The business end of a 1967 Camaro that is ready for the weekend! She’s a Super Sport with the Rally Sport option and all decked out in factory “Nantucket Blue”. This car has a late model LS1 350 mated to a factory 3-speed automatic and what is unique about the car is that it has four wheel disc brakes. I’m not sure if they are factory or were added later. I bet she stops on a dime tho.


Successful Launch of the New Porsche 718 Cayman

Porsche celebrates over 75-years of history in Zuffenhausen. The company will soon be producing all two-door sports cars at its headquarters with the production launch of the third generation of the 718 Cayman mid-engine sport coupé that will be produced at this Stuttgart plant that is steeped in tradition. 

Manufacturing of all two-door sports cars at the Porsche headquarters will ramp up production there to around 240 vehicles per day by August. Currently, more than 220 units come off the assembly line each day in Zuffenhausen. In 2015, Porsche delivered 22,663 vehicles of the Boxster & Cayman models. 

The current generation of the mid-engine sports cars is characterized by more power output combined with better fuel economy thanks to the newly developed four-cylinder flat engines with turbocharging. For the first time, the Coupé and Roadster will have the same engine power levels. The entry-level version starts at 220 kW (300 hp) from two liters of engine displacement. The sportier S-models develop 257 kW (350 hp) from 2.5 liters of displacement. That is 18 kW (25 hp) more power than in the previous models, and their NEDC fuel consumption figures range from 8.1 to 6.9 liters per 100 kilometers.

The 718 Cayman and 718 Cayman S can be ordered now; their market launch begins at the end of September 2016 in Europe.

Honey Heist: The Cabin and the Trip

The bears start at an abandoned cabin about an hour outside of Columbus, OH. There is an older model F-350 SuperDuty pickup truck. Should they choose to explore the cabin and surrounding area they may find:

About ten bears of honey

which eating about half of these would put a point from criminal into bear

An ax outside embedded in a tree trunk
A shotgun inside hanging above the mantle (uncertain as to whether or not it’s loaded)
A dozen shotgun shells in a drawer somewhere in the cabin
Various clothing, men’s and women’s, hats, and shoes
A 50 lb cloth sack of flour
A book of matches
A HoneyCon 2017 flyer (can only be acquired via flashback and provides them with a map of the convention center and an idea of what to expect and areas to explore)
The keys to that damn truck

Inside the truck they have:

A twenty dollar bill
Another $18.78 in loose change
A wallet with driver’s license
A tire iron
An empty tool box
A 5 gallon bucket
About 50 ft of heavy rope
An 8 ft chain with a hook on one end

I’m assuming they drive but if they don’t, they make bear checks to travel unseen. They may encounter deer, a farmer on a tractor, and/or children on bikes. Further in the city they have to contend with a “walk” “don’t walk” signal

If driving:

At some point they pass a pedestrian whose car is on the side of the road. There is a flat tire. If they successfully assist this person they will grant the bears some extra VIP passes to HoneyCon they just so happened to have – could maybe be finessed into also driving them their for some reason?

A state highway patrol pulls up behind them at some point and tails them for awhile. The driver has to roll to drive like a real driver and not draw suspicion. The cop then turns on his lights and I give them a second to react. Doing nothing is the proper course–he’s about to zoom off to some unrelated emergency. And if they react otherwise we get to have fun, possibly a high speed chase or roadside shootout.

In Columbus they need to locate parking and/or just abandon their vehicle somewhere. They also then need to figure out a way into HoneyCon. Buy tickets? Sneak?


Tamiya 1/350 USS Enterprise CVN-65 - done and done. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into when I bought this kit, but after five months of work, many dollars spent and hours of pushing myself to the absolute limit of my abilities, I can finally say it’s finished. I’ve never built a model of this size or complexity before, and I know it’s not perfect or 100% accurate, but I’m mostly happy with the result. Hope you like it too!

I just worked up the nerve to check my grades.

Straight B’s… I’m surprised… I guess I kinda feel ‘ok’ about this. Fo shizzo. Also I just saw zootopia… fucking amazing movie… Reaffirmed my furfag nature.

So right now I’m saving up for a new tablet, it’s nice having this one as a back up but my giant hands can’t get it right. Turns out my model dropped to about 350 from 500. It shouldn’t too long.. Might do a doodle stream tomorrow with the little tablet so you all can point and laugh and call me a nerd. Do some sketchy lessy stuff. Fun times for the whole family.