models are people too

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Hi, I really enjoy your art, makes me happy when things are pretty rough. I was wondering if you could draw or sketch like Hal, cool if not. Have a great rest of your day! >:33

thank you so much anon!!! that’s very sweet of you to say. this is pretty boring but a quick scribble of hal for you!!


this is the number one most important mmd video ever made. everyone needs to watch it right now

basically a girl named Mariel who is a big Vocaloid fan wants Hatsune Miku’s autograph…and you’ll see what ensues!! 

This video is such an impressive showcase of all the different Miku models that have been made throughout the years– I think a lot of people don’t truly realize how many Miku MMD models exist because of how overused the TDA model is (it’s not a bad model, but I think people should try different ones too!). 

Here you’ll see a LOT of different variations of Miku’s original design by a number of fan modelers…and also a lot of shitpost models. but theyre fucking hilarious so it’s awesome

It’s also a very high-quality and enjoyable video all-around in terms of its cute story and theatrical execution (animation, facial expressions, camera angles, etc.). It’s a really fantastic example of just what can be done in MMD with a lot of creative power and artistic contribution, haha.

(incidentally it also makes a pretty spirited video to watch around Miku’s 10th anniversary– it’s like a big silly celebration from the MMD community…although the video is from 2014.)


In Fear, Behind the Scenes Interview (Blu-ray)


“Royal had parents who loved him and depended on him—two little sisters he adored. He could never see them again after he was changed. And then he outlived them all. That kind of pain is very, very slow.”

Ok real talk, people say they hate the way Jaal’s body is modeled but I’m confused bc you all fell in love with Garrus DinoBug and Thane LizardMan and Javik WhateverTheFuckHeIs and I really don’t see the difference. Like…they’re aliens. They’re supposed to look weird and gangly and I love them that way


Aughhhhh! Okay I’m a little overwhelmed right now with an outpouring of love from all my pals (and more goofy MGS model shenanigans from my main squeeze… more on that later when my actual gift arrives in the mail….) and I just wanted to post my thanks and love for this amazing fandom community that has given me so much over the years. This isn’t a complete list by any means, but I want to give some shout outs while I have the chance. <3

@metalzekesolid is a solid dude and is one of the most honest, down to earth people I’ve ever met who is legit one of my favorite people to talk to

Likewise! @canisdiamandis is hella cool and a lot of fun and I wish we all lived in the same place so we could do high fives and roll around town in matching jackets (which we totally have)

@floating-in-the-blue is absurdly talented and has some spectacular ideas for stories and little projects to bring us pals closer together and I feel cool for just knowing them!

@polmcarts rips my heart out of my chest on a regular basis and has so much skill at just tapping into the sweet, soft, emotional moments and I love them for it

@aprilpoke aughhhh you lways inspire me and I love the risks taking and experiemntation I see in your art so much!!!

@kazuhiradarling is a sweetheart and an absolute dream to work with and I really admire their dedication!

@monostache is so friendly and supportive and an S+++ friend to have ahhhh! 

@mothbats is an inspiration. You’re so fucking talented and creative and your written work is a thing of majestic beauty, my friend. 

@atlasonstandby is just… so kind? And really very talented and doesn’t hate me even though I accidentally ruined their life just a little bit. OTL XD

@ciircumserpent continues to be writer goals and I still think a lot about them and their writing when I’m working both in and out of RP because they are the gold standard (and hella cool to boot) 

@harshsilver Uh… what even was my life in fandom before I met Harshai? Who even cares about that stupid time it doesn’t exist! Their art streams were one of the places I first started making friends and they continue to be a total sempai and WHY IS EASTER EUROPE SO FAR AWAYYYY???? You have made my life in and out of fandom better for you being in it, my friend! 

@fluffwing knows how to bring the cute and I love them for it! :D

@survivorttype is another super talented person that I’m glad to know and their work is so fun and full of life and it brings me joy every time I see it!

