models smiling

The Real Agreste Smile

*cautiously steps out of hiatus to post this*

The “Model Smile”

Uses for professional photo shoots, friends requesting a casual photo shoot “for reasons”, and family pictures that get tacked to his father’s wall.

(gdi Gabriel have you ever seen this boy’s actual smile? ಠ.ಠ)

See this post or this post for episode credits

The “I’m An Adorable Sunshine Child” Smile

Uses for pictures with his friends.

Reflecta / Copycat

The “No really, I’m not Chat Noir” Chat Noir Smile

Sometimes, you gotta let out your inner Chat.

Gamer / Lady Wifi / Stormy Weather


The “I’m Really Just a Big Hunk of Cheese; Don’t Tell Plagg” Smile

Stormy Weather / Climatika

(aka, the true Chat Noir smile)

*runs back into the shadows of obscurity*