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Alright but have you considered

  • Letter found in an old notebook AU
  • Road trip across the country and accidentally crossing paths AU
  • Work at the same shitty restaurant and have all the same shitty shift times AU
  • Record store AU
  • basically just like a coffee shop AU but with music
  • Always getting the same cashier when checking out at Target no matter what day it is AU
  • 1950’s diner AU
  • ‘What the fuck are you doing it’s midnight why are you playing 'My Heart Will Go On’ on the piano’ AU
  • Alternatively, ‘I’m going to lean out the window and sing along until you fucking stop and wonder who else is singing’ AU
  • Youtubers AU
  • Found the phone number of an old childhood friend in some box at the back of you closet and decided to call it to see if it still worked AU
  • 'I live in the apartment below yours and I keep getting your mail this needs to stop dammit’ AU
  • Going up to the mountains for Christmas and getting stuck at the ski resort bc of bad weather AU
  • Going to the fair and rocking the Ferris wheel seat so the person sitting next to you clings to you like a lifeline AU
  • 'Maybe if we met before the apocalypse I could have loved you properly.’ AU
  • Walked into the wrong classroom and didn’t realise until halfway through AU
  • Hugged to wrong person from behind AU
  • Waved back at someone who wasn’t waving to you in the first place AU
  • Model who looks and acts really professional at the photo shoot but is actually a huge nerd AU
  • 'Your cat keeps getting into my house and I don’t even know how would you care to explain’ AU
  • 'I forgot to do my homework so I’m just going to copy off of you and hope that you didn’t get the answers wrong’ AU
  • Stole a car with someone sleeping in the back seat [Turns out that the car had already been stolen so basically you just stole a stolen car] AU
  • basically ouat
  • just do it. fucking ouat. your writing would probably be better than the writers’ now tbh. have fun.
Talk nerdy to me

Model who looks and acts really professional at the photo shoot but is actually a huge nerd AU with Percabeth @twopaperairplanesflyingflyin @bronzomatrixx Im not really sure how you do ‘read more’s so sorry about that… 

Annabeth’s third week of working for the new company was going excellently. She’d already photographed and edited two shoots, and the third one seemed like it went perfectly. When she started her fourth one, she felt like something had to go wrong soon.

The shoot was outside, on the sunny beach in LA. Annabeth was totally in her element. She loved the sun in her hair and how no one cared if she wore ripped jeans shorts to work because it was okay for her to be ‘artsy’ or whatever, when they were photographing outside. And she particularly liked how there was perfect lighting for photos. Even though something had to go wrong eventually, she had a good feeling about this. The main model looked like a Greek god in the water, and everything was exactly what she wanted it to be.  

Until it started raining.  

“Ms Chase, do you want to continue? Even though it’s raining I mean?” Percy Jackson was looking at her with eyes that looked like they matched the stormy sea perfectly. “No, sorry I think we’ll…” Eyes that matched the stormy sea perfectly. “Actually, I want to take some last photos. Maybe the rain isn’t so bad after all.” He raised his eyebrows at her, but didn’t say anything, just went back to his place and doing the poses she wanted him to do. She was thankful that he didn’t have a diva thing going on, like some of the other models she’d met during her work time. She knew some who wouldn’t have been too happy about sidetracking the plan.  

When they were finished, she went up to him and shook his hand. “It was nice working with you, thanks for not minding the rain.” He just smiled at her. “It was my pleasure, Ms. Chase, I hope you got some good photos.” Annabeth couldn’t help but smile, and look into his eyes for a moment longer. This guy really was polite. And also fairly hot. His eyes was gleaming, and his hair was dripping from the rain, and the drops were running down his torso. His hand was still holding hers firmly, and she pulled away, internally scolding herself for noticing these things and being awkward  when he was acting so professional. “I’m sorry, bit distracted.” He smirked, still looking at her with an interrogative expression. She widened her eyes as she realized he’d asked a question. “Ohh. Umm. Yes, I got some good ones in the end, to be honest the rain sort of was the piece that missed. If you know what I mean…?” Oh gods. Had she really just said 'sort of’ and 'if you know what i mean’ while trying to act professional?  He just laughed, and she took that as a yes to her internal question.  

