1.Rivet Shelving

2.Rivet Shelving Stackable

3.Rivet Shelving on Casters

4.DC-6 Plane Model & Dutch Fokker Plane Model

5.Metal Side Table on Casters

6.Industrial Side Table Stackable

7.Industrial Side Table on Casters

8.Barcelona Stool

9.Barcelona Chair

10.Barcelona Chaise & Pillow.4th style on the Chaise has a different multiplier for the pillow, for a more realistic look.The pillow also snaps in place.

11.Barcelona Table

12. Wall Mounted Faux Horse Head

13.Marquee Letters. Exclamation mark, ampersand, A-Z.2nd style has different mask.

If it looks high poly, it probably is.I went for aesthetics over tri count.So if you are concerned, use sparsely.

Marquee Letters

Mediafire : Mega 

D.I.Y Shelving and Decor

Mediafire : Mega

Barcelona Collecction

Mediafire : Mega

Collection Files included.

This set is all over the place, some D.I.Y stuff, eclectic stuff and designer stuff all in one set.I was working on some eames stuff that I didn’t finish in time to upload today with this set.But, hopefully I will have it finished next week.


Come and get to know the girls through our interviews for Model in the Spotlight project.

In which i have collaborated together with various editors, photographers, makeup artists and agencies to make the shootings and interviews happen. Directed by myself, this photos are exclusively shot for Korean Model project.

Read the interview of the girls here:

Part 1

1. Lee Hyun Ji from YG Kplus

2. Choi Yun Yeong from CJES Model Edition

3. Shin Hye Jin from YG Kplus

4. Ko Ga Young from Jennifer Model

5. Kim Seol Hee from YG Kplus

6. Ellis Ahn from YG Kplus

7. Vita Kan from CJES Model Edition

8. Kwon Ji Ya from YG Kplus

9. Kim Eun Hae from Esteem

10. Lee Ji from Jennifer Model