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I saw this while browsing twitter and it was too awesome NOT to share. Made by @Tomothy_S on twitter, link here:

Can this just be the official 3D Sonic model from here on out? Because it’s a perfect interpretation of the CD design in 3D. Also, if the modeller wants me to take this down, simply ask.


base on this I couldn’t resist but to draw them (Jhin still took me forever to draw :’D) 

Thanks for all the follows +200 already!!!  Love you guys, I’m gonna try harder to be more active around here.

anonymous asked:

I wish they used 3D models for Sonic Mania. They're kinda restricting the graphics potential with 2D sprites.

Not really, because creating fluid and vibrant sprites takes just as much time and effort as it does for 3D models.

I feel a lot of people don’t give enough credit to the spritework business in general, usually by viewing sprites as less impressive than 3D models due to how supposedly primitive they are by comparison. Even though, as shown by Mania itself, as well as the original Genesis trilogy and Sonic CD, spritework when done right can achieve the desired results just as well, to amazing results of it’s own kind.

Hell, just look at Mania’s now-famous title screen for example:

Regardless of how much time it actually took to complete, you can tell there was a lot of effort spent in order to make it look as smooth and expressive as it is. And this is just the title screen. The rest of what we’ve seen so far looks just as eye-catching and appealing. The character animations, the enemy animations, the zones and their intricate colour schemes and patterns…

Why should such obvious effort be disregarded purely because it’s not in full 3D?


Metropolitan Electric Loco in Meccano. by ManOfYorkshire
Via Flickr:
Operating model to 3.5 Gauge made from Meccano. Battery Powered by 2 6Volt motors, 1 on each bogie controlled by remote control. Modelled on Sarah Siddons. Seen at Model Mania, Locomotion, Shildon.

YGK+ TV links to episodes

Below you will find links to YGK+ TV episodes as well as the models seen in each episode. Additional episodes will be added as they come out.

Kim Pilsu’s Street Photo (subbed)

141113 Part 1: → Kim Pilsu, Byun Wooseok, Joo Woojae, Jung Yongsoo, Kim Kibum, Kim Yerim (F)

141125 Part 2: → Kim Pilsu, Shin Jihoon, Kim Jaeyoung, Hyoyeon (F, SNSD member), Do Sangwoo, Kim Haksoo, Beenzino (artist)

141202 Part 3: → Kim Pilsu, Jung Yongsoo, Kim Kibum

141208 Part 4: → Kim Pilsu, Kim Wonjoong, Park Jiwoon

141216 Part 5: → Kim Pilsu, Ji Esuu (F), Cha Seungwon (actor), Park Hyungseop, Byun Wooseok

Yoojin and Esuu Raiding Busan (subbed)

141113 Part 1: → Jung Yoojin (F), Ji Esuu (F)

141125 Part 2: → Jung Yoojin (F), Ji Esuu (F)

141202 Part 3: → Jung Yoojin (F), Ji Esuu (F), Jang Hyunsung (actor), Choi Jungwon (F, actress)

141210 Part 4: → Jung Yoojin (F), Ji Esuu (F)

141216 Part 5: → Jung Yoojin (F), Ji Esuu (F)

So Hot Sora (subbed)

141113 Part 1: → Choi Sora (F), Cha Seungwon (actor), Park Hyungseop, Lee Seokchan, Byun Wooseok

141125 Part 2: → Choi Sora (F), Jay Park (artist), Lee Sungkyung (F)

141202 Part 3: → Choi Sora (F), Jung Yoojin (F), Ji Esuu (F)

141209 Part 4: → Choi Sora (F)

141216 Part 5: → Choi Sora (F)

Model Park Hyungseop (subbed)

141205 Part 1: → Park Hyungseop

141214 Part 2: → Park Hyungseop, Jang Kiyong, Byun Wooseok, Joo Woojae, Nam Joohyuk, Kim Taehwan, Kwon Munsoo (designer), Ji Esuu (F)

141219 Part 3: → Park Hyungseop, Epik High (music group), Stephanie Lee (F), Kim Kibum, Jang Kiyong

141226 Part 4: → Park Hyungseop, Joo Woojae, Byun Wooseok, Park Byoungmin, Jang Kiyong, Lee Seokchan, Shin Jaehyuk, Maeng Juho, Lee Hyunjun, Kim Jaeyoung, Jay Park (artist)

150107 Part 5: → Park Hyungseop, Nam Joohyuk, Cha Seungwon (actor), Byun Wooseok, Kim Young, Ji Esuu (F)

Seoul Fashion Week (subbed)

141207 Part 1: → Nam Joohyuk, Lee Seokchan, Park Hyungseop, Byun Wooseok, Ahn Seungjun, Kwon Munsoo (designer), Yoon Jinwook, Kim Taehwan, Jang Kiyong, Seungyoon (Winner member), Kim Pilsu, Jungshin (CNBLUE member), Jung Yongsoo

141215 Part 2: → Jang Kiyong, Joo Woojae, Kim Pilsu, Lee Sungkyung (F), Nam Joohyuk, Park Hyungseop, Han Seungsoo, Min June-ki