He looked like he was about to say something more, when the rain started drumming even more violently down. It was like someone had decided letting the water down slowly was wasting time and just released it all at once. Her top was almost wet all the way through as she looked up. “You know what, I think we should hurry back.”

By the time they reached her car, they were both so wet there was literally streams of water running down their bodies. She wasn’t entirely sure why he was still with her though. Maybe he wanted a ride back to the office, or maybe to the bus station.  

“Do you want a ride somewhere?” He opened his mouth, as if he was about to say something, then closed it again. Then opened it and managed to talk. “Yeah. No, I like walking in the rain actually, I was just making sure you got back without drowning.” He tugged at his sleeve. “Umm maybe you’d like to have a coffee or something first with me, if you want to warm up, I mean.” He bit his lower lip, and Annabeth couldn’t help but think that he looked really sexy. “I know a place just around the corner, if you want to, I mean. ” He shrugged. Annabeth was the one smirking now. She couldn’t believe the totally professional model who bore a striking resemblance to a Greek god was this awkward with girls.  "Sure, Jackson. If you just give me a moment to put away my stuff.“  His eyes lit up. "Yeah sure, of course.”  

She was sure she’d left a sweater somewhere. But she couldn’t find it as she rummaged through the trunk of her car. She closed it with a loud sigh of defeat. Without something to change to, a coffee wouldn’t really keep her warm for long. “Is there something wrong?” Jackson had noticed. Of course he had. “Noo… it’s fine, I just thought I had an extra sweater somewhere, but let’s just go now… ” He didn’t say anything, just frowned at her, and lead the way to a small café just around the corner.

The first thing she noticed about it was that it was called 'The restaurant at the end of the universe’. The second thing was that the menu included several Star Wars and Doctor Who puns. The third thing she noticed wasn’t about the restaurant, but about the model. Jackson took off his jacket, and under it was a t-shirt with the phrase 'Come to the dark side’. Percy Jackson was a huge freaking dork.

“I must say, that I didn’t really expect this.” Percy looked a bit flustered. Annabeth couldn’t help but grin at him. “But don’t worry. Hmm. I think I want a Darth Chocolate Muffin and a Mustafar chocolate, what about you?”  The corners of his mouth perked up, and he looked at the menu with fake anticipation. “Hmm… I’m not sure… Usually I’d take the hoth latte, but I want something warm, y’know, so maybe I’ll take the Mustafar Chocolate too. And a dark cookie too, man I love those. Like the Darth Chocolate Muffins are good, but nothing beats a dark cookie. Y’know?” Annabeth just looked up at him, struggling not to laugh.  Percy’s neck started to redden as he realized he was rambling. “Umm.. Sorry. I’ll order, in the meantime I have an extra shirt If you wanted to change? Umm.. Do you want it?” He was awkwardly scratching his neck, gazing at the floor. She smiled. “Sure, I’ll be back in five.”


When she came out of the bathroom, wearing Percy’s oversized sweater, he was already sitting at a table with their hot chocolates and snacks. “Hi.” Annabeth tugged at her sleeves, and sat down opposite to him. He looked at her and grinned. “I knew you’d rock that nerdy girl look.” Annabeth blushed. If it was because she had 'talk nerdy to me’ written across her chest, or because of the compliment, she wasn’t entirely sure. Or maybe it was both.  She tried to force away her redness before she answered. “Oh yeah, Jackson? You look more like adorable in that Star Wars shirt.” Oh my gods, that was supposed to be a comeback! Her blood rose in her cheeks again. It seemed like she was worse with cute boys than she remembered.  Percy didn’t say anything, only raised an eyebrow and said; “Just call me Percy, please.” , which only made her even more flustered.  

