modeling for toddlers


What’s good in the hood baby, stroll around my neighbourhood, get a good eye full.

Get this dope ass Kylie Jenner swimsuit here:

Here is Timéo, my first toddler !

Thank you @simiracle for your hair conversions :D

Still have a lot of work on him but I definitely need more cc for the little ones…

I Just finished him ! I didn’t modified him too much because I think he’s cute this way :)


I did not resist trying this beautiful set( toddler chinese zombie pack) By @sims4-alizzzz

My adorable toddler Jia-li

the dress is really beautiful and well done.

Dress, shoes,socks by: @sims4-alizzzz

hair by : @simiracle

Flower accessory on hair and  earring by : @sims4nexus

lipstick by : @remussims

nailpolish by: @simlaughlove

 poses by:  @a-luckyday

My Good Omens Fancast

AJ Crowley:  A California king snake

Aziraphale: A Canadian Goose

Adam Young: A bowl of angel hair pasta

Newton Pulsifer:  This inexplicably low-res toddler model for Fisher Price

Anathema Device:  Generic clipart of a witch

Hastur and Ligur: Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum from the 1951 alice and wonderland cartoon.  Not a live action version.  Just as they are, superimposed over the live action sequences 

Shadwell:  Condensed milk.  You are what you eat

Madam Tracy:  THis

The four horsemen:  This picture of 4 cute cats i found on the internet 

The Bentley:  A 1960 Ford Mustang

The Deliveryman:  Benedict Cumberbatch 


Requested by an anon. I’ve been called Jay Park’s whore. If you get that reference. I love you. This is probably my worst Jay Park scenario. Omg, I’m sorry.

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  • Jay Park X Female Reader
  • Request: Jay Park doing an IG Live with his model wife and their toddler daughter

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anonymous asked:

hello!! did you see the pictures/videos of the cute little boy who went to seventeen's fansign? i was wondering if you could please write how seventeen would be with their 5-year-old child? thank you!!

- sometimes he likes to carry them around the house with one arm as if they weigh nothing
- puts their drawings up on the fridge
- goes insane when his kid does anything cute
- likes to pick them up and spin them around because it makes them laugh
- checks the closet for any monsters

- lets them play with his hair
- falls asleep on the couch with his kid in his arms
- likes feeding them even if they can do it themselves just fine
- takes as many pictures as he can to remember these precious moments, probably gets them printed out and has five albums filled with pictures of them together
- “whose baby are you?” “dad’s baby!!”

- spoils them way too much
- his kid speaks a mix of korean and english, and joshua’s like oops….
- has the ability to stop their crying in a second
- teaches them to always be good and humble, to say please and thank you all the time
- basically he’s raising a gentleman like himself
- sometimes he just stares at them lovingly and his kid just grins at him and he melts

- his kid is always sitting on his lap
- he likes to rest his chin on his kid’s head
- ruffles their hair when they do a good job
- always asking his kid for hugs and kisses
- one time his kid winked at him and he fainted

- wears matching clothes with his kid
- plays dress-up with them and lets them sit on his back while he crawls around the house
- they buy all the snacks at the grocery store and eat them all in the same day
- dances around while his kid holds his hands and has their feet on his
- keeps his kid laughing and smiling all day long

- reads them bedtime stories
- he and his kid have matching bedhair in the morning
- his kid likes to follow him around everywhere like a little duckling following its mother
- when he’s sitting on the couch playing a game, his kid likes to climb onto the couch and backhug him while watching him play
- his kid pokes his cheek when trying to wake him up

- his kid likes to hug his leg and jihoon has to walk around the house dragging them along with him
- he acts like he doesn’t like it but HE LOVES IT
- always makes sure they drink their milk so they grow tall
- his kid likes to sit on his lap while watching him play the piano
- they can talk to each other with their eyes

- makes funny faces to make them laugh
- they’re always excitedly screaming when they’re together
- always understands what his kid wants/is trying to say
- “which one do you want?” “(makes fishy face)” “ah ok we’ll have tuna please”
- his kid has his smile

- lets them sit on his shoulders
- “dad!! it’s like i can see the world!!”
- almost trips on his kid because they’re so small and he didn’t see them
- bakes cute desserts with them
- cooks them their favorite meals whenever they want
- “i know we had it yesterday but can you cook it again, dad??” “anything for you”

- his kid runs up to him and hugs him the second they see him after getting back from school/daycare
- buys them really stylish clothes
- seriously his kid is so well dressed, they might as well be a toddler model
- they’re always telling each other they love one another
- “dad, i have to tell you a secret!!” “what is it?” “(whispers) i love you” “(whispers back) i love you too”

- refuses to let go of his kid’s hand
- kisses them every two seconds
- always cups their cheeks
- cries whenever his kid gives him something
- makes them wear cute onesies

- smiles fondly whenever they do ANYTHING, his heart just melts
- they bump their ice creams/popsicles together before eating them
- actual memes together
- they make the EXACT same facial expressions
- carries his kid in his arms all day long, masters cooking and cleaning with one hand

- makes up a cool handshake for them both
- wakes up early to watch cartoons with his kid
- matching pyjamas
- tickle fights
- gets excited over the smallest things

yes i did, the little boy was too cute!! thank you for your request!!


She’s unnamed yet, any ideas ?

So finally she’s Emmie, thank you @simpkinpie for the name idea.

Thanks to all of you for your kind messages and names you proposed me (I’ll keep in mind some of them for my other children because there were a lot of good ones :D)

I’m kind of obsessed by @imadako‘s toddler pack ^^’

Thanks to all cc creators !

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