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i ordered victorias secret leggings in size “short” and i still have to roll them up like three times why?????? like I know their models are 6'2 but I’m not ??

In a era before the game-changing F40, Ferrari was still responsible for some very special and highly limited production cars that sold for large sums of money. The difference was that in those days, the cars were grand tourers instead of sports cars, belonging to a series known as the America cars. Enzo Ferrari himself had come to fully realise that, in order to continue the success of his racing program, he needed to be able to create, market, and sell equally exceptional road cars. The models he developed were usually big GT cars with engines that were much larger than those found in the rest of the Ferrari performance stable. They had special styling and custom interiors that were significantly more luxurious than even the 2+2 Ferrari models. Debuting in 1959, the Superamerica 400 was positioned at the pinnacle of the Ferrari lineup throughout its lifetime. It belonged to an period that graced the automotive world with the bulk of what are today the most valuable Ferrari models, and therefore some the most valuable cars in the world. But unlike the more common V12 models, the motorsports pedigree isn’t so obvious with the Superamerica, but that in itself is something that makes the Superamerica unique, at least in this era of Ferrari. #meandmybentley

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Oikawa got the job at the end.

Based of this. Thank you @accordingtodevin and Stephenjmolloy !