“So, you come here often?” she said, changing the topic. “Yeah, now and then. I need to keep up that adorable nerd rep, y'know?” She just rolled her eyes. Dork. “Yeah, well, I can’t say this was what I expected you to be like.” He cocked his head. “What did you expect?” She smiled, gazing 'thoughtfully’ at thin air. “I don’t know exactly. More… glamourous? Not the kind of guy who goes to a café with so many sci-fi references you can’t really miss any? Maybe that you were the kind of guy that goes to parties in the evenings after model jobs to chat up girls, but instead you’re sitting with your photographer in the most nerdy restaurant in town. I just didn’t expect you to be so… dorky.” Amusement flickering in his eyes, Percy said “So you’re basically saying you expected me to actually have a life? Like the kind where you’re social all the time?“  He tilted his head again, looking mockingly philosophical. “Because then my friend, you are wrong. All I do is Netflix and chill. “ He widened his eyes, quickly adding that he meant actual Netflix and chill.  Like literally Netflix and chill. “Good to know, Seaweed Brain. Good to know” Annabeth nodded importantly. Percy blushed, and looked accusingly at her. “Seaweed brain? What kind of nickname is that?“ Annabeth smirked. “An appropriate one, that’s what I think.” He mocked an expression of hurt, his hand on his chest. “I’m so hurt. I have to leave now.” Annabeth gasped, and ran a finger than her cheek. "Oh no.”  Then Percy straightened up. He smiled apologetically. “Umm. I actually have to go now. Dinner with my mom tonight.” Annabeth internally awwwed. “Yeah. Me too. I wanna get back.”

When they were back at her car (Percy had insisted on following her), Annabeth tugged at her sleeves again. “I guess I should give this back now… I forgot at the café…” Percy smiled broadly, his sea green eyes glinting in the sun. “Nah, you can keep it.“ She smiled up at him. “Thanks. I’ll see you around, then.” She stepped closer, and hugged him. Percy just stood there first, but then he put his arms around her, holding her closer. He smiled like sea and fresh air and Percy. She reluctantly let go, and stepped awkwardly back. He gazed at her, all of him smiling, like he’d just gotten a present. “I guess I will.”

It wasn’t before she was in the car, that Annabeth remembered she didn’t have any more photographing with him, and that she probably wouldn’t see him at work. Fuck. She scolded herself for being so disappointed. They’d literally only talked for a few hours, it didn’t matter that much. At least that’s what she told herself. But that didn’t matter much that night when she took of his shirt, and found a note scribbled at the label. Or to be exact, a number. It really didn’t matter what she’d told herself earlier. But he did.  

Karmic debt relating to the 12th House


When Aries is related to the twelfth house, the karmic debt may stem from injury or death from a violent act, often the result of unleashed anger or rage. The cause of the rage may be described by other planets or signs involved with the twelfth house.If Saturn or Capricorn is also involved, a death is likely. Because Aries usually does not represent accidental but intentional violence, this sign can indicate some of the most difficult karma. But because karma this serious takes many lifetimes to balance and because it may be at any stage in this process, the debt indicated may be large or small.

Violent acts require a variety of lessons depending on the cause of the act, and a chart will be chosen accordingly.When controlling anger is the lesson, a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn Moon may be present; Saturn may be square or conjunct Mars; fire may be absent; the Sun or Mars may be in hard aspect to one or more of the outer planets; or earth and air will be emphasized to add distance to the feelings. The possibilities are in no way exhausted by this list.

When we are enraged, we often lose sight of the value of life and our potential for destruction. Therefore, gaining an appreciation for life’s preciousness and fragility may be another lesson when Aries is related to the twelfth house. When it is, the Moon’s nodes are often found in the twelfth and sixth houses, and the lesson is learned through a life task of service in the healing professions.

The proper use of one’s energy and will may be another lesson with Aries related to the twelfth house. In this case, the goal would not only be controlling one’s anger but also gaining awareness of one’s needs so that anger would not accumulate in the first place. A chart with an emphasis in Scorpio to increase introspection would help with this lesson. An emphasis in the air signs to add objectivity would also make a healthy use of emotion more likely, as would family members who could serve as positive role models.

