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Harry Styles Imagine Masterlist

  1. You have a bad day
  2. Yells at you when you bother him while he’s at the studio
  3. Convinces you not to break up with him
  4. Get into a fight
  5. Niall kisses you
  6. Both of you are famous and friends, like each other
  7. You find drugs in his gym bag - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
  8. He’s jealous of a frat boy 
  9. He takes you to his hometown to meet his family
  10. Fame gets to his head, you break up with him - Part 1 - Part 2
  11. Cheating on your husband with Harry
  12. He’s a bad boy and falls for you Part 1 - Part 2
  13. Reporter makes fun of Harry’s autistic girlfriend in an interview
  14. He gets drunk and tells you he likes you
  15. You think he is going to hit you during an argument
  16. Romantic smut 
  17. He forgets your birthday
  18. You find engagement ring before he proposes
  19. Based off of Underneath Your Clothes by Shakira
  20. Talks with you when you can’t sleep
  21. Sings Little Things to your Daughter on stage
  22. Harry is a boxer
  23. Louis was your childhood bully Part 1 - Part 2
  24. Plays Call or Delete at radio interview and calls you
  25. Cuddles
  26. Neither of you know how to take care of your newborn baby
  27. Harry is a soldier and comes home 
  28. He teases you during dinner
  29. Kisses pregnant girlfriends belly
  30. Finds out girlfriend is on drugs Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
  31. Based off of Stutter by The Veronicas
  32. Make him breakfast on his day off
  33. Going through a divorce Part 1 - Part 2
  34. Early morning together
  35. #TheAmandasMeetHarryStyles
  36. Y/N gets raped at a bar
  37. Yells at his daughter and upsets her
  38. Wants to date Harry, he doesn’t feel the same Part 1 - Part 2
  39. He was a player until he met you
  40. You have a panic attack at a meet and greet
  41. Sexy time
  42. He assures your child that he will love them all the same when you have his actual child
  43. Get drunk and confess you love him
  44. He helps you with body image issues
  45. Get drunk and reveal your biggest secret
  46. Get in fight on your honeymoon
  47. Gets mad when girl pays bill on date
  48. Both of you are famous Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
  49. Harry is a frat boy and you get into a fight
  50. He is a fan boy for you
  51. Likes to post about you and your baby online
  52. His long term girlfriend gets hate
  53. His son runs on stage to be with him
  54. Your son calls him daddy Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 
  55. His girlfriend has trichotillomania
  56. He helps you feel beautiful
  57. It’s your 21st birthday
  58. He is a soldier and surprises you on TV
  59. Meet online and you think you’re being catfished
  60. Had an unexpected pregnancy together at 16
  61. He’s a firefighter
  62. Kids are daddy’s girl and momma’s boy
  63. He gets your name secretly tattooed on him
  64. He confesses he loves you at award show
  65. Surprises you on the red carpet
  66. Catches his sister smoking weed
  67. Your relationship is falling apart
  68. Meet at after party Part 1 - Part 2 -Part 3
  69. He helps you with your sexuality
  70. Famous girlfriend finds out she’s pregnant, worried about fans reaction
  71. Girlfriend sings song in another language, he really likes it
  72. Find out teenage daughter is having sex
  73. Kiss in the rain
  74. Based off of Wolves by One Direction
  75. He gets dumped
  76. You find out he’s a boxer
  77. Based off of 10 Things I Hate About You
  78. You come out as bi and get hate
  79. Doesn’t know who you are after surgery
  80. Watches your Uni dance team practice
  81. He falls for a 16 year old
  82. Comforts you when you’re nervous before a big show
  83. Paparazzi make your daughter cry and son yell at them
  84. Announces you’re pregnant at award show
  85. Fans always ‘ship’ you together; end up dating
  86. He has a crush on you but thinks you hate him
  87. He comforts you when you’re on your period
  88. Helps you through childbirth
  89. His little sister is secretly dating Niall
  90. Little sister, jealous of him spending so much time with Gemma
  91. He takes you to see the Koala’s
  92. I Hate You, I Love You
  93. Birthday proposal 
  94. He surprises you at book signing
  95. When It All Falls Apart - The Veronicas
  96. Does a Youtube video with you
  97. “Living the Dream” Part One and Part Two
  98. Little sister jealous of his girlfriend
  99. Fluffy date night
  100. She’s a rich girl
  101. Little sister gets her period
  102. Valentine’s Day
  103. You break up with him
  104. He watches anime with you
  105. He’s nervous to talk to you
  106. He confesses he loves you at your wedding
  107. You confess you loves him before his wedding
  108. Makes Youtube video with you
  109. Dating Victoria’s Secret Model
  110. Boys make fun of your relationship
  111. Girlfriend has more tattoos than him
  112. Rude to you at the gym
  113. Romantic night in hotel
  114. Gets you pregnant at 16
  115. You do his first solo interview
  116. Flirts with Niall’s girlfriend
  117. Servant in your house
  118. Pool day
  119. Shadow 
  120. It’s your birthday
  121. Starts working with your abusive ex
  122. Cheers you up after bff fight
  123. Guest songwriter
  124. Supports model girlfriend
  125. “Sweaters”
  126. “Confessions” Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five(coming soon)

