I feel like I’m in a good place. Two years ago I wouldn’t even dare to dream about what I have now. I moved to Los Angeles five years ago and started from the bottom. I spent years taking acting classes, with no one wanting to be my agent and with no access to auditions. It was a long process that I went through diligently, step-by-step. That feeling of achieving something I set a goal for is wonderful.


My grandmother has always loved lighthouses, and the folklore of our Scottish ancestors. One of my favourites is the selkie, a seal-woman who was often taken as a wife by fishermen and lighthouse-keepers. They would steal her seal-skin so she was forced to remain human. As soon as the selkie found her seal-skin, she would run away, returning to the waves, never to see her spouse again.

But sometimes a selkie fell for a fisherman or lighthouse-keeper, and would cast aside her seal-skin, choosing to walk the shores with the one she loved rather than swim the seas alone.

Photography by Dark Energy Photography

Instagram: lavintagetraveler