner had the barrel shortened, got new sights installed, and the bobbed the grip, all of which was done by the factory. The regular Model 83 Field Grade in .454 Casull is about $2,400~ but the seller/owner makes no mention of what it cost to do the modifications he requested. (GRH)


4 Traits Of Champions You Need For Your Success

Champions are not born, they are made. If you want to make yourself into a champion you must acquire the mental and physical traits of those who are at the top of their fields. Model yourself after those who dominate their industry and with time you will find yourself amongst them.

1. Training - sharpen the sword. Whatever your craft you have to train if you want to become one of the best - practice every day. Whether it’s writing, chess, basketball or singing - champions sharpen their skills every day & know that there is always something to learn or improve on.

2. Vision - see yourself being great. Project yourself into the future you want to create - close your eyes and visualise yourself standing on top of the podium, receiving the awards & celebrating with those you’ve worked with to create this future. Create the reality you seek in your mind - then use your actions to manifest it.

3. Determination - never give up. When you know you’re going to achieve greatness there is no question of “if” - it’s a matter of when. Champions know regardless of what happens along the way, they only lose if they give up. They also know that nothing else is more important than achieving greatness - when you’re determined there are no distractions.

4.  Mindset - think like a champion. To be one of the greats you need to believe that you can be great, you need to make a commitment to excellence and never settle for anything less. Thinking like a champion means suffocating self-doubt with positive affirmations, believing in yourself & being focused on making your dream in reality.

Champions are champions because they’re willing to do what others are not in order to be great. There is no easy route or shortcuts along the road to greatness - that’s why this path is not for everyone. If you’re committed & determined to reach your goal and will stop at nothing to get there - you will be a champion.

Work while they sleep - live how they dream.

Peace & positive vibes

So hear me out...

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, so bear with me. I saw these prompts for arranged marriages, and my delightful brain thought, why not combine them?

“We’re both about to enter into separate arranged marriages, but we’re madly in love and I’m pretty sure our future spouses are hooking up too” and “We fell in love, so how can we convince our parents that an arranged marriage between us would be a politically good idea?”

And, of course, it’s ABO, because fuck it if that ain’t my jam.

