The Color of Beauty

According to a 2008 survey, the models in the New York Fashion Week were: 6% Black, 6% Asian, 1% Latina, 87% White.

The Colour of Beauty is a shocking short documentary that examines blatant racism in the fashion industry. Apparently, from the industry’s perspective, the black girls who are featured need to look exactly like white girls only that they are painted black.

Who’s Renee Thompson?

Renee Thompson is a 24 year old model trying to make it as a top fashion model in New York. She’s got the looks, the walk and the drive. She has been modeling for 10 years around the world and has experienced some degree of success but her dream is to hit the NY Fashion Week runway and become the next big thing. A dream that seems almost impossible at times as door after door gets slammed in her face, all because she’s black

Renee feels that she is constantly under scrutiny over something she can do nothing about. What’s even worse is the fact that clients expect the black models to be literally flawless– a higher standard than what is set for white models.(x)

You know what really irks me about Kendall? Is the fact she’s being referred to as having a ‘meteoritic rise’ as a model, yet she’s only walked a few shows (3 this season?), landed 1 cover, and if any other model (especially a woc) had walked that number of shows she wouldn’t even be relevant, nor would she be celebrated by fashion publications daily.

None of the popular plus size models look like the average plus size woman and it’s sad when we can’t even go look at a market that’s aimed to us and see wonen that look like we do. The average plus size woman has a belly. The average plus size woman has love handles. The average plus size woman has a little chin fat and that’s what I want to see when I’m looking at supposed plus size models in clothes for my body!

France Votes To Ban Models Under A Certain Body Mass Index

A new law passed in France on Friday that bans excessively thin fashion models, and imposes fines and possible jail time on the agents and fashion houses who hire them.

The legislation, which was approved by French parliamentarians, states that agencies found employing models considered too thin could be fined up to 75,000 euros (approximately $83,000 USD) and face six months in prison.