Model Adrien pt. 2! I had to do this because I often think about Adrien as an IG model (like an AU where he /actually/ enjoyed/loved doing it…), it was actually one of my tags in the first post LOL

Like, he’d love using IG because he can sort of be himself since his father doesn’t care about social media (but all of Paris does) (it doesn’t get him into trouble though)


***INSTA @muggingblr*** Finally a free afternoon to study! (Yes this is H2 physics) Look at just how thick my file is! Only 5 subjects but the pace that the lectures are going at is crazy. They usually spend so much time at the beginning redundant parts and rush through the hard parts :( Sighs :( Cheers to 2 years of self studying. Oh and I’ll be attending my 1st MUN (Model United Nation) in 2 weeks!!!! I’m so nervoussss!

If you guys have any questions like on studies (A level lol) or just general stuff just ask and I’ll try my best to answer them all ☺️

SB’S (and any woman’s) Guide to Success (Part 1)

1. Keep men around you aroused.  Successful women are not afraid of any part of any man. In fact, they stimulate arousal wherever they go. Who are your favorite women role models? Why? 

2. Keep potentially valuable men especially aroused. If a man can be an asset in your life, find out what he wants and tease him with it. Tease = keep energy, focus, and arousal high.

3. Know your own sexuality, desires, turn-ons, and communicate and share them openly. There’s no room for shame around what you want or what he wants.

4. Don’t see other women as a threat. Jealousy is a turn-off. Competition thinking means that you feel weak. If your guy is looking at another girl, fan the flames…touch him and encourage him to look or arrange something ‘special’ together. If you shut down your sexiness because of fear, that pushes him toward this new thing that much more. Show him that you accept his desires (which he didn’t create or decide upon) and he will give you what you want.  

5. Know your spirituality, your identity, and beliefs. Optimize these to get what you want. Without spirituality, a person is a rudderless ship. Without an identity, you have no flag. Without beliefs, there is no way to connect to you. The world is constantly trying to give you crappy versions of all three of these. Make sure you choose consciously instead.

Any questions?

So I turned on safe mode to see just how much this censors. All posts I count in this are ones that have been unnecessarily censored

Current total:
LGBT posts: 18
Native posts: 6
Fully clothed nonwhite models: 6
Celebrities: 2
Coping w/ abuse or rape: 2
Coping with mental illness: 2
Tips about escaping abuse: 1
Kittens: 1

Voltron Model AU

My blog kinda messed up and deleted a lot of my posts so I’m gonna post this again but altogether cuz I’m to fucking lazy

Model AU

• Pidge and her brother Matt are those siblings models but there only doing it to pay for the expensive school they both go too.
• Hunk is one of those plus size models and everyone loves his personality cuz he’s so nice and humble, he has a foodie blog that he takes a lot of pride in.
• Keith is one of those chill angry looking guys that model for sports wear and stuff. He’s known for not being sporty at all, and he’s said multiple times he has no idea how he ended up where he is.
• Shiro is also a sports model but he dose some of those tux modeling every once in a while, he has the most followers. The media has no dirt on him and people think he amazing but really he just never leaves his house cuz he’s always too stressed.
• Lance is one only those people who got Instagram famous and was offered to come out in runways and magazines for publicity and he rocked it and got a permanent hire, he’s mostly for like Forever 21 Men and hipster shit like that. He love sports and has been after Keith’s shoots for a while.
• They all randomly met at some weird charity ball or some runway thing
• Lance and Hunk hit it off (friendship wise) quickly and soon started up a cooking YouTube channel together. With Shick and Lances very culture based foods that people are always impressed by.
• Lance actually really likes Keith’s shoots and dreamed of having his job so when he met him and he was kinda a dick he was really disappointed
• He and Hunk quickly befriended Shiro tho and it forced them to hang out cuz Shiro was already really good friends with Keith
• Pidge met them when she asked Keith if she could get him a drink
• (not in a flirty way but cuz she wasn’t of age and really wanted one)
• (Keith didn’t really know better and gave her one)
• (they both got in huge trouble)
• (but it’s okay cuz Lance got them out of it)
• Matt came over after it all and they all just formed a circle and talked together.
• Someone took pictures of them all hanging out and it kinda became lowkey news
• People started shipping Lance and Keith and Keith was surprisingly into it
• He would joke on Twitter and stuff about asking him out and Lance posted pictures of him giving flowers and stuff like that as a joke.
• But it was lowkey not a joke they just didn’t know cuz they both thought they were kidding
• Pigde and Matt did a shoot with Lance and Allura (a up and coming model who they met that day) for a Old Navy thing
• They all hit it off and invited them to a BBQ hosted by Hunk and yeah it was fun
• They all kinda got drunk tho so Allura took Pidge home so they wouldn’t deal with there bull
• They accidentally uploaded a video of them acting stupid and it got a lot of publicity
• And the reason it was a big deal was because Shiro was throwing Matt into a pool but Klance was making out in the background
• Also while throwing Matt into the pool Shiro yelled “I’m gonna marry her!(Allura)”
• he was really drunk cuz he was stressing out a lot.
• Shiro is still confused because “who even took that video?”
• There all a happy dorky family and everyone loves them

Model AU Part 2
• Shiro finds out it was Hunk’s girlfriend, Shay, who took the video and feels BETRAYED
• He thought she was a very nice person how could she do this??
• He managed to block the video from Allura, now he just needs to find a way to hid the trending tag from her…
• Matt swears he’s never drinking again (he dose very soon)
• Keith thinks that he and Lance are an item now, but Lance is a blackout drunk and doesn’t remember anything
• “Haha sorry if I made you uncomfortable or anything, i really lose myself with these kind of things”
• “We. Had. A. Moment. How? Can? You? Not? Remember?”
• “Sorry? Are you okay?”
• He was not okay
• He didn’t want to just show Lance the video tho cuz that seems kinda insensitive and lame
• (He’s not evil or mean or anything in this AU he’s actually really nice and stuff but Keith hates him because…)
• He asks Lance on a date after doing a shoot for swimsuit modeling (Lotor was doing the swimsuit thing not Lance)
• (Lance was just at the studio to see a job offer)
• Lotor just saw him and wall like “hey Lance right? Really loved your ‘generic pose’ shoot, blah blah blah, we should grab a drink?
• Lance says yes cuz DAMN THIS guy is hella
• Shiro is unlucky too cuz Allura decided she would accept a film job overseas
• Hunk Pidge and Matt feel bad for them and take them out for drinks
• They get drunk again. (Including Pidge, there was no supervision)(she’s 16 in this AU so it’s not that bad)
• Cue drunk phone calls to Allura and Lance (they had a night out together cuz they really wanted a see a movie that no one else was interested in)
• Lance and Allura open up there voicemails at the same time and WHAT IS GOING ON??!
• The next day Keith and Shiro hear THERE voicemails and it’s just Lance and Allura really worried
• Keith and Shiro regret everything and try to drown themselves in the pool (Matt and Hunk stopped them)
• "Guys this is a community pool, my neighbors will be mad plz stop” (-Hunk)


Today: Centaur in a Can 3D Print Taxidermy Poseable Figure

This is a digitally sculpted, 3D printed and highly articulated Centaur skeleton. In a can!  The model consists of 38 parts, with 35 points of articulation, for a wide and realistic variety of poses. It stands approximately 7.5 inches tall when fully assembled in a standing pose. Each model also comes with assembly instructions, if you’re in a rush to get it together. The model includes 2 sets of hands, in open and closed poses.

(Via  MythicArticulations / etsy)