  • So the Novaks and the Winchesters are old friends; their kingdoms have never fought or been in a war against each other, although they’ve allied together several times.
  • Growing up, Cas was just the nerdy kid from the kingdom next door; he liked to read history books and study entomology and create model battle fields from throughout history. Dean liked to ride horses and hunt and practice fighting, like any good knight in training would. It’s not that he ever held Cas’s oddness against him; no, he liked that Cas was a little different. They were essentially best friends, he, Sammy, and Cas. They were always together, always visiting each other’s kingdoms, and each time, Dean couldn’t help but think how lucky he was to have a friend like Cas, even with all his little quirks that Dean couldn’t help but like. But he didn’t realize how much he liked it until they each presented.
  • Suddenly, Cas was just so much more interesting with his big gummy smile and his crinkly blue eyes and his dorky jokes and his nerdy pastimes. It didn’t hurt that he smelled amazing, all soft and warm like an omega should. And just like that, Dean knew that he was in love with his best friend. And, wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, Cas suddenly loved him back, too. Well, apparently, he’d been in love with Dean for a while, but he’d been so careful about hiding it, not letting it show. But the second that Dean sneaks him away from the others and takes his hand and smiles that special way at him, Cas’s smile blossoms even more beautifully than before, because he doesn’t have to hide it anymore. And as Dean claims his first kiss from his beautiful omega, all he can think is how lucky he is to have a love like Cas.
  • Now, if only his father saw it the same way.
  • Dean tries to come up with some way to present it so that the king will allow them to mate, because it is coming to that time in Dean’s life. Within a year, he’ll have to wed, and John’s looking to make some strong political connections. So over dinner, John is tossing out names and kingdoms that would be advantageous, when Dean, oh-so-casually, throws out Cas’s name, and says it would be good to cement the friendships between their kingdoms. But John counters that they already have a firm relationship with the Novaks, they don’t need to cement anything. And then he goes right on listing other kingdoms.
  • Dean tries to hide his disappointment; Mary tries not to beat the shit out of her dumbass husband.
  • No matter how they present it, John will not budge, not when Mary threatens to withhold *ahem* special privileges, not when Dean pleads and begs, not when Sammy gives him the famous puppy-dog eyes. He’s firm in this, and they can’t understand why. Until news comes of an uprising to the east, in the opposite direction of Cas’s kingdom. There are dark forces on the rise, a former prince named Lucifer who broke away from his family and seems bent on destruction…and he’s coming right toward their kingdom, right toward the Novak kingdom, too. And suddenly, Dean realizes why he needs to marry into another kingdom. The Novaks, they’ll stand by them and fight with them through thick and thin, but they’re going to need so much more than just their two kingdoms if they’re going to protect themselves…if Dean’s going to protect Cas.
  • So he agrees to marry the daughter of the king of Milton, a beta named Anna.
  • Of course, his father joyously announces the news before Dean has a chance to explain to Cas. So when Dean goes to try to explain himself, Cas won’t see him. Instead, he sends out one of his servants, some catty girl named Meg, with a note saying that it’s probably for the best that they don’t see each other again. Dean returns home, heartbroken and alone, but his resolve is firm; he needs to protect the Novak kingdom, needs to protect Cas, and if marrying Anna is the way to do it, so be it.
  • John also arranges a marriage for Sam to the Moore kingdom, to an omega named Jess. They won’t get married for a few years yet, since they’re still young, but the tie is there. Dean can’t help but feel happy for Sam, who’s obviously head over heels for the omega from the moment he meets her.
  • John, busy as ever wheeling and dealing and solidifying alliances, convinces Charles, king of Novak, to arrange a marriage for Castiel. So Castiel gets promised to the prince Michael, solidifying ties with yet another kingdom for their alliance.
  • And of course, what better way to celebrate all of these alliances than with a giant, two-week-long festival held right within the Winchester kingdom (a festival that may or may not be just a front for the alliances to begin planning their defense and attack strategy).
  • When Dean sees Cas across the ballroom at the ball they hold on the first night, he can’t help but stare. It’s been months since he’s seen his omega, months, and he looks so much better than Dean even remembers. Of course, there’s an air of sadness about him, a frigidity that has nothing to do with the temperature of the room. He won’t even look at Dean (it hurts too much. He hadn’t even wanted to come, but his father had forced him, pointing out that the festival was to celebrate his arranged marriage, and he had to be there). Dean tries all night to catch his eye, but to no avail. If he weren’t so sure of the omega’s feelings for him, he might think that Cas hated him. But he knows Cas, he knows his omega. And he has to see him, to talk to him. He has to explain why he’s doing this, explain that he’s doing it for Cas.