When you live with different girls all the time, swapping roommates every month or so, you get used to different characters. But most models have all experienced a few stereotypes.

The Anorexic Model: The one who basically never eats. Always concerned with their weight, always weighing and measuring themselves, counting calories. Yes, eating disorders in modelling exist. And yes, we’ve all seen them. And lived with them.

The ‘Healthy’ Model: The one who is OBSESSED with health. Always at the gym, always stressing how important it is to be healthy and not starve. They always eat clean. And are usually vegan.

The 'Party’ Model: Out every night. Every. Single. Night. Still (somehow) manages to get to castings and jobs, is friends with a lot of people, sleeps with a lot of male models, drinks a lot, smokes, is usually in their late teens. Quite a few of these, you’ll find, are underage. 

The 'Homesick’ Model: Stays home a lot. Is always on Skype/FaceTime. Always talks to their parents. Always talks about their family. Usually underage. On a lot of occasions it’s their first time overseas.

The 'Working’ Model: The one who is always working. Books a lot, makes a lot of money, is really close with the agency. The one who everyone wants to be. Never home, doesn’t have time to party or do anything but work. Living the dream.

The 'Stupid’ Model: This girl sucks. She somehow manages to use up her weekly pocket money halfway through the week, buys a lot of dresses, is quite likely Russian, doesn’t speak much English. She’s very nice and loved by most of the other models. Very young. Very naive. Goes out quite a bit, goes for the experience.

The 'Rich’ Model: Somehow always has money. Is probably drip fed by her parents. Or has a credit card. Because lets be honest, if she can buy a gym membership AND groceries in one week, she’s got some other way of getting money. That agency pocket money doesn’t do shit.

The 'Food’ Model: Somehow manages to eat lots of junk food and not gain anything. Usually 13-15. We all pray she will get fat by the age of 17. 

The 'Motherly’ Model: Takes it upon herself to take care of all of her roommates. Gets concerned, drinks fancy wine, talks about all of her experience. In her 20s. 

If you are a model you probably know of a few. You are probably also one of these people. 


‘The accompanying video of Gigi’s HB cover shoot was everything.. I love it’


Time to introduce the last category: Me taking photos.
Starting with my friend Jess, who is just an amazing Cosplayer. I mean look at her! She has this super smooth skin that doesn’t even need post-editing.

I am tired of seeing comments or hearing people say that “Sehun can’t rap”


‘It is crazy that Kendall’s candids are usually better than her print work, however it isn’t the photographers fault that Kendall cannot deliver when it comes to doing the job she is paid to do. Like these are world renowned photographers who have proven that when shooting the right model, they take stunning pictures. So no, magazines shouldn’t use her candids, Kendall should listen to constructive criticism and do a better job, after all, she’s the one that wants to model.’

"Maybe if I broke your heart you'd at least treat the next person right. I'm just a lesson in your life."

-When they make the same mistakes (via @them-5am-feels)