models are people too

I’m tired of hearing that only real women have curves. I’m tired of hearing that being a size 0 is unrealistic. I’m tired of people shaming models for their bodies that they work hard to achieve. I’m tired of people assuming that all models have an eating disorder. I’m tired of people asking me how I can eat so much and still model. I’m tired of people saying that skinny shaming is less important than fat shaming. I’m tired of people saying that Victoria’s Secret models don’t have boobs when mine are three sizes smaller than theirs. I’m tired of body shaming.

opinions i will fight to the death over:

yongguk is a hufflepuff 

  •  hard working and dedicated
  •  values fairness and justice
  •  has a strong sense of morals
  •  loyal, patient, kind and true

need i say more


“Royal had parents who loved him and depended on him—two little sisters he adored. He could never see them again after he was changed. And then he outlived them all. That kind of pain is very, very slow.”

i went with sexy hawkeye as my costume. and so did at least half of the other avengers & shield agents. awkward

i told steve no photos so he drew a picture instead. asshole


In Fear, Behind the Scenes Interview (Blu-ray)

First Thing This Morning

Coworker: So emergency photoshoot today! We need you to photoshop leggings we have for some FHP ads. We need it ASAP.
Me: Oh! Okay! Who’s going to model?
Coworker: Uhhhhh…You??
Me: Ah. Yeah sure! Let’s do it!
Coworker: Happy Birthday! Can we get these by noon?
Me: hahahaha… (fuck.)

Me: It feels real weird to be photoshopping myself all day…  

Photos by Ricky Mizuno

It is funny how people claim they want “natural” though but then magically only like “natural” when it’s associated with qualities that can only be achieved through “unnatural” means.

Girls with natural thick thighs, big boobs, and big butt but they can’t have stretch marks.
Girls with natural thick thighs, big boobs, and big butt but no fat anywhere else.
Girls with natural big boobs that will never droop even if they have kids or grow old.
Girls with natural big boobs that sit EXACTLY as high as they do with a bra on when the bra is off.
Girls who look “naturally” pretty..but the the picture you use to represent that is of a girl who’s wearing a lot of “natural” makeup.

People look at magazine and IG models but are too damn stupid to realize how much trickery goes into achieving that look. Nobody has any of that naturally which is why you’ll never actually meet your standards of “natural” because what you think is “natural” is only achievable through quite a bit of cosmetic/photograhic skill.


“Thank you to everyone here today for being enthusiastic about Heads Together. We launched the campaign last year and are extremely proud to support the life-changing work of our eight Charity Partners. We are also very grateful for the support of our Founding Partners.

Mental health matters to each and every one of us. It matters just as much as our physical health. The crews I have worked with, whether RAF Search and Rescue or Air Ambulance, must take their mental health as seriously as they do their physical health or else they would not cope – and, actually, that is true for everybody at some time or another in their life. There are times when, whoever we are, it is hard to cope with challenges – and when that happens being open and honest and asking for help is life-changing.

Talking to someone else is a positive and confident step to take – but for too long it has been a case of ‘Keep Quiet and Carry On’. As a result, too many people have suffered in silence for too long, and the effects of this can be devastating.

The three of us are really optimistic that things are changing. We believe that 2017 can mark a tipping point for mental health – a moment when more and more people no longer feel they have to bear the weight alone for fear of judgment.p>

It is no exaggeration to say that conversations – simple conversations – can be life-changing: in a workplace, in your kitchen at home, with a friend, family member or colleague.

And that’s what Catherine, Harry and I want to do – we want more people to be having those conversations.

It is our ambition to make this year’s Virgin Money London Marathon the Mental Health Marathon – a major opportunity to help change the conversation on mental health, and to get people talking. And for that, we really need your help.”

The Duke of Cambridge

“As William has said we have heard time and time again in the course of our work how talking can help heal the hidden challenges we can’t deal with alone. We have seen that two heads are better than one when dealing with a mental health problem.

Yet, the challenge that so many people have is not knowing how to take that first step of reaching out to another person for help. Admitting that they are not coping. Fear, or reticence, or a sense of not wanting to burden another, means that people suffer in silence – allowing the problem to grow larger and larger unchecked.

