model: jamie strachan


Rob and Tahliah celebrated the new year with the Brit pack in London tonight. Sneaky pics taken by a rude guy at their party show Rob’s old model friend, Jamie Strachan trying to block one of the pics. Marcus Foster, Sam Bradley and Bobby Long are all in London, and Tom Sturridge lives there with Sienna Miller, but there haven’t been pics of any of them so far. 12-31-14.

anonymous asked:

Do you know when Jamie and Behati broke up and why?

Wish I did :( Their last appearance was in 2011 if I’m not mistaken, but they were great… Today I was going through their stuff and I still can’t understand why they broke up, they were so perfect and funny and cool and awesome, and I just can’t get over it. Adam Levine is fine, he makes her happy but nothing will ever compare to her and Jamie they were perfect in my opinion… I have literally no idea, all I know is that they don’t hate each other, still  friends, don’t know about now but when she started dating Adam she was still talking and hanging with him….