Still there are people wondering if I’m a boy or a girl smh
Here’s another quick selfie for y'all, just to thank you for all your support, this is beyond incredible.
Remember that no matter if I’m a cold hearted bitch, I’ll always be there if you ever need help for something.
(I’m such a cutie aren’t I?)
Oh, and I’ll be there for trading nudes too
Jk jk
(Or not)

You guys wanted another picture of me?
There you go, thanking you for 130k followers.
Yeah today one of my best friends took like 30 pics of me and this was the only one I kinda liked.
So cmon boys, hmu and send me nudes
(Just kidding, just hmu for the moment)
Also, anyone from Italy?

Random headcanon:

It’s October 23, 2077. Nick is at home, reclining with a cigarette and glass of bourbon in hand as the news provides him with some background noise as he loses himself in his thoughts. The tv suddenly flickers, replacing the news anchor with static noise. Nick inhales deeply, giving a sad chuckle as he raises his glass to a picture of Jenny resting on the table beside him.

“See you soon, doll,” he manages to say softly before the bombs fall.