@2sneeaky Has such a unique body of work and they’re hella cool and I loved hearing your late-night stories about the banana shit at your day (night) job. omg

@fractalspaces I don’t even know what to say, buddy. You helped me try out a lot of new things and made me feel more comfortable with writing and I love you for that!

@millionfish ….probably the coolest person I’ve ever met or known???? Genuinely kind and hilarious and just… amazing.

@mightyscrub My partner in crime except I don’t think we’ve broken any laws unless it was actually illegal to do that u-turn in Chicago that one time but probably not. AHHHH! I love that you are always up for shenanigans and you are just so damn clever. You are the salted butter to my boiled potatoes.

@selfishmachine007 You’re a new friend but you feel like a golden oldie! I’m so glad our paths crossed and we’re having fun together!!!

Um um um… and like a million other people oh my goodness this is already going so long. Basically I love all of you and I’m looking forward to another year of fun and creativity with you all. YOU ARE ALL DIAMONDS!!!

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I’m tired of hearing that only real women have curves. I’m tired of hearing that being a size 0 is unrealistic. I’m tired of people shaming models for their bodies that they work hard to achieve. I’m tired of people assuming that all models have an eating disorder. I’m tired of people asking me how I can eat so much and still model. I’m tired of people saying that skinny shaming is less important than fat shaming. I’m tired of people saying that Victoria’s Secret models don’t have boobs when mine are three sizes smaller than theirs. I’m tired of body shaming.

i went with sexy hawkeye as my costume. and so did at least half of the other avengers & shield agents. awkward

i told steve no photos so he drew a picture instead. asshole

daily reminder that phil actually invited dan to come up on stage with him to accept an award like that actually happened

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Are the current character models to stay? Some people may think it's a bit too simple

I’d love some feedback! Is it all models, or specifically some of them (Lemurian, Engi, Bandit, etc)? The player models are a bit simple to make room for item displays, but they should also look good without them

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Chaos cultist models are just people who are too into mad max aesthetics

Mad Max extras are just people who are too into Chaos cultist aesthetics. 


I never got the chance to do this but I now have time away from school so here it goes….

I get a lot of heat sometimes about me loving taylorswift so much, I get the typical jokes of she dates too many dudes or that all her songs sound the same, that she was so much better when she was country and sometimes I don’t even feel like arguing with people about this subject, not because I think they are true but because they don’t understand it all. Taylor has made such an impact on girls around the world it really is inspiring to see someone that is an actual role model that they can look up too. But what people don’t know is that she doesn’t cater to just girls. Yes I message her about my life, my day, my love life, what I think she should perform. This is where some more heat comes in… people saying she wont recognize you because you are a dude or that it is a waste of time because she has billions of those messages so what makes mine so special to Taylor but that’s not what matters. It is that fact that I can write to someone I do look up to someone who I see as a visionary and someone who can change and still be true to herself no matter what… It is the fact that I feel comfortable telling her the most personal stories and experiences or knowing there is a chance she read it an smiled to herself thinking how many people, male or female, lives that she touched. So when in Santa Clara on night two of the 1989 tour Taylor said, “I get messages from girls…. and sometimes boys…” it doesn’t matter if there were a million other guys in the world that messaged her or anything of that nature it was the fact that she said it in general that made me feel that I was important that I should be able to tell her anything and that she may read them. I felt it was a personal thing that Taylor and I shared even though I was further away then everyone in the pit ot B stage

So I guess all in all I just want to say to everyone that never let what others say get to you yes it will be irritating and sometimes it can be very frustrating but as long as you know that Taylor is listening, reading, watching whatever you post that is all that really matters… and to Taylor I just want to say you are doing an amazing job at what you do and you should never give up… always keep your head held high and your fans screaming louder and louder cause we love you every single one of us no matter what gender or anything else <3

thanks for hearing me out,


P.S sorry for my yelling it can be a little obnoxious but in all honesty it is Taylor so you kind of had to expect that :)