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Lately I haven’t been liking the way I look. I’ve gained weight. My skin has a mind of it’s own sometimes and I have the bad habit of comparing myself to others. BUT. I’ve been learning to appreciate the body that I have. That means welcoming the new stretch marks. Learning to love my soft stomach. We only have ONE body and it’s important to appreciate what our body can do for us. We need to learn to appreciate our differences and stop wishing we looked like the IG model we secretly stalk.

Today I asked my model to take a couple shots of me and I couldn’t believe how much I liked how they turned out. We also need to learn how to not be so critical of ourselves all the time. Instead of picking out the things I didn’t like, I appreciated the things I did like and the differences I saw in myself. You only have one vessel to house our souls, learn to love it.

What 2P hetalia have on their Tumblr.

Allen - vegan facts , vegan foods , women , dogs , motorcycles or hot rod cars , the old school cool look , bad boy quotes.

Matt - wildlife , forest , beautiful woods , pictures of mooses he saw , Kuma , Canadian quotes or facts.

Oliver - cute stuff , cute designs , cupcakes , desserts , Francois and him , Francois giving the finger.

Francois - wine , depression/deep quotes , women.

Viktor - education , Russian important quotes , Russian culture or other culture food , random facts about interesting things.

Zao - women , drugs , weed , Allen and him smoke from their mouths high , prank videos he made.

Kuro - if you scroll deep in his Tumblr you’ll find hentai , tattoos , anime female characters , anime shows or facts , his culture.

Luciano - italian pasta , food , culture styles. Women and few pictures of him in suits.

Lutz - memes , cats , women , motorcycles , himself shirtless , Allen , Zao and him partying or taking group photos. Gilen looking not amused when he takes his picture.

Flavio - fashion clothes , make up , fashion trends , drama , fashion shows , models , Beyoncé.

Roland - possibly stalking gilen on Tumblr , rock band quotes , rock bands old or new if he likes , goth stuff , devil symbol.

Gilen - positive quotes , video games , cute animals.

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This might be wierd to ask but how did capcom find you and use your face for the game

I stalked their CEO for about 3 months (spending the nights outside their family house, popping my head through their window, greeting them every time someone came out the door, etc -regular stalking stuffs, you know). Finally, they agreed to use my face if I stopped.
If you really want something, never give up!

More seriously though, they find me through my modelling agency (don’t go stalking around, it’s likely to end badly :p)

The Most Unlikely of Meetings

A/N: This was a request from last week from a lovely anon, who wanted a Spencer x Reader fic where the reader was a model and took Spencer and the team to Coachella! Thanks so much for your patience, love. I must preface this by saying I AM NOT COOL, I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT COACHELLA (LOL), but I’ve always wanted to go, so I did my best. I also made a point of mentioning the modeling industry, but not describing the reader herself, so you can think of her however you’d like. :) 

Enjoy my loves! And feel free to send in more requests. This one was a challenge for me, but I loved it!


Nearly a year ago, a friend of yours in the modeling industry was stalked by an obsessive fan. He had been killing those close to her. Anyone who was a threat to him. Anyone who he felt was a threat to her or her career - no one was safe. You were a target as well, considering Holly was one of your best friends. Thankfully, you had both escaped the case relatively unharmed due to the brilliant work of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit.

As you scanned the vast audience looking for your boyfriend and his friends, your mind flashed back to the year before, lingering on the lanky, dorky doctor’s face as he walked through the door of the interrogation room. His hair was a shade of brown in between dirty blonde and chocolate, with eyes that matched. As he met your gaze, his face flushed and he pulled at his sweater vest, trying as best he could to keep his composure. After a short interrogation, he had insisted on putting you in protective custody, given how close you were to Holly. You tried to fight it, but he wasn’t having it. The case eventually came to a close a couple of days later, after unfortunately losing another close friend of yours and Holly’s.