William, Harry and I have been very privileged to witness in the course of our work countless examples of simple conversations that have changed lives, which were the first step on a path to recovery. Just last week at the Anna Freud Centre, I heard from one mother how talking to a support worker was – in her words – like medicine. Simply by having someone there to have a conversation with helped her immensely.

So the question that William, Harry and I have asked ourselves is how we can get more people to start talking. How do we encourage people to take the first step.

What Heads Together is proposing is that in the weeks leading up to the Marathon, our campaign will showcase people from all walks of life, talking about the life-changing conversations that have helped them with their mental health challenges.

We hope that these real-life examples will serve as encouragement to others to do the same.

If we succeed with this, we will have taken a powerful step in normalizing mental health as an issue in our society, thinking about it as we do our own physical health.

Harry will explain more in a moment about what you can do to help us with this challenge.

But first I would like to introduce Jon, who is running for Heads Together in the Marathon; and Steve, who will tell you the story of how a conversation made such a big difference to their mental health.

Jon and Steve … thank you.”

The Duchess of Cambridge

“Thank you, Jon and Steve, for sharing your conversation and the impact that it’s had on your lives; and thank you Jon for running for Heads Together. I’m reliably informed that you’ll run it in under four hours! Good luck with your training!

Over 500 people will be running for Heads Together, leading from the front (well perhaps not right at the front!), raising funds for the vital services provided by our Charity Partners. These runners will also be leading by example by starting conversations on mental health with their families, friends and colleagues.

It has been unbelievably encouraging to see that attitudes towards mental health across the country are beginning to change. In the past, the phrase ‘mental health’ would be translated to mental illness. But thankfully that is changing! As a result of family, school or work pressures, everyone’s lives are lived at a frightening pace and these stresses can often seem overwhelming.

Some will ignore the signs of stress, others will insist they’re ok after losing a loved one. Some will be afraid to ask for help, others won’t have anyone to turn to.

One thing is certain, we are all wired differently. We all have mental health; and we’ll say it again and again and again, if you want to be fit, healthy and set yourself up for success then your mental fitness is absolutely as important as your physical fitness. Everyone would get help for a broken leg, so why not seek help for an issue that could hamper you and others around you.

The truth is we can all help each other. You don’t need any qualifications to help your mate out, simply to listen to what they have to say.

At the heart of this campaign is our hope that no-one should be afraid to ask for help, and no-one should worry about knowing how to help. That initial conversation could be the cure, before it has a chance to manifest itself.

The BBC have announced today that they are running a season on mental health to coincide with the Marathon, which is fantastic news. But every single one of you in this room can help too.

You are all role models and highly respected people in your industries - the way you talk about mental health will have a profound effect on millions of people, whether you’re speaking from personal experience or encouraging those around you to do the same.

So please could I encourage you all to have a conversation with the Heads Together team, who are here today, and share your ideas.

We need as many people as possible – famous or not – who can help showcase what it’s like to have a conversation with a friend, family or stranger. All your ideas are welcome.

I would now like to introduce Rio Ferdinand – a sporting legend but perhaps, just as importantly, someone who is leading the way in talking openly about mental health.

I first met Rio last summer when he joined our Heads Together BBQ and I talked with him, his dad and friend Ben about how the support we give each other can help us through the darkest of times and come out a stronger person.”

Prince Harry

While most Big hero 6 fans are mad that the movie didn’t get the Golden globe because of his POC characters. 

I want to remind you : How many heroes are with a disability in animated movies? Here we have both Hiccup and Toothless being with an handicap. Along with others characters.

It’s a role model too for all people and kids with a disability , to have a hero like them and who is a leader.

Dragons 2 also possessed strong female characters in their own style.

To say that HTTYD 2 got the award because it has no POC character make you forget that important fact.

How to train your dragon 2 is an amazing movie, not only it was visually wonderful, the plot was good, the characters aged!! and a minority is represented . A minorIty which is very rare because they are disabled people and they are not shown in a pity way.

Beautiful Boy

Daniel Howell was beautiful.
He had a slightly feminine shape to his figure and he was thin as a stick. He had an emotion-open face, shaped perfectly. He was tall, 6.2 ft, but his limbs moved gracefully. 

