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What do you think the Cluster would have looked like if it had taken form?

I’m so glad you asked!!!

I’ve seen a couple of models on it that give it a roughly humanoid form, which I’ve always thought was kinda cheap. There was something really otherworldly and awe-inspiring about the Cluster when we saw just its gem.

I do like the idea that we could very well get to see it just by teleporting the bubble outside of the Earth.

My mental image is that it would make a form that’s shaped kind of like a spiral galaxy? There’s a rough “nexus” where the gem is, and the gem sticks out both top and bottom because of its size, but what branches out from the rest of the core are these huge tendrils that at a closer look are composed entirely of a massive number of normal-sized hands. It also has a huge number of eyes that it can open on any viable surface on its body. So getting the Cluster’s attention it’d just bring over a bunch of hands and a bunch of eyes to point at you, since it doesn’t have a face. 

Its form has a consistent color that’s this kind of shimmery, opalescent purple-white-blue-gold depending on angle and lighting because of how Steven helped it intercommunicate. I don’t think it’d have any particular gem powers, but it’s just incredibly strong. And huge. Like, if it’s out in Earth’s orbit it could just pull an arm out and poke the surface of the planet.

Also @birdbrainweird had the single best idea that since it’d be big enough, it would have its own gravity and accumulate like… an asteroid belt. That it can throw at people who upset it.

‘I loved her not for the way she danced with my angels, but for the way the sound of her name could silence my demons.’ — Christopher Poindexter. 

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