models in the trunk

Dragonball Gals?

Um I know it’s not for the target audience but who’s up for a “Dragonball Guys” or “Dragonball Hunks” line?

I’ve seen enough of disfigured 18, Chi-chi, and Bulma figurines with basketball-sized breasts. When we gonna get:

- Underwear model Goku
-Sexy Saiyan soldier Bardock
- Pretty boy Trunks wearing only his long sword scabbard to cover his long sword style hehe
- Gravity room Vegeta with a stitch-busting bulge
- [censored?] Naked Broly in a healing chamber
- Dilf King Vegeta with only his cape for censorship
- Sexy nerd Gohan with a necktie. Only. And a book ;)

Never? Of course. But feel free to add your wishes :D