Chex Mix?  Tex Mex??  No, crab mechs!

TOP:  http://futabalog.com/img/23133120
MIDDLE:  http://imgur.com/a/4kV6u
BOTTOM:  http://i.imgur.com/rpQZHh0.jpg

I love how the top crab has both reactive armor and spare bogey wheels–doesn’t that seem kind of redundant??

✨ WITCH’S BREW - Abby  ✨

Here is the reason I don’t post a lot this year~  My little witch Abby and my short film are taking me a lot of time. This is the first pictures I have of her fully textured (plus her book) and I’m very excited about it!!! (Please watch it in HD!) The result really motivates me! I’ll soon start the animation phase, it’ll be hard! But I’ll do it! 

 I hope you’ll like the film when it’ll be out! 

Thank you for your support my fellow witches ♥ ✨

Lots of love and good vibes~