model t car


The E-Class All-Terrain cuts a fine figure against a gorgeous backdrop.

[Mercedes-Benz E 220 d 4MATIC All-Terrain | Combined fuel consumption: 5.1 l/100 km | CO2 emission: 137 g/km |]

#MBsocialcar by Thomas Rauhut

Ford Model-T

My walk-through of drawing something that resembles an old car. I chose an older automobile because, early in their evolution, the designs were more box like, less curvy, and the vehicle proportions appear to be less complex and easier to determine. I presumed that these traits would make them prime subjects for an amateur draftsman.

Started by drawing a basic, top-down orthogonal perspective grid; aka the dreaded ¾ view. Looking back at this drawing, I just now realized the back wheels are misaligned. Thankfully, this doesn’t matter, as the farthest wheel will not be visible.

Drew in a low poly version of the “skirts” and wheel coverings. Also drew a centered box at the front to get an idea for the positioning of the headlights.

More perspective guidelines and blocked in the motor aswell as the headlights. Turned off the wheel layer, was getting kinda busy on the screen.

 Speaking of being too busy, what a fucking mess. Lots of guidelines to help with constructing the carriage part of the vehicle.

Cleaned up the guidelines, and I’m finally left with something that resembles an automobile.

More cleaning and detailing.

Oh shit, it kinda looks like a car! Without a steering wheel, but I’m getting somewhere.