And most of all, he was beautiful. 

There was something about his chocolate brown eyes that made anyone swoon in front of them, do anything for him, to take care of him, to love and adore him. Be craved to be loved back, no matter what it took. 

And he was a model. 

Of course, as soon as he walked out on the street when he turned eighteen (old enough), and was struck by the same questions as usual: “would you be interested in modelling?” and  “we’ve got the perfect job for you. You must be keen on making money, now that it’s summer,” he could now answer yes. 

And he did. 

His family wasn’t extremely wealthy, not poor but not very rich either. He had a younger brother who’s birthday was coming up and he really wanted to get that new camera he wished for, but which unfortunately was very expensive and his family couldn’t afford it. 

The modelling company was kind to him. Or so he thought. He thought every company took this much advantage of their models. Guess not, he realised in the near future. 

But the company took him to greater things and bigger opportunities even as the offers grew more demanding for him. The business realised that Dan was even more wanted than they had thought at first. They could make some real money out of him. That only made them make him work harder and longer. 

But he earned enough money to give his brother the camera and the joy in his eyes as he received his present was enough of a reward for him. 

After a few gigs and talking to the models and getting offers to change his company, Dan realised that he should do just that. 

He got into a really nice company which took care of him and didn’t make him work so long hours and with so demeaning clients. He was relieved and the most grateful person there, always smiling. 

He got to work with some really big names, like Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry and so on. Everyone in the fashion world soon knew him from the magazine covers and pictures. 

No matter how many countries and places he got to visit, he always went back to his family in Wokingham as soon as he could. All the money he made, he put into save and to his parents. 

When autumn came, he enrolled into university to study law. He thought that the modeling would finish for him soon, that he could never actually make a living out of it. And what was a better career to make big money out of for his family than being a lawyer. 

Soon he realised that uni wasn’t for him. People knew him. Some bullied him, possibly because they were envious or because they loathed him for being in such a industry. Then there were people who constantly wanted to be with him and harassed him, because they thought he was something great and magnificent, because he was on the cover of their magazines. 

Paparazzi was even starting to come hang around the university in hopes to get a glimpse of the most famous young, world-dominating model. The principle was giving him crap about it even though he couldn’t do anything about it. 

Of course Dan never got to go outside then. 

He dropped out. 

Law was dry and boring. He knew he had to get a job and a better one than what he got, because modelling was becoming too exhausting and paparazzi and people who I guess were his ‘fans’ or something, harassed him when he just walked down the streets.
But law just wasn’t his thing. As much as he wanted to help his family, he couldn’t study and work in law, and uni was making him more depressed than ever. 

He decided to try and find something else, but stay in modelling until he found what he was looking for. 

At twenty years old, Dan ruled the world of fashion. Or so people thought. He was on every well-known magazine and in the rubbish tabloids, pictures taken of him just walking in the park without his consent. 

Dan lived alone in a cold loft apartment, in the centre of New York City. He couldn’t say he hated it there, but he didn’t really feel like at home either. He had no pets, no real friends, no actual workmates even. He was lonely. 

People were telling and taking him wherever and whenever they wanted him. He did his job as the most popular androgynous model, even walking the catwalks and runways for the biggest names in fashion nowadays.

Everyone wanted to be with Dan Howell, but no one ever saw him with anyone. And that just made people more obsessed to get to be with him. 

But honestly, if they just knew how lonely and hollow Dan’s life was, no one would ever care to be with him. 

His family, he had given them almost over half of the money he made and now they lived somewhere where the roof wasn’t leaking and the floorboards didn’t creak with every step. Somewhere warmer.
That was the only thing which made Dan actually proud of himself. That he had been able to give his parents a bit of a relief from the worry. 

He didn’t know how long could he go on in this industry. He was pretty sure that after modelling, he could always go into the companies, to work for them as an agent, as he had got those offers given to him before, but he got at least another ten years ahead of him as a model, they told him.

He got a contract of two years now to Dior. He would at least get over five hundred thousand out of that alone. 

Everyone thought that he got off easy and was very fortunate, and partly that was true. But for him, working as a model was more agony than fun. Of course he appreciated that how lucky he had been to have such a well paying job, he didn’t have to worry about money now, but sometimes he wasn’t sure if he had actually been fortunate or not. 

