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You’re Perfect (Tony Stark X Curvy!Reader)

Character: Tony X Curvy!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Bullying, Self consciousness


Request: Hey could you write a tony stark x reader one? He’s been seeing the reader for a few months and it baffles people cause she’s nothing like his typical women. She dresses casual, bad table manners and a crude sense of humor plus she’s short and curvy? She starts hearing rumors about their relationship and feels self conscious and asks why he chose her. She reassures her and tells her that it’s refreshing to be with someone real and he loves her.

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You had been dating Tony Stark for a few months now, and people were surprised to say the least.

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Okay. So. This video. The final one of the lasagnacat Garfield meme magic video series spectacular.

The initial (overly long) gag stems from the first video posted in this series (after the teasers). It’s entitled “1 (800) 591-3274″, which is (was? I haven’t checked if it’s still active) a real toll-free number that you can call. The first video includes instructions on what to say when you call in: your name and the number of sexual partners you’ve had. Here’s the video:

Turns out, it wasn’t a throwaway gag but a real survey. The initial joke format in the Sex Survey Results video are as follows: Jon Arbuckle walks into the living room with a newspaper and settles in to read. The front door knocks and Jon asks “Who’s there?”. A caller says their name, and Jon says “[Insert name], who?” and opens the door to reveal a statue like you see at clothing stores that model outfits. They typically say their name again, followed by the number of sex partners they’ve had. Sometimes the caller says additional things. Either way, the caller’s response is written verbatim on a comic speech bubble behind the mannequin’s head. An unseen audience laughs and claps as the frame fades into looking like paper, zooming out as it’s revealed that the shot is a comic panel in a strip in the newspaper. The newspaper, in turn is being held and read by Garfield. The door knocks again, followed by a similar routine, but with a new caller, ending with the same shot technique that reveals the last shot as a panel in a comic strip, with the newspaper being read by Odie this time. Similar routine, but with yet another new caller, finally coming back to Jon reading the newspaper. The routine starts all over yet again. The pattern is finally established with the order being Jon, Garfield, and Odie in a loop.

Naturally, tons of people had ended up calling the toll-free number, so this goes on for hours. Over four and a half hours. That‘s hundreds, if not over a thousand unique people by my back-of-the-napkin estimation.

All the while, the sun advances across the sky, and early afternoon becomes midafternoon becomes late afternoon becomes evening, and even the characters themselves start looking and sounding tired from this marathon of a joke.

To interrupt myself, go watch a bunch of these routines so you get the idea, and then come back.

Now skip to 4:33:48, where the final routine begins. Jon is reading his newspaper when a knock comes from the door. And then…well.

Just watch. And then come back to read the following below the spoiler bar.

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anonymous asked:

How is Rose's fountain even a thing? Like, did she actually cry all that water from her own two eyes?

So Rose’s fountain is very interesting to me, especially with the revelation that Rose’s healing power is legendary! Because it means that Homeworld doesn’t have the technology to do just that, or Eyeball wouldn’t be so impressed by it- she’d remain skeptical and assume Steven is using the technological means.

This is one of two times where it seems like a Gem’s powers are used by sort of… evoking them in effigy.

The other instance is the Moon Goddess Statue.

I talk about this thing a lot, but, this is what intrigues me about it. Since we have yet to see the Gems express any obvious religion, it’s very likely the moon goddess is, or at bare minimum was, an existing Gem. This statue was modeled specifically in someone’s likeness.

The way that she’s holding her gem rather than having it as part of her body also resembles the obelisk that was powering the Pyramid Temple.

Now, the Pyramid Temple is obviously not anything in effigy. There’s a real Gem in there, and plucking her out shuts down the whole works.

But there seems to be a power in just capturing the image of certain gems. To the point that a statue of Rose can weep her tears, seemingly powerfully enough to animate all the surrounding plant life.

We never did get to see the inner workings of the fountain, which… I wonder about.


Watch: Feminists fight back by reading the real, nasty tweets they’ve received (Mic Exclusive)

Ever wonder what it’s really like to be a feminist? We’re here to help. 

Modeled after Jimmy Kimmel’s celebrities read angry tweets, this short video shows how women who challenge the status quo are treated online on a daily basis. If you’re not sure whether to laugh or cry, join the club. 

While many have tried to describe what it’s like to be the target of constant, horrible abuse online, sometimes it’s easier to just show, not tell.

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