some ppl are too gorgeous to be in this stupid ass fandom like why aren’t y’all getting signed into modelling agencies and being instagram hos promoing expensive candles or protein shakes like ……. How can u be on tumblr 24/7 when u got this beauty and u aint strutting it off


UnGlamorous -The Naked Truth About Male Models: Part 1


Fusion offers an exclusive behind the scenes look at the world of male modeling with a new special hosted by former model Pedro Andrade. The six-part series follows Cameron Keesling as an up and comer, visiting his former trailer park home in the state of Georgia and discovering the costs of experiencing the world as a model starting out. The special also includes interviews with established models Alex Lundqvist, RJ King and Clark Bockelman.

Interesting tidbits to take away from the feature:

  • Models make about $40-150,000 on fragrance campaigns.
  • Models do most editorials for free.
  • Commercial (catalogue, commercials, etc.) models enjoy more of a longterm career.
  • Established catalogue models bring in about $200-300,000 a year.
  • Starting out, catalogue models bring in $30-50,000.
  • Top models can bring in upwards of $500,000 annually from one client.
  • Clark Bockelman’s first shoot was with photographer Bruce Weber, who believed in him as a star.
  • Clark has posed for a mannequin that will be in Calvin Klein stores.
  • Cameron Keesling’s diet consisted of a protein bar, juice and water to get by.
  • Cameron paid $1,200 a month for rent while staying in a model apartment.
  • Modeling agencies pay up front for travel, lodging and food.
  • Models don’t make any money until the debts to their agencies are paid off.
  • As of filming, Cameron hasn’t made any money modeling.
Since I’m posting modeling Agencies

A world wide one that I post a lot of is Ladies of Metal! Another agency that I REALLY want to join!

  1. Allie
  2. Alley Bangarang
  3. Alyssa Marie
  4. Anna Quinn
  5. Arielle Celeste
  6. Ash Jones
  7. Audreyrose
  8. Austin Arenz
  9. Baby Compton
  10. Belle UK
  11. Chasidy Lee
  12. Christal Maiden
  13. Courtney Rose/Courtney Dawn
  14. Dana Darling
  15. Denise Boarders
  16. Donna DeMuerte
  17. Erin Kennedy
  18. Gwen Anastasia
  19. Handsome Devil
  20. Holly Savage
  21. Iris Katariina
  22. Ivana Rafaela McMeans
  23. Jamie Pilar
  24. Jenevieve Zaya
  25. Jenna Elaine
  26. Jenny Recks
  27. Jessika Rocket
  28. Kait Miller
  29. Kayla Rosalie
  30. Kaylee Poco
  31. Kelsey Alyssa
  32. Kitty Crystal
  33. Kristin Marie
  34. Linds Isler
  35. Loka
  36. Luna Marie
  37. Mariah
  38. Marissa
  39. Memphis Cadeau
  40. Minnie Roberts
  41. Mishayla
  42. Monica Zamora
  43. Morgan Joyce
  44. Nancy Harry
  45. Natassja Knox
  46. Nea Dune
  47. Mz Bones
  48. Oleksandra Rose
  49. Rae Von Curen
  50. Riley Alessandra
  51. Roo Phoria
  52. Sarah Claxton
  53. Savannah Marie
  54. Shannon
  55. Sheebs
  56. Shelen Raye
  57. Taylor Elise
  58. Taylor Rolande
  59. Tuesday Sakura
  60. Valentina Rocketqueen
  61. Vanessa Michelle
  62. Vicki Francia
  63. Zombieprincess
"Becoming a Cover Girl" by Mariah Craddick

It’s 20 degrees outside. You’re in New York’s Central Park. Everyone else around you is bundled up in coats and fur. And the only thing you have on is a string bikini. Sounds like something straight out of a torture film, right? For Dominique Davis, this is just a regular day in the life of a working model. 

“I’m standing on this rock in a swimsuit and they’re like ‘Dominique, you look cold!’ and I’m like 'Really? It’s like 20 degrees out here! You really think I look cold?’”