Dan flipped through the hundreds of channels, never finding anything interesting to watch. He put Death Note on from his DVD-collection and watched it while eating his little bowl of fruit. 

It was already one o’clock in the morning, but tomorrow he didn’t have work until two pm. He was informed it had something to do with water and he just hoped he didn’t have to go underwater, because he was quite terrified of the sea. It was enormous and powerful, dark and mysterious. It had the most strange organism and people knew only a few things about it. 

Every time he was pushed into a pool, he would get a panic attack that would completely ruin the rest of his day and leave him shaking and scared of the shower for weeks. 

 From the sounds of it, Dan could make out that there was some kind of a party going down in the opposite flat from his. He definitely didn’t want to go there. He had some social anxiety. It wasn’t that bad, but he just really didn’t enjoy big crowds, loud noises and parties. 

A few close friends and a movie was enough for him to be happy about. Sadly, he didn’t have any friends here. Last time he saw his friend Adam was when he was in school, and that felt like ages ago. That meant that he always was quite alone, save for the people who worked with him. 

Dan tried to focus on the series on the TV, but the song they were playing was really loud. Just as he was about to get into it, there was a loud knock on his door which resonated through the spacious flat. There weren’t many actual walls in his flat, it was mainly just a huge room with a few room dividers. What he liked about his place was that it had the biggest windows ever. They made up the whole wall on his right. They were old looking still with the decorative wooden window sills. He didn’t have to use much artificial light at day. 

Now that it was night and dark, except for the skyscrapers that always seemed to have light illuminating from some of the many windows, Dan had his amber light next to his mattress (bed) and a rustic chandelier shining soft, yellow light in to the room. It was quite cozy like that, even though there wasn’t much more to the room than that. 

Dan put his half eaten fruit bowl on the table and rushed to the door. He looked through the peephole first to make sure there wasn’t a reporter or a murderer outside his door.  He just saw a black haired pizza man with a cap on, so he decided on opening the door. 

“Hi! Here are your pepperoni, jalapeno, pineapple and sausage pizzas, sir. It would be forty-seven and twenty dollars, thank you”, the man said with a slightly northern British accent. He looked quite young, probably twenty-five or something. He seemed like an upright, pleasant and proper lad. 

 “Sorry, but I didn’t order pizza”, Dan said, looking a bit confused himself too as did the delivery boy. 

“Oh, I’m sorry. Isn’t this apartment 75 A?” he asked and looked down at paper on top of the cardboard pizza boxes with a frown. 

“No, but this is 76 A. I think the apartment your looking for is the one over there”, Dan answered and pointed at the opposite metallic door on the darkly coloured corridor. 

The raven black haired young man whipped his head around to look at the door and the black numbers on it and chuckled sheepishly. 

“Oh, you’re right. Thank you very much. Sorry to have bothered you, sir. Have a nice evening”, the man said, and Dan just smiled and shook his head with a “you too”. The man walked swiftly over to the correct door and knocked. 

A girl with a hippie kind of style opened the door and smiled widely. “Hey there”, she said and took a wallet from somewhere next to her. The loud music flowed through the open door. A real big party could be seen going on behind her. The nice pizzaman said his lines once again, but this time the delivery went to the right place. After paying him, the girl took the pizzas and announced everyone of them arriving. Then the door shut again. 

When the pizzaman turned around, Dan realised he was still standing in the doorway. He smiled awkwardly at the man who laughed. 

“They got a real hippie party going on in there. Wonder if they’re enjoying some other snacks too than just pizza”, he said as he put the bills to his bag. 

“Yeah”, Dan replied and scratched the back of his hand nervously. Why didn’t he just go back into his flat? He felt like he was suddenly glued to the floor. 

“Well, I better get going… But, ah, wait, sorry, but do I know you from somewhere?” the man asked and cocked his head to the other side. 

“Um… Well, I do some modelling, but I don’t know”, Dan answered and was making a move to leave the door and go inside. 

“Sorry, but can you tell me your name?” he inquired. He obviously wanted to be polite, but seemed also to be too curious than to just let this go. Dan was just afraid that this was going to go very wrong. But he didn’t want to lie or be rude either. 

