Fashion week has been great….

1 show down. 1 more to go on Saturday.
Got fittings and rehearsals tomorrow at 12.

Tv deal offers, management offers, modeling contracts. Stay tuned.

Thank you for those who have supported and not disappeared. Those who have gone thank you for leaving and not holding me back.

God bless. 🙌🏽

Frontal nude of Jamie Dornan.

I hope this post can read those who believe that Jamie works for Disney or for the church: Let’s be honest first Jamie’s not afraid or ashamed to be naked by a character, know how many photo shoots of the world? They know what he thinks about frontal nudity?They know that Jamie has said it is a liberal and open-minded person? They know that this time is not worried that after Dulcie will deal with on this? Do a frontal nude does not make it any better or worse person? And they know that 50 shades darker is on Christain and critics want more Jamie in the second film?

I think not. Some Jamie “fans” starting with Anthony hope you read this post. First, Jamie is an adult, he is a human being who is not stupid and knows what he wants. Jamie comes to leave a successful career as a model, successfully managed to make a serial murderer and demonstrate that it is pretty expensive as you think, Jamie is the same as having a photo shoot for Interview magazine where it has a picture in sportswear he is sitting on a bed masturbating suggesting that this and the other with red underwear in a tub and still is a classy session, and are he afraid or embarrassing frontal nudity???? JUST NOOOOOOOO. His frontal nude in 50 shades Darker will happen. Write this.

Look, Jamie is an actor, he is not a lawyer, not a doctor, and not a teenager, Jamie knows Hollywood, and knows exactly what to do with their characters, if Jamie had not been risky, if he had taboos like you he never would have bePaul Spector or Christian Grey, both characters of which he is proud of the opportunity. It is disgusting to see some Jamie"fans"  criticizing each character he makes, which investigates Jamie, auditioned and is HIS  DECISION to play, Jamie knew from the beginning it was 50 shades, knew the sex, and who is Christian, Jamie not improvising in the process, a point here: he has three outstanding projects which shall stand this year and and they are doing have not seen such support of those fans that? Why? Because you are outstanding at that time out of  his hotel or home, whether or not it is with Amelia. Whether or not with Dakota. Two: Jamie is honorary member of BAFTA not Eddie Redayme and no Brad Pitt and that position was not to Dakota Johnson have seen who are the BAFTA Gurus? Mmm .. they have not promoted it? Any. Or they say  directors,producers, and magazines about their work in The Fall? ANYONE. I’ve seen that but unclear whether promoting nonsense about his ties with Dakota, whether or not it is a good father, the work and fault is  not only Hanna also is the “fans”. Amelia is part of Jamie? Yes but it is not part of their movies, idealizing and include her is wrong from the start and that’s not supporting his wife and must fan it: NEVER IN THIS WORLD. That of being his wife is not working either here or in another galaxy. Example: Jamie  was ina relationship with Kiera two years and built a career as a model without using her, a friend of great actors in Hollywood and not use them. Jamie has its place thanks to their commitment and dedication and this is a credit to the no of his brilliant wife. What if in the future you are selected to be a corrupt? or a rapist? they will try the same? Jamie and no actor like their characters. If he divorces Amelia? If still raving about Dakota? What if he got drunk with her this and every night? God should relax, because honestly who is hurting career or popularity Jamie is a group of fans obsessed with the idea that he works for Disney!!!!!!! #Peace

German newcomer Anna Luisa Ewers (Women) is the face to watch this season. She has been garnering comparisons to Lara Stone and Brigitte Bardot, both of whom are beauty icons. Anna debuted on the Paris runways during the F/W 2013 season, walking for Balenciaga, Giambattista Valli, Louis Vuitton, Stella McCartney, and Valentino. She made her appearance on the New York runways this season and was photographed by Mert and Marcus for her first Vogue Paris editorial. Her career can only go up from here.

Anna is also represented by Marilyn Paris and Model Management in Hamburg, Germany.

By Savannah M.
Image courtesy of Women Management