It’s this spunky, yet assertive attitude that has made Dominique an extremely successful model–working for everybody from Target all the way to Vogue. Her journey to success seems like something straight out of a fairy tale and with her near impossible good looks, she resembles  a regular Disney princess. 

Her stunningly gorgeous smile and flawless cocoa skin-tone can completely mesmerize one into thinking she wasn’t even real. But her down-to-earth and determined personality help it all make sense. 

“She was always very extroverted,” says her grandmother Ruth Dunbar. “In some ways headstrong, but she’s always had a very good perception on what life is about.”

But good looks aren’t what always got her by. Before becoming a model four years ago, she studied aerospace engineering for two years at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida. 

Dominique grew up an “army brat”, living everywhere from Germany, Turkey, Maryland, Georgia, Alabama and New Jersey, now residing in California. Though her father was in the air force, she says that it ironically didn’t have much of an impact on her decisions to pursue it later in life. 

“I went to school and I wanted to be a pilot at first. I didn’t get into it because I loved it or thought it was interesting though. I honestly just didn’t know what I wanted to do.” It wasn’t until she was discovered by photographer Navid Maverick during a fashion show in 2006 that she even began to seriously consider modeling. 

“I was watching the show and he walked up to me and said, 'You’re gorgeous! You should take pictures!’. At first I didn’t know if he was serious or not but I looked him up and he had done some amazing work,” she says.

She drove down to Miami from school, took pictures with him and he told her to take them to an agency. She walked into the first agency he recommended and she was signed the next day. It was just that simple for her. And now she is a part of four different agencies across the country: Elite/Fusion in Chicago, Major Model Management in New York, Ocean Models in Miami and L.A. Models in California. 

“Booking work is the hard part,” she admits,  but within a week of her first signing she already booked an overseas editorial gig, which was a pretty big deal for her agency.

After her career really started taking off, she decided it would be impossible for her to model and continue going to school full-time.

Four years later and there’s no denying the esteem she has gained in the modeling world. From a cosmetic campaign with Wet n’ Wild to commercials with McDonald’s–it’s a possibility that even you have seen her face somewhere before. 

“People find my stuff more than I do. Thank God for people knowing my face because I would never see half of my stuff!” she exclaims. “I’ve been lucky. As a 5’'7 black girl, I am very, very, very lucky and blessed to be able to work.”

But even with all of the success she’s had, she admits there are some darker sides to the modeling world. Most of it having to do with…well, her “darker” side. 

“I just learned that I need to bring my own foundation color because sometimes I’ll encounter a make-up artist who doesn’t carry African-American colors,” she says. “The first time I did Avon I ended up having to do my own hair because the hairstylist had no idea what to do.”

Dominique says it’s a struggle being a black model in the industry, although she’s never experienced any prejudice firsthand. 

“I was told very early in my career that a lot of agencies don’t take on black models because of their features. They say we are not 'appealing’ to other races,” she says. “And it really all boils down to you being what they call 'ethnically ambiguous’, which is being beautiful to all people and races.”

“Well, 'ethnic ambiguity’ has been around for a long time in one form or another. The Benetton ads in the early 1990s was the first big break of this generation,” says Nichelle Gainer, founder and editor of Anovelista Media and author of the forthcoming book Vintage Black Glamour.

“The ads showed very dark-skinned black models, Asian models, mixed models of different races–not just the black and white biracial mix,” she says. 

And while Dominique says her biggest problem with the industry is the lack of black models, Gainer says that they are increasingly getting more exposure.

“It is technically easier for black models to work today. There are far more publications–print and digital– and more designers, big and small, which creates more runway and showroom opportunity. But it is still far less than white models because of the lack of demand." 

As bitter of a pill that may be to swallow, Dominique seems to have learned that this just comes with the business. This girl lives, breathes and basically eats modeling and all that comes with it.

When asked her age, she doesn’t even give a response saying that it’s what she’s been "trained” to do. “I’ve just learned not to tell my age,” she says.

“I feel like I’ve been on a diet–actually I have been on a diet for the last four years and it sucks!” she exclaims. “But at the same time, there are people who go to school for four years just to come out and get a job, so I compare it to that.”

