model railroad


Flying tour of Gripenhem.

HO scale Tomiko branch line layout, an old santa fe GP38-2 unit is being scrapped due to a rotten frame, but the 567 prime mover seems to still have some miles left on her, now the task or getting it out. 


When my friend Ian requested a fully finished model railroad as a prop for a short film, I had 6 weeks to complete my layout. I came up with this large factory complex and trucking terminal. My buddy Myles is shown rerailing my Baldwin VO1000 diesel.

After the movie was shot, it was nice enough to keep up for display, but being operationally just a disconnected stretch of mainline and a yard with an insufficient yard lead that was also on a somewhat steeper grade than most of my locomotives liked hauling cars. Often, a “run for the hill” was required to switch out the terminal, which although not unrealistic, seemed silly. 

My trackwork wasn’t the best when I was younger, now having learned how to lay track much better, I aim to make the new layout more rewarding in THAT respect. So, once I melt the sculptamold scenery material off the plywood base, I’ll be able to start fresh. 

Not enough model train pictures on here, I think.

To the left, a Bachmann DDA40X. Kind of a cheap model, but I like it anyway, and in pictures it works when out of focus. The steam engine in the middle is an Athearn Union Pacific Challenger. Beautiful machine. On the right, a Life-Like RS-3 is pretending to shunt under a mining loading station (kit by Faller, slightly weathered). All in N scale.

This is the module where I previously posted WIP pictures.