  • Without any pomp or fanfare, without any warning, he steals Cas away from Michael’s side for a dance. It’s supposed to be a waltz, nothing too fancy, but suddenly Cas finds himself breathless as he’s whisked around the floor. He has no choice now; he has to look at Dean, at his alpha, and Dean sees it then. Cas still loves him, so very much. To most observers, it looks like just another dance, a waltz between old friends. But to those who know—Dean’s mother and brother, Jess, Cas’s cousin Gabriel—it’s painful to watch. They can practically see Cas’s heart breaking with every step, see the way his blue eyes fill with tears as Dean speaks softly to him. As soon as the dance has ended, Cas rushes from the ballroom with no more than a whispered plea for Dean to stop tormenting him.
  • That should be the end of it. Dean’s had his dance; he’s had his chance to explain himself to Cas. And yet, it’s not. Every time he sees Cas and Michael standing together, the few times Michael wraps his arm around Castiel or takes his hand, Dean has to rein his alpha in with extreme force of will. He wants nothing more than to rip Michael’s hand, the hand that’s touching his omega, away and steal Cas back. But he can’t. He knows that Castiel and Michael haven’t solidified their bond yet; even back when they believed that their bond was a sure thing, Cas wouldn’t let Dean take him because of his devout religious beliefs. Even knowing that, Dean needs the affirmation that Cas is still his, that he still loves him. Luckily, he knows where to find Cas in the few private moments they’re afforded.
  • He sneaks into the library, day after day, stolen moments between all the other festivities and events, just to catch glimpses of his omega curled up with a book in front of the fireplace, just to catch a whiff of that wonderful scent, sad and resigned though it may be. He thinks he’s being careful, sneaky even, until the fourth day when Castiel sighs heavily and tells him to come out of hiding. At first, he plans to just sit across from him, to look at him and talk to him, but when do things ever go according to plan? They end up sitting on the floor in a darkened corner, Cas curled into his side as they whisper soft apologies and regrets. Before he leaves, Dean claims another kiss, this one broken and sad.
  • The next day, they sneak into their back corner of the library again, and Dean takes another kiss. And the next day another, and the next day another. Each is just as wonderful and terrible as the one before, and somehow even more still. For Cas, it’s the only truth he has left, the only bit of sanity for him to cling to. He finds himself in Dean’s kisses, loses himself to the alpha’s mouth, drowns in his scent. Every desperate press of lips is an invisible brand he leaves on his alpha, hoping that Anna won’t ever be able to truly wash them away. He can’t help but wonder what would happen if he just offered himself up to Dean, went ahead and mated with the man he loves despite everything. But he can’t; he can’t do that to their kingdoms and their families. He’ll just have to keep smiling and allowing Michael to wrap his arm around him; he’ll have to keep pretending that he’s not dying inside every time he sees Dean and Anna together.
  • They’re so busy sneaking off together, they don’t notice Anna and Michael’s increasingly long absences. If either of them had taken the time to notice, they probably wouldn’t have thought anything of it. In fact, no one suspects a thing until one of the maids walks in on their betrotheds in bed together…and not just in bed, but tied together, fresh mating marks on their neck.
  • At first, all is in an uproar. John wants to seek recompense for the broken agreements, demanding for things to be made right. He brought these families to his kingdom to help them, not humiliate them. All seems lost; the alliances won’t happen, and they’ll have to stand alone against the coming evil. But Dean knows that they still need these alliances, that they can’t afford to make enemies out of these kingdoms, so he offers an alternative option. He can see that Michael and Anna love each other; he recognizes the symptoms easily, having experienced the same with his omega. He proposes that Michael and Anna mate, joining their two kingdoms, but that the overall alliance of kingdoms still remain intact. They’ll all still be allied, just not through marriage. They’ll stand together, a unified confederation against Lucifer and his forces. 
  • Michael and Anna, along with their families, readily agree. They know that it’s only a matter of time before Lucifer defeats the Winchesters and Novaks and heads for them next, and they’re wise enough to realize that Dean’s offering them a solid out, no strings attached. So they draw up new contracts between the kingdoms, contracts that don’t involve marriages but are still just as binding. 
  • Cas tries to hide his elation as their fathers all sign the contracts that free him from his oppresive farce of a marriage and open up a world of possibilities for him and Dean. 
  • Of course, this leaves both him and Cas without mates, and oh no! what are they ever to do about it? 
  • After seeing the wisdom Dean exhibited with the situation, John realizes that Dean will make a great king someday, but he also knows that a great king needs a supportive mate, and he can see that there will be no one more supportive of his son than Castiel. He finally agrees to the mating and gives his blessing.
  • The two are married within a month. It’s not that they mean to rush, but they both feel that they’ve waited long enough. Dean finally claims Cas in their large, warm bed, their scents blending and bleeding onto the sheets as he takes him again and again. After, as they lie there sated and panting, Cas smiles dopily, that big beautiful gummy smile that Dean had fallen in love with so long ago, and whispers that this is everything he’s ever wanted.
  • Dean can’t help but agree.
A Game For Ants