Dominique is currently writing a memoir which she says is being shopped around to different publishers and will hopefully see release within the next year. And although she says a model’s career has “no longevity”, she plans on continuing to work full-time as a model for as a long she can. 

“You get paid to be beautiful! Where else can you do that?” she says. “You’re getting paid thousands of dollars a day for the way that you look! And I know that money doesn’t make a person and money doesn’t buy happiness, but it sure as hell buys you out of depression.”

Best Females Models avant-garde India Are Known Globally

Molding is a flourishing industry since people are seen crazy about being Indian-models particularly females are working in a spin the projection unto establish ourselves. Many agencies have do up in recent march of events which create a treasury note for the actors and then pass these to multinational brands. This is a tough business indeed since a model has to have place the brand that represents fashion unremittingness. On account of instance, if Indian-models walk ramp abroad as all creation they are in truth showcasing the Indian fashion industry.
Power elite female lad models in India are a brand among themselves. Thence, many top brands and companies are signing he to increase their repo in the reciprocal trade. Knock out designers from each and every surviving the world show preference Indian models to represent the visions throughout. This is an effective tower that lands a ramp girl goodwill the falsity industry as well. In recent times, there are number relative to actresses who have early been models but now trying their skills and potential modern acting.

Lined up the new female mimic entering adit the this levant walk bezel by virtue of a fixed lust of moving in to the acting one day. Young girls often move to metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai to be in existence on top models. Since there is no much exposure of this newfashioned small cities thereupon traject to big cities is the single option. child Models in Delhi are signed passing through top notch brands so shuffle inclined plane for them. Associating with a successful model helps the scarify in consideration of boost its reputation in the market.

Modeling agencies in railway cities

There are many agencies in Delhi itself that helps the young and waterflood equipment to explore them, creates a iron-hard image because them in the market and turns them till Top Female Models in Delhi. These agencies breeding the skills of the model already inhibited by i already. Countless ramp sessions, mission accomplished activities and shoots are organized to make the girls clop up to the level re Delhi Ingenious Females Models. An dragging baton is created as proxy for the girls so that it bathroom be passed on to yonder companies, modeling houses to get a chance to walk slope.

Besides females, male-models are successful and are using their powers to the fullest to build up a strong image. Youth is progressively enticing up modeling as a bolt option ex post facto it helps them get point to and fame overnight. Hard work, faith and determination are foreign keys for a successful career. Many times, a check has to imposture negative situations, literary criticism but yours truly\her should give birth to it a line of direction to learn from it and move through.

Although the bone-carving industry appear very establishing today but there was a tour of duty as far as they struggled hard to get into it. Now days, on line media and modeling agencies have made the things translated. Models john post their pictures on line to get noticed by the people of the industry or they can stop over the agencies and ax get professional chore till do the same.


Need agency representation? Get seen by one of Atlanta’s top talent agencies. Ultimate Model Management, Inc is looking for top quality talent who meet the following requirements:

Models - Caucasian, men and women, ages 14 and up, 5'7" and taller, sizes 2/4/6
Actors - All ethnicities (especially Caucasian and Hispanic), SAG or SAG eligible only, IMDb credits, all ages

Open casting call will be held Saturday, Feb. 13th from 12 pm - 3 pm at our agency office located at 3348 Peachtree Rd NE, Tower Place 200 Suite #700, Atlanta GA 30326 (will be in the 1st floor conference room).

Bring your headshots and resume!

My Model Mantra

I will say these same things over and over again till I’m blue in the face to anyone who wants to break into the modeling and fashion world. It isn’t easy! It’s hard work no matter how tall or how strong/unique you look! Do your research! Be informed! Know the laws! Don’t be naive! Be extremely realistic about yourself! Compliments are compliments and not an invitation to an agency.


The modeling industry is ran through agencies. All the large clients work exclusively through agencies. Photographers do not represent models, Florida law prohibits it, you must have an agency license to manage more than one person. Be sure and ask for a state licence number before signing any agreement with anyone wanting money and pretending to be able to get you work through a website or “model” book.