“Uh, Da-Dan Howell”, he mustered and cast his eyes away from the man’s strikingly blue eyes. 

“Dan Howell? Hmm… It sounds familiar. And even though I know now that you’re a model, are you sure you wouldn’t want pizza? You look like you might need it.”

The man seemed to be himself shocked for a moment too that he said that out loud. Dan blushed slightly and was ready to shut the door now. He knew now that this boy probably wasn’t going to be some harassing kind of a type even if he got to know about him, but he wasn’t going to risk it. 

“Thanks, but no thanks. I’m fine”, he said with a small smile. He looked up through his lashes to glance at the boy in the corridor. 

“Okay. Oh, and my name’s Phil. Phil Lester. I didn’t want to be rude or anything, I was just curious, because you really remind me of someone. I’m sorry if I bothered you even more now. My shift just ended and it’s pretty late, so I’m just a bit tired. I still have to bike home though, God…” the boy, Phil sighed. 

Suddenly Dan’s courtesy and thoughtfulness woke up and he said: 

“If you would like to, you can come in and I can make you some coffee or tea? So that you won’t fall asleep and then fall on your bike in the middle of the road.”

Phil’s eyes grew bigger and he looked like he was just about to fall down in the hall already. 

“Really? That would be great”, he said with a beaming smile. Dan opened the door more to welcome the pizzaman in. 

“This is very kind of you, thank you.” 

“No problem. You can just sit down on the sofa and I’ll boil some water. Would you like tea or coffee?” Dan asked as Phil sat down on the white sofa. Death Note was still playing on the TV. 

“Coffee would be great, thanks.”

“Okay.” Dan went to the kitchen which wasn’t very far from the living room. Actually you didn’t even have to yell to make the other person hear in here. 

“By the way, are you from England, because you sound like a London boy? And articulate one at that”, Phil asked. 

“I’m from Wokingham. I’ve lived here just a few months now. What about you? You don’t really sound like a original New Yorker yourself, no offense.” 

“Yeah, I bet I don’t. I come from Lancashire. I too have just moved here. I came here for a job as an PR-person, but the company I came for had to put me on hold, because they have some problem they have to sort out first. It should only take a month or a bit more. I deliver pizzas for now to pay the incredibly high rent”, Phil said. 

“I know. The rent is pretty crazy. It’s easier to share a flat than to live on your own here.”

“Yeah… I take that you like Death Note?”

“Yeah, it’s like my favourite anime. Also Attack on Titan. American Horror Story and such are my type of series. Then I also do like Buffy.”

“Really? Those are my favourite shows as well! What kind of music do you like?” Phil asked excitedly. Dan walked over to him with a mug of coffee for Phil and a glass of homemade orange juice for himself. He plopped down next to him and took a sip. 

“I like Muse, Radiohead, Kanye West, Thom Yorke. What about you?” 

“It seems that we have a lot in common with our interests. I can’t say I’m a big fan of Kanye, but it goes.”

“Interesting. How about your film preferences?” Dan asked curiously, forgetting all of his worries about this man. The rest of the night went on just like that, them getting to know each other. They found out that they really did have a lot in common. Though in their personalities they weren’t that much the same, in interest vice they much like the same things. 

Before Dan knew it, it was already half four am and both of them were beginning to fall asleep on the sofa. He offered Phil to sleep at his place, because it was now far too late for him to bike home. It was dangerous out there at this time. 

They made a bed on the sofa and Phil slept there and Dan went to his own bed (mattress, because he didn’t want to go out to buy a real bed). 

That night was the most peaceful one to be spent in the flat for Dan even if there was blasting music in the opposite flat. 

I could continue this and I will. 

There are more chapters, but I’m not adding them to the end of the chapters, but as a masterpost in here.

Chapter two


I never got the chance to do this but I now have time away from school so here it goes….

