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In the fashion world we use many different words that we use every day and many people have asked me what is a composite, or a casting … so here’s a basic dictionary with a few words that  are more used! Perhaps you have questions, or have curiosity, or even you are starting your career in the fashion world and want to know more. Take a look:

Scouter: is the person that look or new talents and future models, they look everywhere, in school, concerts, busy streets… the scout finds new people with potential.

• Booker: is one that becomes the link between the model and the client. A booker works on the agency.

• Portfolio: is an album with your photos, made a professional photographer. The agency selects the best photos of you so you can show to the clients on the castings. In theses days most of the models use Ipads to show their portfolio.

• Polaroid: photo unedited (without the famous Photo Shop), raw photo showing how the model really is. The natural beauty. Normally are simple photos, straight looking in the camera, profiles e and a head shoot.

• Composite or card: the card where the model is presented, usually contains pictures, also the measures and the name of the agency that the client can find you. It is like a business card.

• Casting: is the moment when you have your portfolio your composite or card you go visit the client. You will show your photos, introduce yourself, maybe do a catwalk. Thats is the moment to be in your best, because they are looking for models to be in their next campaigns, fashion shows, editorials…

• Fitting: is the fitting of the clothes that will be used at work. Normally you fit the clothes one day before, so there is time enough to do the adjustments.

• Editorial: are the photos taken to be shown on a magazine or a website. 

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I hope you enjoyed to know more about the modeling world. 

Kisses, Paula.