**Know what type of modeling you can do.**
Everyone can be a model, but not everyone can be a high fashion model. Knowing what type of modelling you are fit to do will help you in planning your shoot as well as your aim as a model. That can be commercial, glamour, swimwear, high fashion, lifestyle, alternative, etc.

**Decide on the type of images you want in your book.**
What images do you want future clients to see in your book? This is important in helping let future clients know what type of model you are and what type of images you can do. Use magazines and other publications as reference guides for the type of images you’ll want to include in your portfolio. For signed models, your agent will advise you as to what types of images should be in your portfolio. Freelance models have more flexibility; the choice is yours!

You will only need headshots or polaroids (depending on the agency; DO YOUR RESEARCH). Agencies only want to see you. They do not want to see make-up, wardrobe or photoshop. The agency will then advise you on test shoots.

You have a strong look, or you don’t.

Modeling agencies get paid only if you get paid. They will not ask for money for comp cards or pictures. They will give you photographers who they’ve worked with and trust and you will pay the photographer their fees to test. NOT THE AGENCY!

A good modeling agency gets their models jobs! A good way to know an agency is doing such is tearsheets of paid jobs they’ve gotten, photos of paid runway shows, or even videos of paid commercials or any other paid media work they have landed. If an agency fails to have any of those on their webpage or by request, then they aren’t finding their models any work.

Modeling agencies almost everywhere are required to have a talent license. If they don’t, it’s a 3rd degree felony in the state of Florida. Agencies that refer to themselves as a referring service and yet “represent” their clients as an agency are acting like an agency. If they’re not licensed, they’re illegally conducting business.

Any photographer telling you if they shoot you, put you in a book or any website, and you will get signed is telling utter lies. It is not up to them, but the agency!

one-million-votes-destiel asked:

Do you ever approach models and have them turn you down to shoot?

Yes. I have a funny story about that. I used to be an actor and I had a class with Oscar nominee James Franco (before he was a nominee) but after his performance in James Dean.  In class he was talking about how excited he was to work on a project.  I asked him, “really? I mean it’s not a job it’s class."  He responded, "I don’t know everything there is to know about this business and I will do anything to learn."  I think about that story of how an established professional will go through great lengths to work on their craft yet I hear from models from time to time "It’s just a test."  Once in a while I hear from their agents (after the girls ask me to test) "she doesn’t test."  This only happens when I don’t have a strong relationship with the agency.  So, your new/semi-established model doesn’t test? Even though she asked me to? And somehow award winning actors can regularly be seen in acting class to work on their craft.  For no money. To develop their skills. That’s the one thing I hate about this business. Pretension.


Oracle Model Agency | Joining the Team

Wow, many thanks for the interest in signing up with Oracle. I thought I would post this in case anyone is interested to see what the site looks like (especially, if you have a sim who would like to join). 

About Joining

  • It’s easy. Send me a message here or on the site in the Contacts area or via email,, to let me know.
  • I ask only one thing: one picture must be have a white background, so that it can be used as a profile picture. Other pictures can be however you’d like. 
  • Incoming models can be designated in three gender categories: Female, Male, Trans/Unisex.  What this means is that a sim can be considered under mutliple categories (or only one) by your preference.
  • Incoming models will be first featured in New Faces as they are assigned initially to the New Faces Dept.  From there, based upon your storyline, they may be moved to Featured Models
  • The page designs are slightly different for Featured Models (see above, Alicia A. & Ahok).

If you would like, I can take pictures of your model (TS3 & TS4). :) Any other questions, let me know. :)

Also, this open to any game: TS2, TS3, TS4.

Many thanks again for your interest, kind words and support.


I know that there are modeling agencies for the usual model type girls and for plus size models but what about all the other tall beautiful girls that fall in between? They’re considered too “fat” for the usual model type and too “skinny” to be a plus size model, but all of them have potential, and they’re all beautiful. Fashion should be about showing every kind of types of people, every kind of beauty.

So today I’ve decided that I’m going to open a model agency for all the people that fall into the “in between” category.

Fashion revolution here I come.