You were a complete mess, but the youngest agent seemed determined to make sure you were okay before they went back to Quantico - and during that short exchange, you had been bold enough to ask for his number. You prefaced the question by saying you knew how busy both of your careers were at the moment, but you wanted to get to know him. Over the next three months, you got to know each other through texts and Skype and then he had asked you on a real date, considering you were going to be close to Virginia.

Flash forward another nine months, and you and Spencer were happily dating, but you had yet to meet his friends, so you’d invited the whole group of them to Coachella. It was a bit difficult getting so many tickets, but you suspected the notoriety from last year’s debacle upped your status in the industry - so you were able to get Spencer and his friends into one of the biggest arts and music festivals of the year. You know the saying, “No publicity is bad publicity.” Yea, you weren’t so sure.

“Hey, bae!” you heard from behind you. Holly was here. She wanted to make sure the good doctor was good enough for her best friend. You already knew she approved.

Just as she released you from what could only be described as a bear hug, you saw your boyfriend’s super wavy hair coast over the rest of the crowd. You ran toward him, jumping up and wrapping your arms and legs around him, practically tipping him over. You kissed him before jumping off, “Hi, honey! How are you?”

He returned your passion with a wide grin. “I’m a little uncomfortable, Y/N,” he said pulling at his shirt again, like he had that day last year, “I’m probably the last person that should be at a place like this. I’m definitely not cool enough.”

“Nonsense, Spence,” you said grabbing his hand and kissing his cheek. “Your looks make you fit right in. I can already see ladies looking your way.” At that point, you might have pinched his butt. Just maybe.

“Really?” he asked, grinning wide, secretly a fan of your public displays of affection.

You snorted. “Yup. This butt is mine.”

He turned you to face his friends and placed his hands around your waist. “I guess I’ll fake it until I feel comfortable then,” he laughed. “Until then, I’d like you to meet my friends.”

One by one, his teammates introduced themselves. Penelope was sporting what were seemingly all the colors of the rainbow and was looking around like a kid on Christmas morning. Everyone around her was staring at her eccentric outfit, but she couldn’t give any fucks - it was amazing. JJ was wearing a loose, flowing white dress and tan sandals and Emily was dressed in a red top that accentuated her hair and striking eyes. The boys, Rossi, Aaron and Derek, were each decked out in jeans and a t-shirt; Derek in a tight-fitting navy tee, Rossi in an old Beatles t-shirt (he honestly looked the most comfortable out of everyone) and Aaron wearing a Pearl Jam t-shirt. You could definitely see yourself being friends with Spence’s friends. 

“You know guys,” Spencer started, in a way that indicated a fact or statistic was about to burst forth, “Coachella was actually started because of a dispute between Pearl Jam and Ticketmaster. Pearl Jam felt that Ticketmaster was gouging the fans and the artists, so they decided to pursue another avenue for their tour. It became so popular, it expanded and became this. Nearly half a million people attend every year now.”

You just beamed at him. Some people were put off by his ramblings, but you found it endearing, “I did know that, Spence. And judging by Aaron’s t-shirt, he might know too.”

“So where are we going first?” Penelope practically screamed. “The Coachella Stage, the Outdoor Theatre, the Gobi Tent, the Mojave tent or the Sahara tent?”

You couldn’t help laughing at her fervor, and the rest of team joined you, “I thought you’d never been before, Penelope?” You raised on eyebrow in her direction and she continued, “Yea, but this is where all the cool people are and I’ve always wanted to go!”

Well, between today and tomorrow I’ve got a ton on performances lined up,” you said excitedly, trying to be heard by his friends over the frenzy of the crowd. “I got us all tickets to see Zedd and Kesha, The Chainsmokers, Of Monsters and Men, Halsey and Guns N’ Roses.”

At the mention of Guns N’ Roses, you heard Rossi from the back, “Oh, thank god, someone I recognize!” 

Derek laughed and clapped him on the shoulder. “See there’s something for everyone, old man.”

Rossi cut his eyes at Derek in the most loving, yet if-you-say-that-again-I’ll-kill-you voice. “Watch it, kid.” 

