model wu


 “You Have to Care” just aired last night and I can finally share one of my favorite episodes from OK KO! I felt a special connection to this episode because Elodie was one of the characters I had gotten before I was hired as a freelance character assignment. Elodie’s character was a lot simpler back then so it was really cool to be able to work with @stevieborbolla and @dannyducker and Ian to do a revamp of Elodie’s design. Originally she didn’t have an involvement with Enid so this new development called for a revisit of her character!  I didn’t quite have a handle on how complex our props could be so I was really excited to also design a new bow for her!  I can say that I was clearly inspired by  Madoka Magica and general Mahou Shojo anime!

Colors by @kalidraws Art Direction by John Pham


Just wanted to post some of the design work I did for one of my favorite episodes! Amazing work from @scrotumnose and @haewon-lee on boards and designs i feel like I’ve watched this episode 10 times by now and I’m still excited by it! Dave did some great takes on our characters in the Captain Planet style and I touched the drawings up with help from our art director John Pham who did a pass on them, he’s super knowledgeable about that era of cartoon realism!  The crew put a lot of effort and heart into this crossover and I hope you can enjoy it too! Colors by @kalidraws and art direction by John Pham.


Work I did for Back in Red Action! @miraongchua designed the amazing hue troop and @parkersimmonsyall designed the vehicles. I did the model sheets for  Yellow Technique and Green Guts and @juliasrednicki did the rest.  It was an intense episode because the vehicles would be done in cg so we needed to change the way we did the model sheets to fit a cg pipeline. The lineup and colors were done by our colorist @kalidraws! Also the one Red Action selfie was done by Julia as well! This was a tricky but fun episode to work on so I hoped you all enjoyed it!

art direction by John Pham


A bit late but I’m finally posting my stuff for Parents Day. It’s one of my favorite episodes and the work that @stevieborbolla and @dannyducker did was amazing. Credit goes to Stevie for doing the original concept/design for Bernard, Enid’s dad! I’m a big movie monster fan so this episode was a joy to work on I’m glad that it’s finally out in the world!!

Colors by @kalidraws art direction by John Pham.