For someone who has acted violently in a past life, respect for life in general may be lacking and an appreciation for the value of being alive may be needed. If this is the case, the soul’s approach may be to teach the beauty and pleasure of life by providing circumstances in the next life that are pleasant, happy, and abundant. An environment that is peaceful, loving, and respectful of life is often what is needed to balance a violent act in a former lifetime. To help with this, Jupiter may be conjunct the Sun, Ascendant, or Moon, adding protectiveness and good fortune. Or the chart may be favorably aspected in other ways.


When this sign is related to the twelfth house, stealing, giving too little, or giving too much may be responsible for a karmic debt. Greed leading to criminal acts that caused injury or death is the most serious possibility. Other possibilities are waste or frivolousness that caused suffering through deprivation, or selfishness that harmed someone like in the story “Cinderella.” Injury caused by encouraging gluttony, spoiling someone, or failing to instill proper values are still other possibilities. These last offenses may not take as long to balance as something more severe but some sort of balancing is still likely.

When Taurus is related to the twelfth house, the lesson also may be about values. Those whose greed causes them to steal may need to learn that material things do not bring happiness, love, or fulfillment. One way the soul teaches this is by arranging for the individual to have more money than he or she can ever enjoy—coupled with loneliness. This demonstrates the emptiness of material things, especially if love is not present amidst the wealth.

Sharing is another lesson that might be in order. Although a degree of spiritual development is necessary before we are capable of selfless giving, generosity can be taught. One way this is done is through a watery chart, which increases empathy and sensitivity. Loving family members also help by modeling generosity and providing the experience of being given to. Paradoxically, we do not learn to share by being forced to as much as by being given to. When our own needs are met, we willingly give to others. Therefore, the soul will not usually use a neglectful or unloving environment to teach unselfishness but a loving one in which all the primary needs are met.

Those who suffered from gluttony or inflicted it on others in a former lifetime may need to learn the benefits of moderation. A chart that is conservative, frugal, self-disciplined, and self-sacrificing can be used to teach this. Any combination of Capricorn, Virgo, and Pisces are likely to be helpful. However, Pisces’ lack of discipline may not be helpful to some. The soul also may choose a family with these characteristics or one that is not prosperous.


When Gemini is related to the twelfth house, misuse of the power of communication or the careless use of a vehicle may have caused someone harm in a former lifetime. Intent is important in determining the extent of the karma. Unintentional or inadvertent harm is likely to require only minimal karmic balancing. One possibility is that the individual spread injurious rumors, either true or false. If he or she was in a position of power with access to many people, the karma could be extensive. A prime example would be using the media to damage someone’s reputation. If abuse of power is involved, Pluto or Scorpio is likely to be related to the twelfth house in addition to Mercury (Gemini).

Correct use of the power of communication is taught several ways. One is by inhibiting the individual’s ability to communicate, which demonstrates the power of the word. For this, Saturn may be in Gemini, in the third house, or aspecting Mercury. Another is by putting someone who abused power in an influential position. Then, if he or she abuses power again, the consequences would be great. Or perhaps he or she might be on the receiving end of someone else’s abuse of power.

If an injury or death resulted from the careless use of a vehicle because of a lack of responsibility, poor judgment, negligence, carelessness, or indecision, balancing will probably be necessary. However, not everyone operating a vehicle that injures someone incurs karma. If karma is incurred, what is needed to balance it depends on the cause of the accident. If greater responsibility, caution, or judgment is needed, Capricorn may be present in the chart. If greater decisiveness is needed, fixed signs may be present. The soul has ways of developing these traits, although they usually come as a matter of course with age and spiritual development.


When Cancer is related to the twelfth house, the karma probably involved a family member. Since the family is one of the main arenas in which life’s lessons are taught, karma is often incurred with family members. The family is also the most common arena for releasing a karmic debt because of the mutual dependency and closeness demanded by these relationships. When Mars or Pluto are involved with the twelfth house, the incident is likely to have involved violence and physical harm, perhaps even sexual abuse. Otherwise, emotional abuse or neglect is likely.

