model success story

It’s no secret that my pregnancy did NOT go as planned.

I had high hopes to exercise continually throughout the process of growing my girl. I wanted to progress (or at least not digress!). I wanted to be a “fit mom” and a good role model. A success story!

It’s frustrating how things can turn into something completely different.

Ten weeks into our pregnancy, I started bleeding. A month after that, I was diagnosed with Chronic Placental Abruptions and was classified as a “high-risk” pregnancy. The bleeding and cramping only progressed. It was so bad, that I was bedridden for the entire month of September.

The cramping slowed down (thankfully), but the bleeding only continued to get worse. My baby was unharmed, but my body was a mess. I was forbidden to do anything active besides light walking. No exercise of any kind. No sex. No fun!

I was constantly tired and weak from the loss of blood. A flight of stairs would knock me out, and I spent most of my days in bed.

On December 8th, I stood up and a huge rush of blood poured out my body. I rushed to labor and delivery, where they discovered I was dilated to 2cm and 75% effaced. They immediately threw me into an ambulance and sent me to a hospital that was better equipped to handle premature babies.

I was barely 24 weeks along.

The goal was to keep baby girl inside for as long as possible. Each passing day brought huge developmental milestones, so every moment was critical to her survival.

On December 16th, she decided to jump into the world. I was rushed into surgery for an emergency c-section at 8:50 am. She joined our family at 9:26 am- 25 weeks & 5 days along, 2 lbs, 13 inches long, and as beautiful as could be.

The months following were just as frightening as that terrifying Friday. Each day brought on new challenges and medical hurdles.

Thankfully, our girl has fought through each one.

We hope to have her home with us by the end of this month- an anxiously anticipated homecoming! Alas, only time will tell.

With all the stress of the NICU life, it’s no surprise that my routines were completely shattered. My life was in survival mode, and my health was tossed aside. Now that things are relatively stable, it’s time to put my health back into focus and take care of ME.

Welcome back to WEEK ONE.

20/5/2017: King Abdullah II and Queen Rania attended a session titled: “Jordan Entrepreneurship and Creativity” in the framework of the World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa on Dead Sea shores.

The session, which highlighted entrepreneurship and creativity in the Kingdom, focused on models of success stories in areas of 3D printing, design and architecture, social entrepreneurship, finance for SMEs and software development.

The session also shed light on success stories and steps to be taken to encourage young entrepreneurs, develop infrastructure and laws to create an environment of creativity and the intensify the use of incubators and business accelerators.

President of Expedia Group, Aman Bhutani, announced that his group is opening a software development office in Amman, which will include 250 software developers within Expedia’s plans to bring Jordanian talent to the engineering team of the world-wide group.

He commended the Jordanian government for extending tangible and rapid support especially in the field of employment, pointing that Jordan has competent and competitive workforce in the field of communications and information technology. (Source: Petra)