model street fashion

Melanie, 24

“I’m wearing a Nordstrom coat, Unif boots and a two piece vintage suit. My style is inspired by late 70’s and 90’s. I take almost all my inspiration from films and my grandparents wardrobes and I really love a good vintage piece. My current favorites: Celine, John Lawrence Sullivan, Off-White, Marni. All shades of green, brown and purple. I’m obsessed with coordinate/2 piece outfits, shoulder pad jackets and print shirts.”

Dec 6, 2017 ∙ Union Square

Nisoni, 18

“I’m wearing a thrifted hockey jersey with my first custom jeans and Nike Uptowns. My style inspiration is punks from St Marks Place and Kid Death from Soul Eater. I believe style is a form of art that is the reason why I design a lot of the clothes I wear.”

Jul 14, 2018 ∙ Civic Center


“I like to mix styles and old with new, fancy with something trashy, but always throw on a pair of boots to dress it down. I love to have fun with my style, and don’t take fashion too seriously.”

May 27, 2017 ∙ Greenpoint