modeling field

13.05.17 // Updated my physics window for the first time in ages! Had some thoughts over the past few weeks surrounding a free scalar field universe model so I drew them up as well as some old game theory because I watched a Beautiful Mind and felt nostalgic. I hope you are all having wonderful days / evening / whatever plane of existentialism you currently observe 😉

Get it together

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Bright evening with a beautiful moon-rise in Lecce.
This was just after I had the last one-on-one shooting of my workshop. I took some minutes to capture the moment of walking back through the fields. It already smelled like summer and I was happy and so tired after that busy day.
A moment of just being there and enjoying the moment. Often I hear the click of my camera and just don’t really move for some more minutes and just watch.

male partners

if you’re someone who is attracted to males…

mars-sun aspects = your male partners are in a lead position, partners who closely identify with being ‘masculine’, could have a competitive partner. 

example(s): jennifer aniston, sun square mars, married to a director and was also involved with the notable brad pitt. tina turner, sun square mars, married ike turner, a bandleader & producer. fran drescher, sun conjunct mars, married both a director/producer and is currently with an inventor/entrepreneur

sun/mars-moon aspects = your partner will be in touch with his emotions or embraces his sensitive side, a man who is familial and nurturing. 

example(s): evan rachel wood, moon opposite mars, was married to a male ballet dancer. heidi klum, moon square mars, was married to seal and has remarked, “when I first met seal he had a kindness and compassion that was so sincere I knew he’d be a good father”.

sun/mars-mercury aspects = men who are detail-oriented, a writer, men who embrace the sensorial nature of mercury. 

example(s): meryl streep, mercury conjunct mars, long-time marriage to a sculptor. cate blanchett, mercury opposite mars, married to an australian playwright. 

sun/mars-venus aspects = partners are charming, attractive men, partners are hopeless romantics, men that are ‘players’, affectionate lovers.

example(s): tyra banks, venus square mars, has dated aplenty male models. sally field, venus conjunct mars, dated self-admitted womanizer burt reynolds. demi lovato, venus square mars, dates wilmer valderrama, constantly boasts about his previous & excessive romantic endeavors. 

sun/mars-jupiter aspects = partners from across the globe, partners interested in politics, philosophy, philanthropy. men who are ‘believers’, excessively expectant or simply excessive. 

example(s): halle berry, mars conjunct jupiter, has dated several men of varying ethnic background. gwyneth paltrow, mars square jupiter, was married to england native chris martin, “declaring himself an “all-theist”, a word of his invention meaning that he believes in “everything”.

sun/mars-saturn aspects = partners who are paternal or reminiscent of their fathers, older men, men who are aloof, dedicated to their career. 

example(s): natasha richardson, mars opposite saturn, was married to liam neeson, 11 years his junior. linda lovelace, mars quincunx saturn, infamously married to chuck traynor, 12 years his junior and horribly oppressive. rachel mcadams, mars square saturn, dated ryan gosling, one of the most reserved but firm celebs in hollywood who has remarked, “i’d like to be making babies, but I’m not, so I’m making movies”.

sun/mars-uranus aspects = partners engage in spontaneity often, appreciate a partner who is freedom-loving, unpredictable men, men who are a bit odd/quirky or have a superiority-complex stemming from their ‘loner’ ways. 

example(s): meg ryan, mars square uranus, was married to dennis quaid, claims he was inconsistent & unreliable. kim basinger, was married to alec baldwin, known for his public & erratic outbursts. sarah jessica parker, mars conjunct uranus, married to matthew broderick, close friends have commented saying, “(they) call them `the wacky young Lunts'” and that they are “very irreverent”.  

sun/mars-neptune aspects = male suitors may have an addictive-escapist personality (alcohol, drugs, partying, music, etc), men are spiritual or were raised as such, men that are a fantasy or creators of fantasy. 

example(s): jean harlow, mars opposite neptune, married harold rosson, famous cinematographer for ‘the wizard of oz.’ ashlee simpson, mars conjunct neptune, was married to pete wentz, has bipolar disorder and has spoken out on his drug abuse. 

sun/mars-pluto aspects = men who embraces pluto’s private/mysterious nature, potentially destructive fellas, men who are force to be reckoned with, exempt from superficiality 

example(s): scarlett johansson, mars square pluto, married to a journalist, has been said, “mr dauriac, like his fiancee, takes privacy very seriously”. nancy reagan, mars conjunct pluto, known worldwide for her marriage to ronald reagan, “observers described the reagans’ relationship as close, authentic and intimate”.

***you will notice that all the examples are people with ‘harsh’ aspects (conjunctions, squares, oppositions, quincunx) and that’s because squares, oppositions, and inconjunctions give us the feeling of wanting what we can’t have which only makes us want it more. conjunctions work hand in hand with the planet indicator, in this case bc male partners so it’s sun & mars aspects, your ideal man exemplifies the planet that conjuncts either of those.

if you have a lot of aspects to your sun & mars, look to the harsher & tightest aspects (the lowest orb) 

had to edit these posts because for some i put ‘attracted to’ instead of inferring that your partner WILL be like this because you will bring out these traits in them 

also, this is not synastry. this deals with your own chart.