I get a lot of heat sometimes about me loving taylorswift so much, I get the typical jokes of she dates too many dudes or that all her songs sound the same, that she was so much better when she was country and sometimes I don’t even feel like arguing with people about this subject, not because I think they are true but because they don’t understand it all. Taylor has made such an impact on girls around the world it really is inspiring to see someone that is an actual role model that they can look up too. But what people don’t know is that she doesn’t cater to just girls. Yes I message her about my life, my day, my love life, what I think she should perform. This is where some more heat comes in… people saying she wont recognize you because you are a dude or that it is a waste of time because she has billions of those messages so what makes mine so special to Taylor but that’s not what matters. It is that fact that I can write to someone I do look up to someone who I see as a visionary and someone who can change and still be true to herself no matter what… It is the fact that I feel comfortable telling her the most personal stories and experiences or knowing there is a chance she read it an smiled to herself thinking how many people, male or female, lives that she touched. So when in Santa Clara on night two of the 1989 tour Taylor said, “I get messages from girls…. and sometimes boys…” it doesn’t matter if there were a million other guys in the world that messaged her or anything of that nature it was the fact that she said it in general that made me feel that I was important that I should be able to tell her anything and that she may read them. I felt it was a personal thing that Taylor and I shared even though I was further away then everyone in the pit ot B stage

So I guess all in all I just want to say to everyone that never let what others say get to you yes it will be irritating and sometimes it can be very frustrating but as long as you know that Taylor is listening, reading, watching whatever you post that is all that really matters… and to Taylor I just want to say you are doing an amazing job at what you do and you should never give up… always keep your head held high and your fans screaming louder and louder cause we love you every single one of us no matter what gender or anything else <3

thanks for hearing me out,


P.S sorry for my yelling it can be a little obnoxious but in all honesty it is Taylor so you kind of had to expect that :) 

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I'm so happy that my home country is Canonically gay It makes me gay (gay means happy sometimes... they're trying to tell us something!!) - Lolly

* walks like a model * Gay can make other people gay too gurl~


A couple of my buddies have been thinking about jumping into digital sculpting, so I just put together something that might make your transition a little easier.  I remember when I used to teach / assist, the number one problem I saw was people leaping into high resolution meshes.  Even when box modeling, people adding subdivisions way too early.  Although you can get decent results, you’re fighting the geometry, and that makes it really easy to make lumpy vague meshes. 

-yawns loudly- there’s a difference between being off model for action or exaggerated purpose and being off model out of pure laziness. Steven universe has an extremely hard time staying on model because of either laziness or not knowing that there’s such a thing as too much.

The off model most people dislike from this show are size proportions and anatomy. I don’t care if crewniverse doesn’t have basic size models and try to justify it with “oh our sizes vary” because its just plain lazy.

People are expecting too much from the Tesla Model 3

(The Tesla Model 3.YouTube/Motor Trend)
Tesla likes to wow people with its vehicles. Think supercar-beating “Ludicrous Mode” acceleration in the Model S sedan, exotic “falcon wing” doors on the Model X, or Autopilot self-driving technology.

Those who are wowed sometimes forget that Tesla is essentially a luxury carmaker selling its vehicles for around $100,000. 

That’s all about to change with the arrival of the $35,000 Model 3 — a mass-market car designed to delivering widespread electrified mobility at a very affordable price.

It will be a different kind of Tesla.

RBC Capital analysts Joseph Spak focused on this aspect of the vehicle in a research note published Friday:

The more “scaled back” Model 3 could prove disappointing to Tesla enthusiasts who lined up on announcement day … One of our concerns had been that a good number of the [373,ooo] Model 3 reservation holders could have been in line for sticker shock when they went to configure their vehicles and found the options required to get their vehicle earlier required some heftier packages … A recent survey indicated that the majority of Model 3 reservation holders currently own Toyotas indicating a vastly different customer than Model S/X owners (though not surprising).

Teslas have an aura of futurism around them that can cause people to expect more than they’re getting from the cars, which are after all still automobiles, just ones that are powered by batteries and electric motors. Critically for the Model 3, which will sell for far less than either the S or the X, Tesla has to be able to mass-produce the vehicle without losing a ton of money on every car. 

We really are talking about the Toyota of Teslas here, and although the Model 3, due to launch later this year, should be quite snazzy, it will also be the Tesla for the rest of us.

As customers realize this, they’ll either recalibrate their expectations — or suffer disappointment.

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