You placed yourself behind Spencer, wrapping your hands around his midsection. He seemed to be relaxing a bit. While Coachella was sometimes known for drama, drugs and celebrity mishaps, you weren’t here for that. All you wanted was to have a great time, have a few drinks, see some cool performances and spend some time with your unlikely boyfriend, who’d come into your life in the most unlikely of ways.

“To the Mojave tent!” you shouted, jumping on Spencer’s back for a piggyback ride. “The Chainsmokers start in 45 minutes.”

Spencer led the way, with you on his back, but was practically run over by Penelope, who couldn’t contain her energy any longer.

You nuzzled your face into Spencer’s neck. This was going to be amazing.

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people need to stop thinking they know every fucking thing that has happened in justin's and selena's relationship. calling justin dumb bc he hung out with her, and denying it was him when it was his car, he's allowed to do anything he pleases and it doesn't concern anyone but sel and justin.

They are a bunch of hypocrites.Since January these people are saying :“If you love Selena you should be happy for Abelena and respect her decision”

But now that Justin and Selena are in good terms again,these same people are whining and calling Selena dumb,and saying that she is disrespecting Abel.Lol the nerve,Selenators should be  here for Selena not for Abel.And you know what is worst ?Abel is out here stalking IG models,liking photos,going to strip clubs ,and Selenators know that,but are pretending that no. Why Selena news account on Twitter don’t post about that?Sorry,but most of people of this fandom became  hypocrites as fuck. They care more about their hate for Justin than for Selena’s happiness.  

Lol i bet money that until last year ,most of Selenators didn’t even know Abel real name,but now these bitches pretend that love him since a long time ago.So pathetic.They dont like Abel,these people just like the fact that Selena is not with Justin anymore.
The true is that In the moment that Selena drop Abelena,selenators will drop Abel too,and this oh, so crazy love that they feel for Abel,will disappear very,very fast. They did that with Niall,Samuel,Elie,Zedd…Abel is the next.

Sooner or later Jelena will rise,and those people will have to deal with it.

Ml Writing Prompt: DjWifi #8

“You would make a terrible spy”

Ml Writing Prompts

please send me more prompts in my ask box with your favorite pairing!

“No way Alya! You’ve finally gone overboard with this whole Ladybug and Chat Noir thing!” Nino complained.

“Come on Nino you have to admit the resemblance is there!” Alya urged.

“Just because you think Adrien looks a little like Chat Noir doesn’t mean it’s okay for us to spy on him. He’s my bro, I can’t betray his trust like that.” Nino crossed his arms in defiance. As much as he adored this girl he also valued his friendship with Adrien and spying on him only felt like an invasion of privacy.

“Please! Just for today! And if he doesn’t turn into Chat Noir we’ll leave him alone I promise! Come on Nino you have to admit it seems to fit! The way Adrien is always disappearing all the time when there is an akuma attack. Wouldn’t you want to know? And if we knew we could totally cover for him and I’m sure it would be such a relief to him. What do you say? Will you come with me?” Alya begged batting her eyelashes behind her glasses. Nino sighed in defeat. Alya made a damn good point.

“Fine just for today we’ll follow him but after that we’re done! No more spying on Adrien and no more saying he’s Chat Noir okay?” Nino’s tone was firm and unwavering. Alya squealed with excitement before grabbing Nino’s wrist and pulling him along behind her.

“Come on, let’s go!” Alya pulled him along.

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Finally done with what probably is up to date the painting I’ve spent the most time on… I love the way it came out and I’m glad I decided to do Barbara Palvin.

There’s obvious use of reference but still it was a hard technical job.

I’m amazed at what is possible nowadays with an iPad and a Stylus.

Viva Adonit.

Viva Barbara Palvin.

And viva la Weed for the patience because otherwise this would have been impossible.

Done with Procreate for iPad.

47/100: Creation
AU where Sebastian is an art student and Kurt is his muse. 

