AQUIVER - Johnlock High Fashion AU: 

Sherlock Holmes is a successful fashion designer and John Watson his PA -obviously sparks fly…

Chapter 2:  There’s a meddling brother, a lot of hard work, infuriated seamstresses, an interesting photoshoot and an even more interesting night out …


A young waiter ushered Sherlock and John discreetly to a private booth in the back of the club where heavy curtains dulled the music considerably, thus allowing conversation if wished. Sherlock opened the buttons of his jacket before he slumped down on the low squishy sofa, inviting John to sit down next to him.

‘Nice,’ John said.

'Private club, hence discreet. Mainly models, designers, managers, musicians. Guarantees a certain class. No journalists either, and if one should stumble in here, the manager will tell me and we’re off.’


Sherlock shrugged, 'Some things better stay secret.’

'But not …’ Through the wide gap in the curtains John indicated the men dancing and the male couple engaged in kissing at the bar.

'Don’t be silly, John. I’m gay and that’s a known fact. No need to hide it.’ He turned to John, his undivided attention focused on him.

'Not so sure about you, though,’ Sherlock smirked and nodded a curt thank you to the waiter who placed a bottle of Moet and two crystal champagne flutes on the low table. He slipped the young man a note and waved him away before he expertly opened the bottle with only the slightest of pops. John wetted his lips in anticipation.


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