141219 Part 3: → Ji Esuu (F), Lee Sujin (F), Uhm Yejin (F), Jung Yoojin (F), Kim Hyokyung (F), Kang Seunghyun (F), Ko Eunbi (F), Stephanie Lee (F), Byun Wooseok, Jung Sohyun (F), Bae Yoonyoung (F), Park Hyungseop, Jung Yongsoo, Nam Joohyuk, Lee Seokchan

141226 Part 4: → Stephanie Lee (F), Kim Hyokyung (F), Ji Esuu (F), Uhm Yejin (F), Hwang Inseung

Stephanie Lee (subbed)

141210 Part 1: → Stephanie Lee (F), Ji Esuu (F), Baek Jiwon (F)

141217 Part 2: → Stephanie Lee (F)

141224 Part 3: → Stephanie Lee (F), Park Hyungseop

150101 Part 4: → Stephanie Lee (F)

150108 Part 5: → Stephanie Lee (F), Lee Minji (actress), Kang Minah (actress), Jin Jeehee (actress)

150113 Part 6: → Stephanie Lee (F)

Jang Kiyong (subbed)

141210 Part 1: → Jang Kiyong, Stephanie Lee (F), Park Hyungseop, Byun Wooseok, Joo Woojae, Jung Yoojin (F)

141217 Part 2: → Jang Kiyong, Byun Wooseok, Park Hyungseop, Joo Woojae, Lee Seokchan, Lee Sungkyung (F)

141225 Part 3: → Jang Kiyong, Park Hyungseop, Kim Kibum, Kim Young, Joo Woojae

141231 Part 4: → Jang Kiyong, Stephanie Lee (F), Han Yejun

150113 Part 5: → Jang Kiyong

Video Diary (subbed)

141217 Stephanie Lee Part 1: → Stephanie Lee (F), Park Hyungseop

141219 Jang Kiyong Part 1: → Jang Kiyong

141221 Stephanie Lee Part 2: → Stephanie Lee (F), ? (F)

141222 Jang Kiyong Part 2: → Jang Kiyong

141224 Stephanie Lee Part 3: → Stephanie Lee (F)

141226 Jang Kiyong Part 3: → Jang Kiyong

141231 Stephanie Lee Part 4: → Stephanie Lee (F)

150102 Jang Kiyong Part 4: → Jang Kiyong

150107 Stephanie Lee Part 5: → Stephanie Lee (F)

150109 Jang Kiyong Part 5: → Jang Kiyong

150114 Stephanie Lee Part 6: → Stephanie Lee (F)

150116 Jang Kiyong Part 6: → Jang Kiyong

Model Sora’s New York Fashion Life (subbed)

141220 Part 1: → Choi Sora (F)

141226 Part 2: → Choi Sora (F), Sasha (F)

150103 Part 3: → Choi Sora (F), Noma Han

150110 Part 4: → Choi Sora (F)

150116 Part 5: → Choi Sora (F), Sasha (F)

Fashion Lab (subbed)

141219 Editor Part 1: → Kim Kibum, Byun Wooseok, Joo Woojae

141222 Makeup Part 1: → Jung Yoojin (F)

141224 Stylist Part 1: → Lee Seungmee (F)

141226 Editor Part 2: → Byun Wooseok, Kim Kibum, Min Juneki

141229 Makeup Part 2: → Jung Yoojin (F), Lee Hyunwook, Kim Young, Kim Kibum

141231 Stylist Part 2: → Lee Seungmee (F)

150102 Editor Part 3: → Byun Wooseok, Kim Kibum, Epik High (music group)

150105 Makeup Part 3: → Jung Yoojin (F), Byun Wooseok

150107 Stylist Part 3: → Lee Seungmee (F), Shin Yonggook, Jo Hwan, Kim Serim (F)

150109 Editor Part 4: → Kim Kibum, Kim Haksoo, Byun Wooseok, Park Hyungseop, Jung Yoojin (F)

150112 Makeup Part 4: → Jung Yoojin (F), Byun Wooseok, WINNER (music group)

150114 Stylist Part 4: → Lee Seungmee (F), Shin Yonggook, Jo Hwan, Kim Serim (F)

150116 Editor Part 5: → Byun Wooseok, Kim Kibum, Jung Yoojin (F), Lee Seungmee (F), Park Hyungseop, Ji Esuu (F)

150119 Makeup Part 5: → Jung Yoojin (F), Byun Wooseok, Kim Kibum, Lee Seungmee (F), Park Hyungseop, Ji Esuu (F)

150121 Stylist Part 5: → Lee Seungmee (F), Byun Wooseok, Kim Kibum, Jung Yoojin (F), Park Hyungseop, Ji Esuu (F)

Waiting Room Lee Haeun (subbed)

150105 Part 1: → Lee Haeun (F)

150109 Part 2: → Lee Haeun (F)

150116 Part 3: → Lee Haeun (F)

Face Off (subbed)