If the chart is the perpetrator’s, compassion and empathy are needed, and the chart will support this. To teach this, the perpetrator may experience dependency or powerlessness in some form. Retardation, disabilities, and mental illness are just a few of the more extreme conditions that lend themselves to teaching this. There also are milder ways of teaching compassion and empathy, of course. The soul will choose circumstances that fit the individual. If the chart belongs to the victim, it will support his or her healing.


When Leo is related to the twelfth house, the incident responsible for the karmic debt probably involved an abuse of the individual’s influence or power, possibly for his or her own advancement. If the incident involved self-advancement at someone else’s expense, a greater appreciation for the needs of others is in order. To help balance a tendency toward self-service, the chart might be oriented toward service.

Another possibility is that the individual used his or her power to control others. In this case, a respect for autonomy and freedom may be taught by an experience of being controlled. The inhumanity and immorality of controlling others becomes obvious when the tables are turned. Regardless of how it seems, this is not retribution but an efficient way of readjusting someone’s attitude.The victim who has Leo related to the twelfth house may suffer from feelings of inadequacy and a tendency to give his or her power away. This is frequently the result of having been oppressed or controlled by others. In that case, the rest of the chart will support the development of ego-strength and confidence.


When Virgo is related to the twelfth house, enslavement or mistreatment of someone under one’s service may be behind the karmic debt. Enslavement must have caused physical or psychological damage for it to require balancing, however. Not all slave owners, for instance, are karmically indebted to their slaves. The purpose of karma is to balance a wrong attitude or action. If a slave owner’s intentions and treatment of his slaves were good, then little or no karmic balancing would be necessary. If not, the karmic requirement could be great.

A common way to balance this is to make the offender a slave or servant, which affords him or her the experience of this perspective. Sometimes, however, this only reinforces the individual’s disdain for servants. If that happens, several more lifetimes of servitude may be needed before the lesson is learned. Some people are susceptible to seeing themselves as superior to others no matter what their role. They are both the ones most likely to mistreat others when in a position of power and those hardest to teach this lesson to. We all have certain lessons that come harder than others.

The victim with Virgo ruling this house may suffer from low self-esteem and difficulty being the master of his or her destiny. When this is the case, the chart will be chosen to counteract this.


When Libra is related to the twelfth house, the karmic debt is likely to have involved a marriage or other partnership. If it was a business partnership, one person’s dishonesty, abusive treatment, or irresponsibility may have harmed the other. If it was a marriage, one of the partners may have been harmed because of the other’s behavior. What the balancing will entail depends on the offense and why it happened.

If selfishness or greed was responsible for the injury, the rest of the chart will reflect the need to be more generous and cooperative (if the chart is the debtor’s), with Libra and Pisces likely themes. Chart factors that might be chosen to teach this are: little or no fire; many oppositions; Neptune, Venus, or the Moon conjunct an angle; a Libra Sun or Libra rising; or the Sun in the seventh house. Other circumstances also may be arranged to teach this, such as being born into a large family where sharing and cooperation is a necessity.


When Scorpio is related to the twelfth house, a karmic debt resulting from emotional or sexual abuse is possible. If the chart belongs to the perpetrator, he or she will need to learn empathy, compassion, and love. If it is the victim’s, he or she will need to heal. Another possibility when Scorpio is related to the twelfth house is past business dealings that pursued power and wealth with little or no regard for others. Large corporations who take advantage of people in impoverished countries would be an example of this, or the small businessperson who may regularly participate in graft, tax evasion, or petty theft.

One way the soul teaches empathy and compassion is through certain signs, most notably Pisces and Cancer. The soul also may arrange for the perpetrator to experience powerlessness and dependency to discourage him or her from taking advantage of others again. Although this sounds punitive, it is often the only way to teach empathy and compassion.


