modelling kangaroo

((Hello! I had this OC reviewed at horriblefnafocs, and I want to see if you can give some feedback as well! I apologize for the art, this was drawn with my finger, since I lost my stylus! ;w;))

Name: Kipper the Kangaroo 

Species Modeled After: Kangaroo 

Programmed Gender: Male

Programmed Occupation: Magician 

Years of Service: 2 years

Backstory: Kipper was more of a sideshow, rather than a main attraction. He was first introduced in the FNAF 1 pizzeria (He did not have a toy design) with a show called “Kipper’s Magic Show” that ran twice a day for an hour. (At 2-3 and 5-6) He was put out of service for safety issues regarding his “magic”, which was just flashing lights and noises, for children with epilepsy or any sensitivity to light, although it never hurt anyone. He was also put out of order because of light bills getting higher because of Kipper’s tricks. He was then put out of order, but was still allowed to walk at night just in case they ever wanted to make any use of him again.

Programmed Personality: He tends to be flustered and embarrassed from attention, but tries to “show off” in front of the other animatronics when interacting with them, but only quickly gets nervous after realizing people were watching him. 

Night: His night time “personality” is actually similar to his day time personality in a way. He becomes more active when the camera is on him, as if he is running from attention. This will make it easier for Foxy to kill you, but it keeps Kipper away for much longer.

He starts at his main post, or Kipper’s Magic Show. When he leaves, he moves to the Dining Area, or the bathrooms. He often stays to the right side of the restaurant, avoiding Backstage, because the heads look like eyes on him, which is an addition to his night time behavior being similar to his day time behavior. He CAN go to the left hall, but is unable to go to the left hall corner or door. If he is at the door, a way to make him leave quicker is to look at the cameras more. He will leave if you don’t look at the cameras, but it will take longer.

Jumpscare: He jumps from the bottom of the screen and screams in your face. (Kind of like a combination of Freddy and Bonnie’s jumpscare!)

Sounds: You usually just hear footsteps or creaking.

Other Info:

He was not in FNAF 2 

Even though he is programmed to act like a show off with the other animatronics, he actually doesn’t interact with the others very often.

He is NOT haunted!



I hope you think he’s an okay OC! c’: Give me any feedback you think I should work on for him! I apologize for any mistakes on the OC, or any grammatical/spelling errors, as well! :’>


It’s alright! And okay oc, he’s one of the best I’ve seen! Good job! ~Mod-turtle