Models Off Duty

Project Runway
Season 16, Episode 6

The Challenge: The designers must design a street-style look for their clients who are their off-duty models.

{ Prelude }

Tondy: We have had similar challenges where the designers have to create a look according to what the clients want, but I think this is a first where the clients are their actual usual models. The models get to pick their designers.

Bolo: I love this idea! It was fun to see who the models trust and identify with. It’s always awkward to see the people left on the sidelines, though.

{ The Workroom }

Tondy: Just like past designers with challenges like this, the designers are having difficulty doing what their clients want, instead focusing on what they want. I’m beginning to feel sorry for Claire, who’s spending most of her time helping Shawn, who apparently can’t actually sew for herself. Kentaro and Meisha are adorable together! A lot of the designers seem to be designing the same thing they always design…

Bolo: The interaction between the designers and the models in this episode is a lot of fun. You can tell which models feel comfortable with their designers and which don’t.

{ The Runway }


Tondy: I adore this one. It fits her perfectly, you can tell that the model loves it, and it is really different! The back of the top, where they thought it was too loose, he just sort of tucked in and it is amazing! Score: 5.0

Bolo: I love this look SO MUCH! I really love the blend of Japanese and American style, and it’s new and fresh without being overly weird. Score: 5.0


Tondy: Oh my… This is sort of a shapeless, hot mess. The black material is just drab, and the shorts are way too short. Perhaps if she hadn’t had to sew Shawn’s outfit, she might have made this into something better. Score: 2.75

Bolo: Ugh. I don’t get this at all. Long sleeves and shorts is a pairing that rarely works. The shorts are way too short… I can see her butt cheeks! Score: 2.0


Tondy: I love her designs, usually, but this one, with the lovely robe that would be great for a wedding night, just looked so out-of-place for street wear! I did think the dress looked cute, but we only got a glimpse of it. Score: 3.0

Bolo: I don’t get the robe at all, but I LOVE the dress! I think it’s super cute and well made. I wish it had been the focal point. Score: 3.75


Tondy: He seemed to be having so much trouble with this design, but it really turned out great. You can tell that Liris really liked it as well.  And, it is nice to see something really totally new!!! Score: 4.5

Bolo: This is a cool, unusual look that looks fantastic on the model. My favorite part is how the slashing accentuates her upper thighs. Amazing!  Score: 4.75


Tondy: Well, Brandon is really turning out to be a total one-trick-pony. All of his designs are shapeless, with extraneous pieces hanging off of them, and with odd ribbons hanging off of odd places. I am not a fan! Score: 2.5

Bolo: At first glance I kind of get/like this look, but when I start looking more closely is when it falls apart. I like the colors, but the pants look dirty. I like the layered look of the top in an unusual, futuristic way, but I don’t like it in the back. And yeah–the extraneous straps hanging off is getting old. Samantha beat me to the Star Wars/Rey comparison. Score: 3.25


Tondy: This is just OK. I don’t care for the way the pants fit, but the top is actually kind of cute. However, I think that Claire pretty much made the top, so I can not score Shawn for the top. Score: 2.5

Bolo: I honestly can’t score this seriously. She came up with a nice design, but she couldn’t have sewed it without her sister’s instructions. I could probably design a nice look if someone else would tell me how to sew it. Doesn’t make me a fashion designer. Score: 1.0


Tondy: I love the bomber jacket, and I think the print bra top is actually a nice pop of color. The pants have a nice flow, but they are a little tight in the crotch and butt area. Score: 3.0

Bolo: I really love this look except for–again–the extraneous long straps. It’s starting to be a cliché for this season. Score: 3.75


Tondy: I love this design. It is so fun and colorful. It fits beautifully, but, personally, I thought the headpiece took it a little too far into costume land. Score: 4.0

Bolo: I think the headpiece is traditional, so I’m okay with it. I like the look, but I think within the cultural context, it probably isn’t anything new or interesting. But then you look at what she’s got on herself, and then I think THERE is traditional cultural fashion met with modern street fashion. Score: 3.75


Tondy: What a surprise.  Her model is wearing black!  Oh, wait, her models are always wearing black.  I think there was a grey something at some point, but it was probably my eyes being tired or something.  And it’s way to short.  No bending over for her!!! Score: 3.0

Bolo: So boring. Jacket’s okay but I didn’t see a transformation when she turned it inside out. Looked the same to me. Score: 3.0


Tondy: Well, this is very much what Samantha designs for herself. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but I think it is what the model wanted, so I am marking her up a little for that. Score: 3.25

