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1) Hulk is naked in this movie. We see Hulk butt. Thor reacts to the presence of Hulk dick. We know Hulk Dick is there and Hulk nudity is on the table. They took the time to cgi the butt. They have the model for the butt.

2) Bruce makes repeated reference to how tight Tony’s pants are

3) the Hulk got much bigger thighs etc than Bruce do

4) the clear and present conclusion to this is that in the final battle Hulk should have busted out big Hulk dick swinging like god’s worst battering ram, Hulk butt shining in the starlight, Hulk balls clapping together like the fucking doom boom doom of the ultimate battle drum

5) show us full frontal Hulk nudity you fucking cowards, show us the biggest greenest dong this world has ever seen, put it on our 3d imax screens, Disney, you have all the tools and opportunity you need


Alright, so I think I’m happy enough with this to call it done! This is my 2'×2’ model based on Bleak Falls Barrow from Skyrim and the second terrain model I’ve ever made. The body is made out of pink insulation foam and paper mache to give the shape and stability I wanted, and all of the rocks are also carved pink foam. I used painter’s putty/spackling paste to fill in the gaps, and a mixture of putty and PVA glue to seal everything and texture the bricks. I used a sponge to layer on the grey paint for the bricks to give it a very old look, and they gave a dark wash to the recesses. The mountain was painted with blue greys to set it apart from the building and give it a cold look. Afterwords, I added white paint and snow flocking.

I may come back to add some more details to this in the future, the arches in-game have a few details on the sides that I wasn’t able to replicate with foam, one of the biggest being the Eagles on top of the center pillars. But I’m content right now.

All in all, I spent around $25-30 on this build. One 4×8 sheet of foam was enough for the framework and all of the rocks. I used a whole tub of putty on this, which I could have avoided if I was more precise with my rock shapes. Either way, I’m incredibly pleased with the end result, and I hope you all like it.

Any questions about the building are more than welcome, either in the comments on this post or on my blog directly. Also, I’d love to hear your suggestions for other things to make!

Promotional magazine article for Sonic the Fighters.

It’s like Fighting Vipers, but with more fan-fiction!


Seeker wings made by the legendary @pybun 

Surprise! The wonderful and unbelievably kind pybun took the task of making these amazing wings for my upcoming seeker model. She worked very hard and deserves all the praise for such a fantastic job. These wings have been tested, animated, and have been given to me for SFM! Soon (hopefully) we’ll have our very own RED Seeker model! This item was a commission and a special request. Thank you so much Py <3 <3


My main gal ocs

Juniper is a crime kingpin operating under the pseudonym ‘the mortician’, she is a gritty realist who is calculated and hates it when things don’t get carried out to her standards. she has a great lack of empathy and only does things for her own benefit.

Viv is a kind optimistic model who absolutely loves life, she is a natural born Adrenalin junkie and always strays from the group when travelling for modelling. she has been modelling professionally since she was 10. she is dating Doe on the down low and often drags her along on her misadventures.

Doe is a cautious, often judgmental model who finds it hard to trust anyone, despite her efforts to put up a wall blocking people out, she truly loves Viv. she has only been modelling for about 2 years but fame came relatively quickly. she and Viv are under the same management and because of their chemistry in and out of shoots, they often travel together. without Viv’s kind encouragement, Doe’s social anxiety would stop her from trying most things.

Angel is a wild card, she often acts before she thinks and doesnt care much for her own safety. she is a weapons expert who works under The Mortician. much to the mortician’s dismay, she often goes off plan, but she will go to extreme lengths to get the job done, making her invaluable. she tries to come off as suave, but the minute you mention something she likes, shell talk your ear off.