When this sign is related to the twelfth house, it may indicate a karmic debt resulting from an irresponsible or careless act. In particular, it may indicate a mistake made while traveling or exploring that resulted in injury or death. Or, Sagittarian self-centeredness may have led to neglecting the needs of others and inadvertently harming them. Since the harm caused in these instances is rarely intentional, usually the balancing simply entails learning to be more careful and responsible.

Life has a way of teaching us what we need to learn through remorse, other people, the criminal justice system, or a repetition of the incident. If greater care, common sense, and responsibility are not learned through these ways, they are taught easily enough through the earth signs, aspects to Saturn, and a respite from Sagittarian lifetimes. Therefore, if a chart with Sagittarius related to the twelfth house shows signs of a karmic debt as well as strength in earth or a strong Saturn, it is likely to have been chosen to balance irresponsibility or carelessness. On the other hand, if the chart does not support caution and responsibility, it may mean that the individual experienced the results of someone else’s irresponsibility in a former lifetime. In that case, repayment may be received in that lifetime.


When this sign is related to the twelfth house, it may indicate a karmic debt involving a death. Being responsible for someone’s death is as serious as any offense. However, whether or not it was intentional is important in determining the extent of the debt and the lesson needed to balance it.The planets in the house, the twelfth house ruler’s house and sign, and aspects to these planets may describe the circumstances surrounding the death.

The subject of killing brings up the question of whether executioners, soldiers, and abortionists incur karma. Some karma is incurred in each of these instances, but these forms of killing are not on the same level as murder. Nevertheless, we incur societal karma by belonging to a society that allows these things. Of these three types of killing, abortion is the least serious because in almost every case the soul has not entered the body yet.

When someone is killed, the person responsible may need to gain an appreciation for the preciousness of human life. One way of teaching this is for the person to experience his or her own life cut short or to lose a loved one. If the death was unintentional, what is needed depends on the individual and what caused the death.

Those who were killed may benefit from fire in their charts to give them more courage and confidence. Violent or sudden deaths invariably leave the victim with a sense of vulnerability and distrust. As a result, victims’ charts are not likely to have a strong Capricorn theme, which would only increase their fear. By studying the rest of the chart and using our imaginations and intuition, we can often determine whether the chart belongs to the perpetrator or the victim.


When this sign is related to the twelfth house, it may indicate a karmic debt resulting from sudden, accidental injury or death caused by impatience or a lack of judgment. Many of these kinds of mistakes never need balancing because the negative consequences teach what needs to be learned. However some people, especially those who blame others for their mistakes, may need further lessons and a chart that encourages caution and self-restraint. In that case, the rest of the chart will bear that out. On the other hand, if the chart belongs to the victim of someone else’s careless action, the rest of the chart will encourage confidence and courage rather than caution and patience.


When this sign is related to the twelfth house, emotional damage or neglect may be responsible for a karmic debt. With Pisces, the emotional damage is not likely to have been inflicted intentionally or violently. More likely, it resulted from not being able to provide care because of mental illness, physical disability, mental retardation, or drug or alcohol addiction.

The balancing depends on what was underlying the neglect. If it was due to drug or alcohol addiction, being born to alcoholic parents is a common remedy. This provides an opportunity for developing empathy and for facing this problem again in order to overcome it once and for all. If more ego-strength or practical abilities are needed, an earthy chart will help. However, because ego-strength is a function of soul-age, the individual may need more experience with life before being able to cope with the world. If a physical or mental handicap was responsible for the neglect, the situation is more complex. The soul analyzes each situation to determine what is needed.

Victims of neglect will have to learn to see themselves as other than victims. To accomplish this, the chart and childhood circumstances must be chosen carefully to balance feelings of unworthiness. A loving and attentive family coupled with a fiery chart and a favorably placed Jupiter for ease can do much to offset such damage.

