Bunch of stuff I haven’t posted!

During finals week, I asked Ra to give me a suggestion for something to draw, and she asked for Sianny looking at koi! It became a sleep over party. Woops!

Was gonna draw a phone sized selfie with Thetis and Atlas. I dunno if I’ll finish it anymore, but the sketch is amusing!

Drew some kid 4bakas. Atlas is the cutest~

Drew a scene from a fanfic I’m writing really speedily, and then doodled some weird-ass pose I’ve wanted to do for God knows how long. I need to keep trying until I get it right.

Snowy on her twitter said she wished all the characters that she loved had a surprised/startled face so she could have that icon forever, so I drew this to have fun with that concept xD

Been good!


Week 13

Note that this is also my Tutorial in a manner of speaking. These are the examples I’ve used for references for said tutorial, as well as this is what is being taught. However in my tutorial I’ve given the people using it more freedom by giving multiple choices of characters to make vectored, as well as the options to find their own characters as long as they followed a certain list of rules. Thus all final products should/will be different.

Tutorial name: Character Vectorization