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The squad’s reaction:

Jae Yeol momentarily forgot how to breathe. Then, when he figured out how to function normally again, he ordered a high quality print of the post for his wall. He’s gonna frame it in gold, just watch him.

Jin Sung is having a ‘maybe-kinda-bi’ moment and Mi Jin is being the supportive angel she is, right beside him, pointing out the boys and girls she’d like to take out with him.

Eun Tae wants to know if he could pull off a lipstick too and Bum Jae is shopping for said lipstick, being picky af. Definitely not thinking too deeply about it. Nope. Not at all. No gay thoughts about childhood friends here.

Boyfriend Haneul
  • Soft
  • Would probably like you as soon as he met you 
  • But he’d still want to be friends first before asking you out really he’s just too nervous to ask you out but let’s go with this
  • You guys would hang out whenever you could
  • He quickly becomes your best friend
  • People would already think you’re dating
  • Whenever someone says you look like a couple he dies a little bit from happiness inside
  • You guys would start dating naturally, there wouldn’t need to be a confession or anything it just happens
  • Like you notice you slowly start having more skin ship, holding hands, more hugging, maybe even kissing
  • Until eventually one of you is like “Are we dating?” and after confirmation it just goes from there
  • Super caring
  • Would put your needs before his own so please look after him
  • Would just do what you want to do which would probably get a bit annoying eventually
  • You’d have to make him choose some things he would like to do together instead of just doing what you like
  • Which he would eventually but he’d still be very conscious of you, careful not to choose anything there’s even a chance of you not liking
  • Forehead and cheek kisses
  • Would let you wear his clothes he low key wants you to
  • Loose hugs whenever and wherever 
  • Deep conversations late at night
  • Would randomly stare into your eyes and just start giggling thE GIF IS INFLUENCING ME
  • Would just care about your happiness and comfort so much
  • Overprotective but just tell him if he’s bothering you and he’ll contain himself
  • Worries about you too much especially when he’s busy
  • Would always text you between work to make sure you’re doing okay
  • Late night video calls where you both stay until one of you falls asleep
  • Honestly just the most caring boyfriend ever

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Hay tantos hombres horribles en el mundo e irónicamente, a incontables mujeres se les rompe el corazón por amarlos. Y luego están esos hombres que están ahí para consolar y sólo consolar a esas mujeres; esos son los hombres buenos, ¿O debería de decir que son los tipos descerebrados? Yo soy uno de ellos.
—  Twenty