150112 Jang Hyunsung Part 1

: →

Huh Bomi (F), Maeng Juho, Oh Hyeji (F), Lee Songyi (F), Jang Hyunsung (actor)
150119 Jang Hyunsung Part 2: → Huh Bomi (F), Maeng Juho, Oh Hyeji (F), Lee Songyi (F), Jang Hyunsung (actor)
150312 Kahi Part 1: → Kahi (F), Lee Hyunwook, Huh Bomi (F), Maeng Juho
150312 Kahi Part 2: → Kahi (F), Lee Hyunwook, Huh Bomi (F), Maeng Juho

Park Hyungseop Model Travel (subbed)

150225 Part 1: → Park Hyungseop

150305 Part 2: → Park Hyungseop

150311 Part 3: → Park Hyungseop

150319 Part 4: → Park Hyungseop

150404 Part 5: → Park Hyungseop, Uhm Yejin (F), Kim Pilsu

YGK+ YTN Weather F/W 2015 Seoul Fashion Week Fashion News (unsubbed)

150321 Part 1

150321 Part 2: → Park Hyungseop, Jang Kiyong

150322 Part 3: → Lee Seungmi (F), Joo Woojae, Park Seonha (F)

150323 Part 4: → Kwon Jiya (F), Jung Yongsoo, Park Hyungseop

150324 Part 5: → Byun Wooseok

150325 Part 6: → Hwang Sohee (F), Kim Kibum, Kim Yerim (F), Jung Sohyun (F), Shin Hyejin (F), Hong Hyo (F)

Music Story (subbed)

150402 Joo Woojae, Ahn Sohee cast of Yoon Se Yoon - We Fought video: → Joo Woojae, Hwang Sohee (F)

150419 Joo Woojae, Uhm Yejin cast of Yoon Se Yoon - Middle School Sick video: → Joo Woojae, Uhm Yejin (F)

Stephanie Lee Colorful Life (subbed)

150614 Part 1:  → Stephanie Lee (F), Yoo Seyoon (comedian)

150621 Part 2:  → Stephanie Lee (F), Lee Seungmi (F), Shin Haenam (F), Yoo Seyoon (comedian)

150628 Part 3:  → Stephanie Lee (F), Jin Jihee (actress)

150705 Part 4:  → Stephanie Lee (F), Lee Hojung (F)

150712 Part 5:  → Stephanie Lee (F), Fabien (French model)

LIFE MANIA (unsubbed)

150715 Part 1: → Hwang Sohee (F), Lee Hoolim

150728 Part 2: → Hwang Sohee (F), Lee Hoolim

150811 Part 3: → Hwang Sohee (F), Lee Hoolim

150825 Part 4: → Hwang Sohee (F), Lee Hoolim

150909 Part 5: → Hwang Sohee (F), Lee Hoolim

150922 Part 6: → Hwang Sohee (F), Lee Hoolim

151007 Part 7: → Hwang Sohee (F), Lee Hoolim

151021 Part 8: → Hwang Sohee (F), Lee Hoolim

151103 Part 9: → Hwang Sohee (F), Lee Hoolim

151117 Part 10: → Hwang Sohee (F), Lee Hoolim

151203 Part 11: → Hwang Sohee (F), Lee Hoolim

Stephanie Lee Ready to Travel (subbed)

150814 Part 1:  → Stephanie Lee (F)

150821 Part 2:  → Stephanie Lee (F)

150828 Part 3:  → Stephanie Lee (F)

Fashion Travel in Italy (subbed)

150905 Florence: Byun Wooseok, Kim Young, Lee Yobaek, Park Hyungseop

150911 Milan: → Byun Wooseok, Kim Young

Hello from New York (unsubbed)

151105 Part 1: → Shin Hyunji (F)

151109 Part 2: → Choi Sora (F)

151110 Part 3: → Park Hyungseop, Choi Sora (F)

151117 Part 4: → Choi Sora (F), Shin Hyunji (F)

151118 Part 5: → Park Hyungseop, Shin Hyunji (F), Choi Sora (F)

Random Topics

150507 Waiting Room of Asia Model Awards (subbed): → Stephanie Lee (F), Kang Seunghyun (F), Park Sunha (F), Bae Yoonyoung (F), Lim Hooseok, Park Byoungmin, Park Hyungseop

150630 Styling Class - Chae Hansuk Stylist (unsubbed):  → Byun Wooseok, Hyun Jieun (F), Chae Hansuk (stylist)

150901 We Broke Up - Event Stage Talk (subbed): → Jang Kiyong, Sandara Park (F, actress, 2NE1 member), Seungyoon (actor, Winner member), Kang Seunghyun (F)

150908 We Broke Up - Event Stage (subbed): → Jang Kiyong, Sandara Park (F, actress, 2NE1 member), Seungyoon (actor, Winner member), Kang Seunghyun (F), Lee Bumgyo (actor), Kim Kyuho

151024 Seoul Fashion Week ‘Out of Runway’: → Park Eunsil (F), Kim Young