models lounge

Two Studies of a Seated Nude with Long Hair

Gustav Klimt (Austrian, 1862 - 1918)

about 1901 - 1902

Black chalk and red pencil

Gustav Klimt’s favored working practice was somewhat unorthodox: he employed a number of nude models who lounged around his studio striking spontaneous poses, which he captured with a few exquisitely economical strokes of chalk or pencil.

the getty

Happy frisky friday loves

AU where Nico is a son of Aphrodite:

-Possessive Will because everyone is attracted to Nico for this looks. 

-Nico enjoying the attention but is actually super self-conscious about it.

-Nico knowing all the makeup and beauty tips. 

-All the girls visiting Nico to do their makeup and hair.

-Nico fucking slaying with his eyebrows.

-Nico wanting to be a professional makeup artist and is constantly using Will as his model. 

-Nico lounging around in homemade face masks. 

-Nico getting annoyed with Will for having no fashion sense because all he wears is his camp shirt, shorts, and flip flips (not to mention his signature medical outfit) so he takes it upon himself to expand Will’s wardrobe.