Surprise - Luke

Requested - sorry this took so long! Hope you like it 💕

Also, sorry if your name is Amy 😬


“Luke shouldn’t be with a nobody, you two will never last. I’ll make sure of that.”

You can still hear Amy’s sickly sweet voice in your head, saying this to you the last time you were in LA. The patronising smile permanently on her face whenever she saw you. Every time you’d been to LA with the boys, she’d somehow appeared. Almost as if she was stalking them, but got away with it because, who would suspect a model to stalk a band when she could have anyone she wanted? Well, she wanted Luke. He was oblivious to it all, he just saw her as another fan. Despite her making out to the media that they were “very close”, Luke and the others barely noticed her. Yet she seemed to be everywhere they went. See? Stalker.

You’d planned this LA trip with Calum, he had told you to surprise Luke, because they were all fed up of how miserable he was when you weren’t around.

She had timed it all perfectly, after hearing Calum on the phone to you. She knew you were going to head to the dressing room after the show, where they’d sent Luke on the pretence that Ashton had left his phone in there. After she had planted her lips on Luke’s, it had taken him all of 4 seconds to get over the shock of it and push her away. Unfortunately, it had taken you only 3 seconds to open the door and find them locked in an embrace. Luke pushed her away firmly, before realising that there was someone else in the room. He froze, horror filling his eyes.

“I…baby…no, this isn’t..I didn’t..I…no..” he’s at a loss of what to say, a mixture of shock over what has just happened and panic that you won’t believe him.

“I came to surprise you,” you mutter, the disbelief and devastation evident in your voice.

“This isn’t what it looks like, Y/N” he steps towards you, but you move your hand up to stop him, “she kissed me and I pushed her away.”

“You pushed her away when I walked in the room” you force yourself to look at him.

“No! I pushed her away, then saw you!” Frustration and despair are all over his face, “I don’t want her! She’s no one! She followed me in here and kissed me, I didn’t kiss her back! Why would I? I don’t want anyone other than you!”

“Luke, she’s caught us red handed” Amy laughs, “you might as well be honest!”

“Shut the fuck up!” Luke’s eyes blaze with anger as he turns to face her, “just go, stay away from me and stay away from my girlfriend.”

“You’re making a big mistake here! She’s no one!” She looks shocked by his outburst, but knows that leaving the room is the best option for her, seeing the look on Luke’s face when she mentions you.

“I should go too” you mutter, turning and leaving without another word. Of course, he follows you.

“Please, listen to me!” He tries to make you face him.

The boys are still hanging around, waiting for the two of you to head back to the hotel. The smiles on their faces disappear once they see the expression on yours.

“Y/N? What’s happened?” Ashton’s concerned face asks you, placing his hands on your shoulders to stop you walking away.

“Will you just talk to me?” Luke begs.

“There’s really nothing to say” you shrug, the tears beginning to spill down your face. This was everything you’d been scared of, to fall so in love with him, only to have your heart broken the way everyone had warned you.

“He travels the world and meets beautiful women every single day, he’s never going to stay faithful” you hear your friend’s voice in your head. You had been certain that she was wrong.

“You kissed her, Luke” you finally say out loud.

“What the fuck?” Michael explodes, “tell me you’re fucking kidding?!”

“I didn’t kiss her! She kissed me and I pushed her away! I wouldn’t kiss her, or anyone who wasn’t you!” He now has four people to try and convince. Three more pairs of angry eyes now on him.

“Why wouldn’t you want her?” You ask, your voice small. Every insecurity you’ve ever had about why Luke is with you comes to the surface.

“Because she’s not you, I don’t want anyone if they’re not you” desperation is in his voice, “I love you, so much. It’s just you. You don’t see how incredible you are and I hate that, but you are. You’re perfect and I don’t ever want anyone other than you. Please..” He attempts to pull you towards him again, and this time you let him.

“This wasn’t the way this surprise was planned” you murmur into his chest, unable to move as he holds you so tightly.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” he repeats, clinging to you, still scared of how close he came to losing you.