The field is small, it’s literally a model field on a pedestal

Players are recruited but are not told of this or the rules, but are marched into the stadium which is completely bare except for the pedestal in the center

First player to say “What is this? A field for ants?” wins


Photographer: Diana Kuo / Hair & Makeup Artist: Montana Green / Assistant: Lauren Nabers / Sponsored by: Vika Jewels

Shot In Los Angeles. 

Exclusively shot and interviewed for Korean Model blog.

Name /  이름:   

Age /  나이: 

  • 22

Agency / 에이전시:  

  • Willow Model Management

Height / 키: 

  • 5’8.5”

Hometown / 고향: 

  • San Diego, California / 샌디에고, 캘리포니아

The best thing about your hometown: / 고향에 대해 제일 좋은 점:

  • The best thing about my hometown is that there’s plenty of good food to try and beautiful beaches to visit! / 고향에 대해 제일 좋은 점은 많은 맛집으로 갈수가 있고 아름다운 바다로 놀러 갈수있는게 제일 좋은 점이라고 생각해요!

Let’s talk about your favorites:

  • Food : Salmon sushi
  • Drink : Water, soy milk, milk, coffee
  • Things to do when you’re not modeling: Go shopping, resting at home, meeting friends, learning/studying something new 
  • Movie : Ode To My Father
  • Singer : Currently my favorite singer is Crush (크러쉬)
  • Weather : Sunny

Place you would like to visit / 가보고 싶은 곳:

  • I would like to go visit London! / 런던 여행 가보고 싶어요!

What song do you have on repeat at the moment? / 요즘 자주 듣는 음악은 뭔가요?

  • Currently I’ve been listening to Eddy Kim’s My Lips Warm Like Coffee for some reason. I don’t know. The soothing voices of Eddy Kim and Lee Sung Kyung won me over. Afterwards, I go to Crush’s playlist because his voice makes my heart warm too haha! / 요즘은 에디킴의 ‘내 입술 따뜻한 커피처럼’을 자주 듣는 것 같아요. 목소리가 너무 부드러워서 듣기에 좋네요. 다 듣고나서 크러쉬 플레이리스트를 들어요. 크러쉬 목소리도 너무 좋아서.

Describe your idea of a perfect day: / 당신의 이상적인 하루를 설명해보세요.

  • My idea of a perfect day is when I wake up early, be productive by going to all my castings, meetings, booked jobs, and what not, then eat my soul out to some delicious meal with family/friends, and finish the day by relaxing at home. I’m too basic sometimes. / 일찍 일어나서 열심히 캐스팅, 미팅, 뭐든 일을 잘 한다음에 맛있는 음식을 가족/친구랑 먹고 마무리로 집에서 쉬는게 내 이상적인 하루입니다.

What’s your coffee order? / 커피는 주로 무엇을 마시나요?

  • Depends on my mood but it’s usually a Caramel Macchiato since the sweetness and bitterness goes well together. Other times it’ll be a basic Americano. / 달달하면서 쓴맛이 잘 어울리는 카라멜 마끼아또! 아니면 그냥 간단한 아메리카노를 주로 마셔요.

What have you got far too many of? / 너무 많이 가지고 있는 한가지를 말해보세요.

  • I have far too many clothes. / 옷을 너무 많이 가지고있어요.

What are the things you always bring when you’re going out? / 나갈때 항상 가지고가는 것은 무엇인가요?

  • I usually take my wallet, phone, phone charger, and some sort of makeup- depending on the day. / 나갈때 항상 가지고가는 물건들은 내 지갑, 핸드폰, 핸드폰 충전기, 그리고 화장품을 가지고 나가요.

Describe your personal style in 3 words./ 당신의 스타일을 세가지 단어로 설명해보세요.

  • Classic, trendy, chic. / 클래식, 트렌디, 씨크.

What’s 1 item in your closet you would never throw away? / 당신의 옷장에 있는 것중에 꼭 못 버리는 한가지는 무엇인가요?  

  • I would never throw away my jacket by Calvin Klein only because it goes well with all my outfits and keeps me super warm. / 내 Calvin Klein 자켓이 뭐든 옷이랑 잘 어울리고 따뜻하게 해줘서 못 버리겠어요.

One piece of clothing you’d love to own? / 소장하고 싶은 한가지의 옷은?

  • I would love to own any piece from the Alexander Wang’s 2017 Spring collection. / Alexander Wang 2017 봄 컬렉션에 있는 아무 옷을 소장 하고 싶어요.

What keeps you up at night? / 밤에 잠을 못 자게 하는것들 뭐가있나요?

  • Countless thoughts, prayers, caffeine (if I had any that day) usually keeps me up at night. / 많은 생각과 기도와 그날에 커피를 마셨으면 그게 보통 못 자게 하는것들 입니다.

What is the last thing you googled (search on the internet)? / 마지막으로 검색해본것은 무엇인가요?

  • Coffee! / 커피!

If you had a super power, what would it be? / 초능력이 있다면 어떤 초능력을 가지고 싶으세요?

