model sanctuary

To be clear.

The problem is not:
‘Was the gorilla really a threat?’
'Was bad parenting to blame?’
'How can we make zoos 100% safe?’

The problem is:
Confining animals in 'enclosures’ a minuscule fraction the size of their natural habitat, purely for the purposes of amusement and profit is unethical, archaic, and needs to be phased out.

And for those crying 'conservation’ - the vast majority of animals in zoos are not endangered species and for those who are, a not-for-profit sanctuary model already exists, where the wellbeing of the animals (rather than the making of money) is the number one priority.

“The octagonal shape has a particular significance. In Islamic architecture, this shape is a symbol of ascent to heaven by the Prophet and by man. The octagonal structure is a step in the mathematical series going from a square (symbolizing fixity of the earthly manifestation) to a circle (symbolizing the perfection of heaven). Traditional baptismal fonts are also of this shape. However, in the tombs erected for saints, the lower part is square with an octagonal drum inserted as a transition between the cube and the dome, to symbolize the saint as the link between man and God. The octagonal structure of Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock became the model for domed sanctuaries and saints’ tombs from Morocco to China.”

Raza Rumi: “Delhi by Heart: Impressions of a Pakistani Traveller.”


Model Monday: A Sanctuary in Oakland

This is a large-scale representation of the Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland, California. The evolutionary working model, constructed primarily of basswood, was used to examine interior daylighting effects and develop various components of the building. For instance, multiple massing variations were constructed and evaluated for the entry vestibule within the context of the larger model. All told, the model comprises the entire east side of one glue-laminated vault, the east side of the veil wall, the alpha and omega walls, the oculus ceiling, and the entire floor of the sanctuary space.