Symbols of the Soul - Gina Lake

Larsen Thompson

Gender: Female

DOB: 19 November 2000

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White (unspecified)

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Versatile talent who dances, models, and acts. She is recognized within the industry for her work being a back up dancer on The X Factor, Shake It Up on Disney, and Nickelodeon’s Fresh Beat Band. She was named one of the Top Ten Prodigies for 2013 at the Industry Voice Awards.

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Model who looks and acts really professional at the photo shoot but is actually a huge nerd AU?

hello! thank you so much for this prompt! i warn you though, i am going to write this as bellarke because 1. i am trash and also 2. you didn’t specify and let’s not forget 3. bell is aware of his attractiveness enough to be a model. 

we never go out of style

Clarke’s favorite model is, by far, Bellamy Blake.

At first, it’s because he’s professional like no one else: always on time, always prepared for any kind of shoot, anywhere –once, she took him to a dumpster, and instead of complaining, he just pulled a pair of boots from his bag and followed her into the debris-filled space. It was awesome), reserved but not deflecting of her attempts at conversation between shoots. It also helps that he doesn’t ask for a ridiculous amount of money per session, like many models she’s encountered in her many photography courses and now shoots as a professional photographer.

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Stiles Stilinski x Reader: Inner dorkiness

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Prompt: Model who looks and acts really professional at the photo shoot but is actually a huge nerd AU

A/N: As usual I tired to make this gender neutral but if I missed anything please tell me. Also I just sort of guessed on how a photo shoot would go. 

Stiles sighed to himself as he adjusted the lens on his camera. He was supposed to do a photo shoot for a really big model, Y/N L/N. To say he was nervous was an understatement. You were one f the most popular models at the moment, not only because after a few years in the limelight you had never done anything to make you look bad, but also because you were extremely professional. Stiles took one more deep breath as he finished setting up, he had never been worked on a photo shoot where he wasn’t an assistant, let alone with a popular model. 

“Mr. Stilinski?” a lady tapped on Stiles’ shoulder, causing him to flinch before he turned to her. “Mr/Ms/Mx. L/N is here and about to get hair and makeup done. They want to know what you want done,” Stiles nodded and followed the assistant to the dressing department in order to give directions. 

“Um… please move a little to the right,” Stiles said behind the camera. 

You followed his directions and tried to focus on the camera instead of the finale of your favorite show that was coming on tomorrow night. After a few hours Stiles told you that you could leave. You smiled at him, thanking him before you went to the dressing room and changed. 

You wiped at your face again in your car, still feeling as if there was more make-up. That was probably the thing you hated the most about your job, all of the makeup that had to be put on. You were exhausted from the photo shoot. You had to wake up at 7 am, get to the building by 8, and had about 5 different costume and make up changes before you finally got to leave at 5 pm 

As you were driving you noticed how hungry you really were. Only having time for a small lunch earlier. You weren’t in the mood to go home and make dinner, after a moment of trying to decide where to get food you remembered the pizza place that you had gotten a few weeks ago. You started getting excited at the idea of getting pizza, it would be the perfect food to go with you binge watching your favorite show on Netflix. 

You stopped your car and grabbed your phone and earbuds, putting them into your ears and blasting your music, before you walked into your apartment building. You stepped into the elevator, after you checked to make sure no one was around, you began to dance horribly to your music. After hours of modeling this was how you let off steam, acting like the dork you really were. 

You felt the elevator stop and froze, fixing your hair and trying to get your breathing under control before the doors opened. Your eyes widened as you recognized the person about to step into the elevator. “Y/N? Y/N L/N?” Stiles asked as he stared at you for a moment. 

“Stilinski… Stiles Stilinski right?” you clarified. 

Stiles nodded,”Do you live here?” 

“This floor… Mr. Stilinski as much as I’d love to stay and talk I have a pizza I need to order and a show I need to binge watch,” you apologized, pointing behind you towards your apartment. 

Stiles nodded and went to go into the elevator before stopping,”What show?” 

“The Flash (just sorta came up with it now)… why?” you asked with your eyebrows raised. 

A huge smile appeared on his face,”I was literally about to do that,” 

You covered your mouth in order to muffle your laughter,”You wanna watch it with me when you’re done with whatever you’re about to do?” 

