Okay, but why do people keep insisting that the reason it’s so astounding for Oliver to date Felicity is because she isn’t modelesque? Where in canon does it say Oliver only dated modelesque people? Has anyone taken a look at Sara? Samantha? Even Laurel? I mean no offense but it doesn’t look like Oliver had any specific preferences regarding his “paramours”. He bedded anyone willing. Also where did the idea that Felicity must have been the quiet nerdy girl with no friends come from? I can see Felicity must have been feeling lonely, but honestly canon suggests it was a loneliness born of her own making. From what we know of Felicity she pushes people away or at least doesn’t let many (if any) people into her life. Not until Oliver ended up in the backseat of her car. She doesn’t want to risk the pain of them leaving her behind like her father or not connecting with her like her mother.

You know what is astonishing about this pairing and why I love them so much. (What I hope the writers never lose sight of.)

It’s astonishing for Oliver to have chosen to build a life with Felicity, to give her his heart completely, because he is still learning how not to hate himself. He is still realizing that the bad things that have happened in his life are not a punishment for some unknown crime he has committed; a burden he must carry alone.

It is astonishing for Felicity to have chosen to take a chance on Oliver because she sees that he is still learning, and she herself is still learning how to open herself up more. People are worth inviting into your life even if that means they leave you behind by choice or circumstance. She is still learning that the relationships you build with people are still worth fighting for and worth having, even if it brings with it some pain.

This isn’t the spunky nerdy girl gets the shallow playboy trope. t is something deeper and decidedly more complex. It is the frightened woman and broken man both lost in their painful experiences, but both finding themselves. In Eachother.

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what do you think of Bella and Gigi modelling wise?personally i think Bella is more "modelesque" than Gigi, however she seems to be getting all the rave ...

Bella and Gigi Hadid suit different areas of modelling. Overall Gigi has more of a commercial look, whereas Bella’s features are more suited to high fashion. Although I still believe that both sisters have a long way to go in terms of their skills.