Hannah Kat Jones first caught the world’s attention as a sublime beauty on America’s Next Top model, where her talent and presence secured her the runner-up title. Since then Hannah Kat Jones has taken the fashion world by storm, appearing in British VOGUE, People Magazine and featuring on multiple magazine covers. She loves collaborating with artists of all kind to incorporate fashion and film eliminates. We have conducted an interview with her about her latest projects.


Marie-Therese: Welcome girls, and of course, welcome to all of you in your living rooms watching. This is your third judging in this cycle of Sims Next Top Model. Your judges today are fashion designer and star photographer Ian Forrester -

Ian: Good day, girls!

Marie-Therese: Topmodel, fashionista, and singer Tia Harris -

Tia: Hello.

Marie-Therese: And on the far right, actress and model Tallulah Jones.

Tallulah: Hiya, everyone!

Marie-Therese: I will judge you as well. We will now begin.