  • Changing people’s minds. If I had a super power to do that, that would be rad! / 사람 생각을 바꿀 수 있는 초능력이요!

How do you stay fit? / 몸매 관리는 어떻게 하세요?

  • I drink a smoothie as my breakfast almost every morning, watch my calorie intakes for every meal, and exercise/work out whenever I have the time to. / 거의 매일 아침에는 스무디를 마시고, 먹는  칼로리를 잘 보면서 시간 날때는 운동 합니다.

What is your beauty secret?/ 당신의 미모 비법은 무엇인가요?

  • Hydrating my face with a nice moisturizer and drinking lots of water is key. / 좋은 모이스처라이저를 쓰고 물을 많이 마시는게 제 미모 비법입니다.

What’s one subject you could talk about for at least 10 minutes? / 당신이 10분동안 얘기할 수 있는 주제는 뭔가요?

  • I guess I could talk about the modeling field for atleast 10 minutes or so because it ranges from models to beauty to fashion, photography, production, etc. / 모델 일이나 관련된 분야에 대해 얘기 할 수 있을 것 같아요. 왜냐하면 모델, 뷰티, 패션, 사진, 등이 모두 관련 되있기 때문입니다.

What were you like as a child? / 어릴때 어떤 아이였나요?

  • I was extremely outgoing and liked to explore everywhere on my own.  / 어릴떄 굉장히 활발했습니다.

What is the best advice that you have ever received? / 당신이 받았던 최고의 조언은 무엇이었나요?

  • To do the best that I can in all that I pursue without regrets. / 모든일에 후회없이 최선을 다 하라는 것이에요.

Are there any models in the industry that you look up to? / 존경하는 모델분들이 있으시나요?

  • Naomi Campbell

How did you start modeling? Was modeling something that you always wanted to do? / 어떻게 모델 일을 시작했나요? 모델 일은 원래 하고 싶은 일이었나요?

  • I was always interested in the fashion industry since I was young and it naturally led me to the my modeling career. I started modeling by randomly being on the cover of a Korean magazine in America. Since then, I’ve been receiving many good feedbacks and launched from there! / 저는 어릴때부터 원래 패션 쪽에 관심이 많아서 자연스럽게 모델 일을 하게 되었습니다. 시작하게 된 계기를 딱히 꼽자면 미국에 있는 한국 잡지에 표지 모델로 나오면서부터 많은 관심과 좋은 피드백을 받아서 시작하게 되었어요.

What would you do if you were not a model? / 모델이 되지 않았다면 무엇을 했을것 같아요?

  • If I was not a model, I would probably continue to study law to become a lawyer. / 모델이 되지 않았다면 아마 법 공부를 해서 변호사가 되었을 것 같아요.

What has been your favorite job so far?/ 지금까지 해온 촬영들중에 어느게 제일 좋았나요?

  • I enjoy all the jobs I do, but opening, closing, and walking for four different shows in one day has been my cherry on top so far. / 모든 일이 즐겁지만, 제일 좋았던 경험은 하루에 네가지 쇼에서 오프닝, 클로징, 그리고 워킹을 했던 것입니다.

What is your dream modeling job? / 당신의 꿈의 모델 일은 무었인가요?

  • To walk for Chanel is my dream modeling job. / 샤넬 쇼에서 워킹을 하는 것이 꿈입니다.

What’s going through your mind when you’re modeling in front of the camera? / 카메라 앞에서 모델링을 할 때 무슨 생각을 해요?

  • When I’m modeling in front of the camera, I usually think about which angles I would look best in and which pose to do next. / 카메라 앞에서 모델링을 할 때는 보통 어떤 각도에서 제일 잘 보일지 그리고 어떤 포즈를 취할지를 생각하는 것 같아요.

What are the pros and cons of being a model? / 모델이 됨으로서 장점과 단점을 뭔가요?

  • The pros of being a model is being able to consistently try new things as your job, meeting new people, being exposed to new items, traveling, and being able to stay updated in the fashion industry. I can’t think of the cons since I enjoy my career but if I have to say one, it would be that I always have to watch my measurements. / 장점은 새로운 일들을 계속해서 도전해볼 수 있고, 새로운 사람들을 만나고, 많은 곳을 돌아다니며 새로운 환경을 경험하면서 최신 패션 트렌드를 놓치지않는 점인 것 같아요. 전 제 일을 굉장히 즐기기 때문에 단점은 별로 없지만, 굳이 하나를 말하자면 항상 몸매 관리에 철저해야 한다는 점입니다. 