Stiles nodded, frantically before nervously stepping into the elevator.

As soon as the elevator doors closed you bit your lip and turned towards your apartment, already getting your phone out to call the pizza place. 

You pushed Stiles hand away as he tried to cover your eyes again. You had both finished binge watching The Flash a few hours ago and were now playing video games, at the moment you were going against each other in Mario Kart. 

“That’s cheating Stiles!” you yelled with a big smile on your face, knowing that you were still winning. 

“I know what I did!” Stiles replied with a concentrated glare on the tv screen , wanting to at least win one time. 

You jumped up from your couch as you won again,”Yes! I win!’ 

Stiles pouted,” I let you win,” 

“Sure you did,” you rolled your eyes. 

Stiles glanced at the clock, noticing the time for the first time in hours. “I’m sorry I gotta go. I have a meeting in the morning,” 

“It’s fine,” you smiled at him as he grabbed his jacket from your couch. Stiles glanced at you for a moment, his eyes flickering from your eyes to your lips. He leaned closer to you for a moment before leaning back and rubbing the back of his neck, deciding to back out the last second. “I’ll see you later,” he said before turning around to leave. 

You bit your lip, disappointed for a moment before taking a deep breath. “Uh.. Stiles?” you said, getting his attention as you grabbed his shoulder. 

“Yea-” Stiles started before you pressed your lips against his, kissing him softly. Stiles froze for a moment before gently putting his hands on your waist and kissing you back. 

After a few moments you pulled away, slightly panting and with a smile on your face. “I’ll see you later?” 

Stiles could only nod still slightly in shock before you closed your door, needing to get read to go to sleep. 

I’ll never understand people who spew all kinds of shit about Vanellope yet seem to worship Elsa. They are so similar. Not even taking into consideration the fact that they’re both the brainchildren of Jennifer Lee. Their characters just have so much in common. They’re both hidden away from society because of something beyond their control which makes them different. They’re told that their powers are dangerous, they’re treated as monsters. They both run away to a mountain to seek sanctuary. Both girls are royal by birth, usurpred by corrupt men who try to break their spirit and ultimately try to kill them. And both girls overcome their oppression, learn to control their abilities and use them to their advantages in creative and beautiful ways. 

Also they’re both sass masters.

This weekend's Anon theme?  ABC

It’s never far from their “minds”…can’t say it’s an “oldie but a goodie,” because they cart it out anytime there is a new pic with Sam with a breathing woman…although Antis might ship Sam with the mannequin…you never know…they do like to suggest that he’s a man whore, why not a perv, too?  FFS

The most annoying thing about ABC (anyone but Cait) is that is really just Cait-Hate.  By all accounts (her actions and words; and those of her close friends and co-workers). Cait is an amazing woman;  intelligent, talented, generous, hard-working, compassionate, articulate, and of course, beautiful.  She has an understanding and appreciation for music and lyrics and art and artists.  She appears to be well-read and has travelled the world.  Cait succeeded in a cut throat industry (model) and is now conquering an industry that looks down on models who try to act.  But still, the Cait hate.  Why?  Personally, I think she is a great role model for woman.  She uses her fame for good and not evil.  She speaks out about bullying on the internet and other causes that are important to her.  The only logical explanation for the hate is the obsession with Sam.  Nothing else makes sense…  So, while you Anons try to tear down this lovely person, keep in mind that she is (at the VERY least) Sam’s “intimate” “friend,” with whom he hangs out with “personally."  And the last person who insinuated on TW that Sam would ever do anything to hurt her was called out by him as an "idiot."  So, you idiots do you.  But, I plan on ignoring you and focusing on the good, the love, the light that surrounds both of these two crazy kids.

You have a very unique look.
—  Said by a modeling/acting agent who later signed me on, but has not sent me work in three years. I am a bit heavyset, have long hair (unusual in this area on males). It felt like a back-handed compliment then, and the track record since then kinda shows that it probably was.