I think there are too many “basic” models walking the shows now. Of course, they are pretty, but they look extremely ordinary, I mean they have nothing special, their features are common, and the walk are often not that great.

When you look at the most  requested models for example, you only see the same thing : blondes girls with pale skins and clear eyes (Sofia Mechetner, Harleth Kuusik, Maja Salamon, Nasty Sten, Lina Berg, Aneta Pajak…)
They all have the same bland faces, they’re like dolls who just got out of a factory. Fashion really needs more diversity and when I say diversity I mean models of COLORS. 

Just check the percent of MOC at the last fashion week.

No comment, and some people still deny that racism in fashion industry doesn’t exist. There are so many gorgeous women (and men by the way!) of colors who aren’t taken just because the casting directors are racists.