What do you want to achieve in the future? / 미래에는 무엇을 이루고 싶어요?

  • To be successful in all that I pursue. / 내가 하는 모든 일에 성공하고 싶어요.

How do you see yourself in 10 years from now? / 10년 후, 무엇을 하고 있을 것 같아요?

  • Ten years from now, I see myself as a much greater person, helping many, and being an influence in some way. / 10년 후에 나는 훨씬 더 성장하고 많은 사람들에게 좋은 영향과 도움을 주는 사람이 되어있을 것 같습니다.

Do you have any personal rules that you’ll never break?/ 절대로 깨지 않을 본인만의 룰은 있나요?

  • Not really. I don’t have rules to myself but just to do the best that I can in all that I pursue. / 딱히 저 자신만의 룰은 없는 것 같고, 그냥 제가 하는 일에 최선을 다하는 것입니다.

One thing that people will be surprised to find out about you /  당신에 대해 놀라운 사실 한가지는 무엇인가요?

  • I graduated high school early and entered college at the age of 16! / 저는 고등학교를 일찍 졸업해서 만 16세에 대학을 들어갔습니다! 

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anonymous asked:

You know I been thinking and maybe Karlie is slowly switching from 100% modeling stuff to other fields (the science show, now her own show, winx,etc) because doing that can bring her some safety (in case she comes out). Also she's working with brands like Carolina Herrera who not only support diversity but also they show that support in their campaigns. I think more that ever that Kaylor is fucking real

Yes, Anon.

We’ve posted about this a few times since the Black Out: clearly Kar now works with brands that are showing a more & more gay friendly side (Swarovski, Adidas)…

The fact she no longers works with L’Oréal is also a strong indicator (bc of their sadly infamous morality clause, in their ambassadorship contracts).

Both Swarovski & Adidas show this side more & more in their campaigns, since Kar has joined (+ Adidas has also recently recruited Kendall (it’s not a coincidence, clearly)..

i think it’s great, and i hope we’ll see more of this in the next year, the future brands Kar decides to work with will probably also be gay friendly :) 

Regarding your second point, well, of course somehow she wants to do other things than just modeling, & no one can blame her. It’s nice she explores other fields, and tries new things, then she can see what works & what doesn’t…


Almost forgot to post this here. Newest custom build! I even wrote it a backstory.


During the X100 development program, it was discovered the X10A’s weapon systems produced too much heat upon maximum discharge. This resulted in a core meltdown and subsequent detonation of the nuclear reactor within the Mobile Suit. After months of deliberation and consideration of scrapping the X100 program, one brilliant researcher had an epiphany: if the entire body could be hooked up to a ventilation system, it would allow balanced dispersal of the heat. The system was implemented into a prototype model, and field tested immediately. It was successful, for the most part, but produced a harrowing side effect. The heat generated from the system was so extreme, it would cause oxygen present in the exhaust to spontaneously combust, emitting fire from the ports and making the Gundam appear as though it were engulfed in flame, earning it the nickname “Burning Freedom.” The system was eventually deemed too dangerous, and a new exhaust system was developed and implemented into the final design of the ZGMF-X10A. The Burning Freedom has remained unused in an undisclosed location since that time.


Why are discussions/articles/posts about mental illness in Asian American communities always about how Asian cultures are inherently evil and ableist, and not about anything like, I don’t know, incredibly high levels of abuse/trauma including intergenerational trauma, poverty keeping people from getting meds, lack of therapists with the sensitivity to work with Asian patients, lack of Asian people in the psych field, model minority myth making anxiety/stress over success even worse, social workers who don’t understand how our families work and treat cases of abuse like they’re happening in white families, the stereotype that mental illness is something that only white people can have, model minority myth making it hard for Asians to open up about having emotions and needs, model minority myth being used by everyone to justify ignoring the needs of Asians, the sense of despair that comes with being diaspora and not having a home, the threat of discrimination or outright violence, etc.