Constance Hatchaway by Duy Truong Photography (x

Megan Coffey ( as Constance

I’ve been planning this photo with Megan for a long time with Megan. It’s always been mentioned but we never actually did it.

The character of Constance Hatchaway had always interested me. Always. I love the entire attic scene ever since I saw it. I’ve only been on the Mansion one time before they refurbished it.

The character of the Black Widow Bride is slightly different in WDW than DL. I used the WDW version. In WDW, the bride wears necklaces on her actual physical self while she doesn’t in DL (however they are present in the DL portraits). The pearl necklaces represent the husbands. One necklace for one husband. She has 5.

Constance is also the old lady in one of the stretching portraits, the one holding a rose, I used it here too.

In this picture there’s also a bit of Coffey relations in there, only Megan and her family can point it out.

The photo is a combination of 5 different photos (even different poses).

Here’s my 2nd Mansion character: Constance Hatchaway, the Attic Bride.