model plane crash

the foxes as weird/stupid things my teammates have done
  • dan: gave a 10 minute dissertation as to why spy kids 2 was the best spy kids movie
  • neil: got the entire team to refer to the act of doing squats as "swoleing our quads" for a month just to piss one specific teammate off
  • kevin: spent many hours painstakingly building a model plane. crashed and destroyed plane on maiden flight.
  • andrew: bit into an orange with the peel still on just to make everyone uncomfortable
  • matt: used the phrase "are you from europe because euro... valued member of this team and i care deeply about you"
  • aaron: got shot in the eye with a nerf dart and spent the next 3 days arguing that that was what gave him a black eye when in fact he hit himself in the eye with his own hand
  • allison: put one of the drunk freshman boys in a dress and walked him around the neighborhood
  • renee: dutifully created a side group chat called "idle bullshitting" when our coach told us that the main groupchat was "not intended for idle bullshitting"
  • nicky: asked why we needed NASA