model of the universe

I have been meaning to share this but I keep forgetting so, Last September I gave a Talk about Character Design in Atlantic University in Puerto Rico. I made this sheet to demonstrate my process when designing a character based on reference. I chose Olive from Little miss sunshine because she’s an awesome character, visually interesting and unique (cheating).

I saw this design going around of the dorito in a fanmade crystal gem outfit. I decided to draw it since it was one of the better designs I’ve seen floating around! I took a couple more liberties with it however, like the torso and the tip of her shoes. Rebecca Sugar, hire me please.

Tattoos don’t have to “mean” anything. They are an art form, and art is something that I love.

Despite being in the sciences I have always been creatively minded. It wasn’t until I stopped trying to conform to people’s ideals that I discovered how to be happy for myself; and tattoos are a huge part of that for me. Do what you want with your body and your life for you, not for anyone else.

A lot of people, especially older people, are still under this false notion that people with tattoos are “rough”, rebellious, and have no direction to their lives. Luckily for most people this mindset has changed, but there are still many people who feel this way. 90% of the kindest, coolest, most creative, most curious, most open-minded and down to earth people I have ever met have been tattooed. Many of them, heavily tattooed. Stop judging books by their cover; look at people for the person, not for what’s on the person.


Photography: Zoey Zimmerman; Queen’s University, Kingston ON Canada
Ink: Brad Rogers, TrueHart Tattoos, Kingston ON Canada