Bolo: I think this is an awesome, well-made, lovely look. I’m so confused as to how Brandon can churn out the same weird look over and over again and be exalted, but Samantha makes a gorgeous Lolita dress with some cool street elements, and she is told to GTFO. I don’t get it at all. Score: 5.0


Tondy: I was a little worried about the black-and-white cow print but I think it actually looked pretty good with the dark green pants and tiny vest! I loved the ruffled collar on the blouse as well. I don’t think this should have worked, but it really, really did!  Score: 4.25

Bolo: That’s the thing I find fascinating about this look–it shouldn’t look good, but it really does! It works and looks great on the model, too! Score: 4.25

{ The Results }

Judges’ Top Three: Kentaro, Kenya, Shawn
Our Top Three: Kentaro, Michael, Kenya

Judges’ Bottom Three: Claire, Margarita, Samantha
Our Bottom Three: Brandon, Claire, Shawn

Judges’ Winning Pick: Kentaro
Our Winning Pick: Kentaro

Judges’ Losing Pick: Samantha 
Our Losing Pick: Shawn

Our only agreement with the judges was Kentaro as the winner, Kenya belonging in the top three, and Claire belonging in the bottom three.

{ Afterthoughts }

Tondy: Another interesting challenge! Bolo, I’m amazed that Brandon and Amy were safe. Amy keeps slipping past, never in the top and never in the bottom. They should have a special category for “run-of-the-mill, put you to sleep, drop-dead boring”!!!  Ah well….  I am sorry to lose Samantha, because I liked her, but I did think her design was not that great. The best thing about the end, where the judges get up close and personal with the best and worst designs, was that Tim outed Shawn and Claire, and the fact that Claire couldn’t finish her own design because she was making Shawn’s pants!  Zac, “ You know, I’m starting to smell something. I don’t like what’s going on, I don’t like it at all!” Well said, Zac, well said!

Bolo: I’m honestly in shock that Samantha went home while Claire escaped the bottom two. Yes, it was a Lolita dress and maybe not stunningly different from any other Lolita dress, but that was not a look to go home on when ANOTHER MODEL WALKED DOWN THE RUNWAY WITH HER ASS CHEEKS HANGING OUT. It honestly couldn’t be more obvious that Claire got a pass this week because the producers like the drama brewing with her presence on the show. 

Let’s break this down…

Claire - Judges’ Negative Comments
1. Nina - missing a “pop of color”
2. Nina - “blob of black,” doesn’t photograph well
3. Zac - doesn’t make a fashion statement
4. Heidi - unflattering on the model
5. Heidi - but cheeks hanging out because shorts are too short
6. Georgina - no waist/bad silhouette 
7. Chelsea - would like top better as separates
8. Nina - we’ve seen this sweatshirt before
9. Heidi - didn’t give the client the pants she wanted
10. Chelsea - Claire’s poor time management is her own problem

Claire - Judges’ Positive Comments 
1. Nina - liked the idea of doing sportswear
2. Zac - crisply made
3. Chelsea - loved the sweatshirt

Samantha - Judges’ Negative Comments 
1. Georgina - too costumey
2. Georgina - not exciting, fresh, or modern 
3. Zac - I’ve seen it/no evolution from standard Lolita look
4. Chelsea - liked it better without the vest
5. Heidi - liked it better without the vest
6. Nina - Samantha’s own dress is much better
7. Nina - plaid and other details don’t help
8. Nina - didn’t shine

Samantha - Judges’ Positive Comments
1. Chelsea - loved the details of the dress
2. Heidi - great workmanship
3. Heidi - loves the bodice
4. Nina - a lot of workmanship went into it

Not only did Samantha have slightly more positives and slightly fewer negatives than Claire, but she gave the model what she wanted, managed her time well, and put a lot of work into the outfit, and that workmanship shows. The worst complaint is that it didn’t shine because it’s a standard Lolita dress.

Claire had slightly more negatives and fewer positives, didn’t give the model what she wanted, didn’t manage her time well (the decision to help her sister was on her), and made a look that is not just boring, but has also been seen before, doesn’t photograph well, and is unflattering on the model. How is THIS the look that is safe when Samantha goes home?

Originally posted by sherlock-holmes-fandom

You can’t even make the argument that Claire has done historically better than Samantha because they literally have identical histories on the show. They were both safe in episodes 1, 3, and 4. They were both in the bottom in episodes 2, 5, and 6. And neither one has ever been in the top. So…

Tondy and I are ready for the twins to GO!!!

Until next week!




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